The Weeknd – Trust Issues (rmx)

blame it on Shake June 25, 2011

While we all wait for Thursday to be released, The Weeknd decides to tackle Drake’s latest (which lead to a well deserved rant towards his label). And damn if he didn’t top the original. This is dope.

DOWNLOAD: The Weeknd – Trust Issues (rmx)

  • you stupid bitch. learn to write better descriptions, drake goin off on twitter aint have SHIT to do wit this release. he mad @ the label you stupid fucking lip ring eyebrow pierced bitch.

  • smh

    This just proves that niggas hate drake because he’s light skinned. Both songs are the exact same soft nigga trash.

  • @PCOLA hey dumb dumb. learn to comprehend. i didn’t say he was mad at weeknd. smh.

  • mark

    @smh people hate on drake these days because he insists on singing on every track, when the majority of his fans prefer him when he’s rapping.

  • GTFO

    Cuz hes light skinned? The man is half Jew, the fuck you want him to be pitch black. GTFO