R.I.P. Michael Jackson

blame it on JES7 June 25, 2011

Today marks the second anniversary since MJ physically left us. Still a little hard to digest. Two years since we lost one of our generation’s greatest musicians entertainers, and a lifetime to reflect on and celebrate this man’s life achievements, musical legacy, new artists he gave rise to and so much more. Rest In Power, MJ.

DOWNLOAD: Michael Jackson – Ain’t No Sunshine

DOWNLOAD: Michael Jackson – 2 Bad (Refugee Camp rmx)

DOWNLOAD: Michael Jackson – This Time Around f. Biggie

DOWNLOAD: Michael Jackson – HIStory (The Ummah rmx)

DOWNLOAD: Michael Jackson & Janet Jackson – Scream (Naughty By Nature rmx)

  • 2dope

    Damn I miss Jordan. I also miss Jackson. But Jordan more.

  • red (You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.)

    God damn I have a 102 fever I thought Jordan died for a second.

  • mike jackson has to be the biggest faggot to die in the last decade. all this “he was murdered, i can’t belive he’s gone” bull shit needs to cease to exist. he was a doped up child molester, who had fallen off LONG before his death. kat williams said it best. I have silk pillows and alize at the crib cuz that’s what BITCHES like. mike has an amusement park, cuz that’s wat little boys like.
    fucken faggot.

  • comb hair

    for a second there, i thought Micheal Jordan had died……

  • For real though RIP Michael Jackson

    I almost died cause I thought it said R.I.P. Michael Jordan and that picture threw me off

  • ralph

    I saw this and I nearly fuckin flipped, thought that shit said Michael Jordan died.

  • aj

    change this picture ASAP

  • aj

    @PCOLA you do know after he died the kids confessed that MJ never did anything to them. Their father put them up to it so they could get a big settlement.

  • marty mcfly

    Rock My World
    Human Nature
    Earth Song
    The Way You Make Me Feel
    Rock With You
    Remember The Time
    You are not alone
    Man in the mirror
    Will you be there

    CLASSIC MATERIAL… and MJ aint touch the lil kids , they parents just wanted a payday.

  • @PCOLA must feel dumb as shit

    YOU MAD?!

  • R.I.P. Mike

  • No matter how hard the task may seem… R.I.P.

  • Ahijah

    This picture is so wrong if only he didn’t sellout and want to be a whiteman him and Oprah are quite the same only difference Oprah never bleaches her skin but they both love white people and sellout their own people.

  • GeeZuP

    @PCOLA eat ah dick nigga then choke on it n die, MJ was the best to ever do it n there will never be anyone to surpass the legacy he left behind the man was a musical genius and will always be the king of pop RIP

  • Nico


    go kill yourself nigga nobody likes you

    go eat a dick straight up

  • ladifuckingda

    man, fuck joe jackson. he’d still be with us if that motherfucker didn’t beat him like crazy. r.i.p.

  • Aight

    sum Racist bitch detected. go put a dick in ur head asshole

  • yikes

    I agree with P’Cola, leave it to black people to defend some child molesting drug addict for no other reason than the fact that he used to be black. I respect musicians who can entertain without using their clout to prey on innocent children. And that Katt Williams joke was spot fucking on hahaha.

  • DJ Daz-One

    I’m just gonna keep it real Michael Joseph Jackson was one of reasons black music had a voice. Motown 25’s performance always stands out as my favorite cause He stepped into solo performance stardom. Can’t believe its been 2 years now but I can still here his influence from everyone in the game. HE WILL BE HERE FOREVER.

  • marty mcfly

    Leave it to some people to focus on things that are negative and ultimately unproven instead of focusing on what will stand the test of time and the most important factor of his legacy. HIS MUSIC and to the fool that said Oprah sold her people out , thats has to be the dumbest shit ive heard all week. and im not a big Oprah fan but she is way more in touch with her blackness then alot of people. Anyway RIP Mike

  • Don’t worry guys atleast the based god is still alive

  • yup yup

    Honestly, Based God > MJ. At least Lil B don’t fuck with children. Oh and he isn’t trying to transform himself into a white man.

  • Boi

    Everyone needs to chill the duck out when it comes to Peoples skin color, black white purple or green, don’t fuckin matter

  • Mikee.

    The man is dead, why are you guys taking about him like this? It’s disrespectful.

  • And Won

    R.I.P. MJ

    People are already talking shit about you, man, just like they did while you were alive. Fuck those morons, you entertained the world in a way that no one else could. Rest in peace, Michael.

  • ???

    I don’t understand, why is it disrespectful to mention what someone did while they were alive? He was a child molester, a drug addict, and a popular musician. Those are facts, it’s not as though his name is being slandered. He molested children at his house that he made to resemble a circus so children would be comfortable there. The dude was a talented entertainer and also a pedophile. It is what is it.

  • J Trillz

    Cause there is no proof that he was a pedophile, you fucking dumb bitch. Why don’t you come close so I can hit you in the snot box, you little smug faggot?

  • @J Trillz

    Bro it’s okay…. The basedgod is still alive.

  • Bill Swaegger

    Based God has no musical talent whatsoever, he just makes idiots feel comfortable being their idiotic selves. Real talk.

    “Huffy Bikes, dood.” – Lil B

  • marty mcfly

    Eminem admits to having a drug problem with not only pills but also illegal substances and he gets praised like hes really the greatest. M J was 50 years old and taking sleeping pills after working 18 hours straight everyday for months rehearsing for his last tour and people say hes a drug addict , thats bullshit. 2nd The molestation allegations can be brought up at a different time cause now is not the time cause people are just paying respect to him today. Whether the charges are true or not theres so many holes in the allegations its ridiculous. First thing I did on here was name the songs I feel are some of his most genius work ( when really he has enough material to make a way bigger list of genius songs ) because at the end of the day those songs and others is what changed the music game. He had his own sound and it was some epic shit and its a shame no artists out today can take their craft to the level he did. Talk about the music cause all that other shit that happend when you were too young to spot out bullshit from real shit in the media is old and unimportant. Plus you know if you are an 80s baby that when you were 3 years old you already knew the words to his songs and would go crazy when ever he came on TV so show respect. Im Done and have a nice day.

  • Jay

    It’s all good. He passed on the torch to Weezy F Baby the NEW king of pop. He got I AM MUSIC on his face for a reason guys.

  • Benny Blanco from The BriX

    “Talk about the music cause all that other shit that happend when you were too young to spot out bullshit from real shit in the media is old and unimportant.”

    I’m willing to bet that all the people saying negative shit are young & can’t remember how much of a global icon this man was. They’re just repeating the same old bullshit that they hear people say without actually thinking for themselves. I’m not an ’80s baby. I’m 20, but I’m not a stupid fuckin idiot who follows along with the bullshit. Weezy is the new king of pop? WTF are you thinking? The bottom line is, MJ’s music is some of the best in history, and as a fan of MUSIC you should respect that.

  • You can still respect the music and say the man was a child molester. . .

    The PERSON and the MUSIC are different things. Example Johnny Cash was a GREAT musician but he has a song called NIGGER

    Music and Person = DIFFERENT LANES.

    AND FUCK AN 80s Baby, 90s in this BITCH

  • Luke

    There has been plenty of proof that he was falsely accused. People need to turn the fuckin’ news on once in awhile. Seriously some of the comments above really make me realize why I stopped posting on forums.

  • Eddie

    Everybody saying he was a child molester is in denial. He’s denied the allegations from the beginning and always came off genuwine in doing so (watch his interviews about the allegations). One of the kids admitted that Michael never touched him. But for whatever reason, some people don’t wanna believe the fact that he was aquitted twice and that the kids accepted a settlement, proves that he didn’t do it. No amount of money can erase the scars of molestation from a kid’s life so if they really were molested they would’ve wanted to see him go to prison at the very least. And even if for whatever reason you still think he’s guilty, there’s always the fact that the only people that really know if he touched those kids or not, are him & those kids….but I wholeheartedly believe in his innocence.

  • mike is a pedophile, he likes little boy dick and you guys are too fucken blind to see it. he was addicted to pills, making him a drug addict. eminem was a drug addict for the better part of his career.. he just recently kicked the habit. so if he died tomorrow, he’d be remembered as one of the greatest, who wasn’t a drug addict. Mike? uhhh he’s a drug addicted pedophile who fell the fuck off. fuck him. fuck you.

  • Benny Blanco from The BriX

    Mike didn’t do drugs during the prime of his career. Eminem made classic albums back when he was ON the less harmful drugs. What fucked him up were the doctor prescribed drugs that made him into a mental zombie. Some of the best music in history were made by musicians on drugs so ur whole drug addict argument is irrelevant to the fact that Mike is a musical legend whether you like him as person or not.

  • Benny Blanco from The BriX

    Whether Mike molested those kids or not, he will always be remembered as a pedophile amongst the ignorant even without any real proof. It’s classic media technique where they pound negative stories into the minds of the general population even if there are stories opposing the negativity. Once he’s accused of pedophilia, it doesn’t matter if he is or not, the mass majority have their mind set.

    One recent use of this technique is when they killed Bin Laden & all those stories came out about him using his wife as a shield. Then once everyone has that image seared in their heads they come out & say “Oh, btw, he really didn’t use his wife as a shield. She was just standing near him.” Doesn’t matter cuz him hiding behind a woman is what people will remember.

    People need to stop falling for these stupid manipulation techniques.

  • @ Benny I agree, however, at the end of the day, sheeple will be sheeple.

  • Eddie

    Benny Blanco…….Well said my dude.

    Some people are ignorant as hell. Just like those who think he bleached his skin so he could be white. They have no sense of context. He admitted that he did lighten his skin but it was only because of the vitiligo. Plus he was in the public eye. He didn’t want patches all over his body (even tho you can still see them even after he “turned white”). I mean seriously, a person who’s ashamed of being black dosen’t write songs like “Liberian Girl” or “They Don’t Really Care About Us”.

    And another thing. I hate when people call him the King Of Pop because most people don’t really know what that means. He’s an artist who’s music fused several genres together. It’s Rock, Soul, R&B, Disco, Funk, Jazz, and Pop. Most of it is of R&B, Soul, Rock, and Funk. And if you really pay attention then you know that his adult voice has a lot of the qualities of a jazz singer. But he could sing pretty much anything. People get caught up in that “King Of Pop” shit but it really means that he’s the king of popular culture. At his peak he was making incredible music, revolutionizing the art of the music video and taking showmanship and dance to a whole other level. Plus he was a fashion icon. Its like he his hand in every part of the entertainment industry. That’s why he’s the King of Popular Culture.

  • Benny Blanco from The BriX

    @ Justice Yup, & the thing about these sheeple is that they are the most hard headed people in the world. If you try to explain to them that maybe what they believe MIGHT be bullshit, they don’t even consider the thought. Like they say, nothing dies faster than a new idea in a close minded head. Only way to grow out of ignorance is to consider different point of views instead of looking at everything through tunnel vision.

  • Aoewi

    I thought 2db was the only hip hop blog where I didnt have to worry about trolling, So fucking disappointed right now.

  • creamGetTheMoney

    everybody hates on dude and calls him a fucking faggot and a child molestor and basically blacklisted the dude. but when he dies hes a legend and everybody forgets what they were saying the day before he died…shows how fucking hypocritical our country is.

  • TonyStarks

    yerrrppp all these people sayin rip and that hes the greatest to ever do it and shit were probably the same people that were condemning him for being a rapist. people make me sick

  • james r

    PCOLA,, you are ignorant closeminded idiot . mike never was pedophile but ithnk you are one . since you are talking about likes little boy dick . no you are theo ne who is too blind ,youngster. you dumb & ignorant as rest of you generation .
    #thankyoubasedgod, fuck the 90”s because the 80’s will million times better then 90’s. the 80’s had better music,movies,cartoons ,sports, & much more . everything was better made in 80’s & without 80’s the 90’s would have been nothing . this is fact not opinion

  • unkown

    FUCK MICHAEL JACKSON. burn in hell child molestor

  • yoyo

    Dude was a freak. glad hes dead

  • marty mcfly

    Michael started recording music when he was 4 or 5 years old and he was in the music business by the time he was 8. He spent 45 of his 50 years on this planet doing music and even during the last year of his life he had fans that were still breaking down and crying when they saw him in person. There are people that never met Mike that said he was a molester and there are people who knew him for most of his life that say there is no way he could ever hurt a child. Its human nature to be protective over children so when we hear that someone is accused of hurting them its only natural to be very upset but even the people accusing him of that , deep down were fans of his music. It doesnt matter what you believe he did off stage but if you wanna remember him for that then go ahead. However his music is deeply emotional and lyrically incredible and you can never deny that. When he dropped a new song the whole fucking world would stop moving just to hear it and that type of artistry has not been seen since. This dude would come on stage with gold plated military jackets with medals of honor on em like the fucking general of pop music , with black shades on doing spin moves that had to be at least 3 -5 full spins before landing perfectly on his toes ( without losing the shades on his face ) and then moonwalking out of it like he was floating a half inch above the floor. Then hed be dressed like a mafia don and shooting a tommy gun in his video for Smooth criminal and then you got Thriller which was scary as hell if your watching it as a kid for the first time. Mike had hollywood stars and athletes and musicians looking at him like he was Jesus Christ when the saw him in person. He put break dancing in his moves and mixed almost all the genres of music cause he was a fan. Dude showed up at Summer Jam once , not for the money but because he was a fan of hip hop. People think he was stupid but the people who worked with him say he was a genius musically. So say what you want but you know Mike was beyond the imagination of this earthly realm. M J >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ANYBODY IN MUSIC

  • baron


    co-sign. michael jackson is just another word for music.


    he had such a hard life as a child. he had no childhood. you all are stupid if you think he would’ve ever touched a child!

  • Next Level

    All u niggas hatin on Michael can burn in hell take that dick out yo ignorant asses n just die already…long love the king of pop forever

  • Pauly Dee


    Cosign of the fackin’ day! There are a lot of people out there, and especially here that we have seen with a lot of posts, that are hardheaded and let the government just manipulate their way of thinking. As an American, it’s really sad to see that my brethren can be so easily fooled…Wake up.

    As to the MJ thing, this day will probably be scorched in my mind. I remember that my mother and the rest of our family were supposed to go to my older brothers wedding. As we were putting our stuff in the van to go, my dad comes screaming outta the house, “Michael’s dead, Michael’s dead!” I can just remember that my mom and dad were sobbing a bit and it just hit me like damn. We just lost the king of pop. R.I.P. Michael!

    @Marty Mcfly

    …the fuck was even the point of mentioning another artist in a post completely unrelated?

  • Pauly Dee

    BTW, when did the kids say that he didn’t do it? Link please?

  • quality

    Honestly, whether u like him as a person or not, musically he is one of if not the greatest of all time. He influenced almost all of todays popular musicians. He is the Micheal Jordan of pop. How can you deny him musically?
    And Benny was right, the media has permanently stained his image. I dnt know if he did it, but his legacy overshadows the drama, at least to me. And its a shame cause so many people will think of that first when they hear the name Micheal Jackson.

  • marty mcfly

    @Pauly Dee , because I wish people would stop focusing on the things that none of us can prove and realize what is still amazing about this man. You people think The Weekend is talented? Their ok but go back and listen to the greatness of the songs I listed up top. CMONSON , that shit was years ago and if you played some of those songs right now at a party people would go nuts. Listen to Mikes vocal ability over the beats , then the hook , then the added vocals and arrangements. That shit was brilliant and I doubt we’ll ever hear music like that again. Yeah he had problems with handling his own fame but anybody would if they were him. The media was looking from the outside in at his life but listen to the opinions of people that really knew him like Magic Johnson ( and his KFC story about Mike ) or Elizabeth Taylor or Diana Ross and Quincy Jones because they paint a very different picture of M J then the media who just wants any kind of attention and love to watch icons crash and burn. He also had more then 60 people who worked at Neverland and he always had more adults and security guards on the inside of his house then kids. Some of his employees had been working at Neverland for more the ten years and they never saw nothing unusual about Mike with kids. People that knew him give you a humorous side of him and a very intelligent business mind about him and they give explanations for why he was so inspired by children. The man still like to climb trees and have water gun fights and its partly because he never had a child hood and he felt that children were untarnished by the ills of the world , therefore were honest about their opinions. He spent time opening his house to kids that were dying of cancer so they could have fun before they leave this world. Was that kind of wierd? Yeah but does that mean everything you heard is true? NO so just remember the music cause really nobody knows everything about this man but judging by his music I personally dont believe he was a monster , I believe he was a saint with great music.

  • Pauly Dee

    That’s one thing I can agree with you on Marty. The other artist thing just threw me the hell off. Michael is a freakin’ legend and I’m glad people are showing this.

    To this day, I don’t believe shit about him touching those children. And for anyone to insinuate anything of the sort is just plain and short, EVIL.

  • Eddie

    “Their ok but go back and listen to the greatness of the songs I listed up top. CMONSON , that shit was years ago and if you played some of those songs right now at a party people would go nuts. Listen to Mikes vocal ability over the beats , then the hook , then the added vocals and arrangements. That shit was brilliant and I doubt we’ll ever hear music like that again.”

    -marty mcfly

    ……dude thats one thing about him that too many people seem to forget…His talents as a vocalist. Michael Jackson is one of the greatest singers of all time. There’s an upper echelon of great vocalists and he’s on that level. His voice wasn’t big, but it was so powerful (“Rock With You”) and soulful (“Lady Of My Life”) and jazzy (“I Can’t Help It”). He could even kill a straight up Rock song too (“Give In To Me”, anyone?). He took us to church on songs that wouldn’t even be classified as Soul songs….”Earth Song”, “Stranger In Moscow”, or “Will You Be There” come to mind. Some people get lost in all these other things about him and even in all his other talents but forget how gifted a vocalist he was both as a child and as an adult.

    Just watch his 88′ Grammy performance:

  • manganime

    PCOLA is gay – why u chattin shit like you knew the man? U just goin off bias shit that the media feed you – you didn’t know him, you don’t know the facts of his life so stop bitchin, u probably mad coz you never gonna have money and fame like he did.
    As a person, I can’t judge him coz I don’t know the truth but as far as his music goes…RIP to the greatest that ever did it.

    ^Eddie talking sense though.

  • Atleast the basedgod is STILL ALIVE so we dont have to argue anymore.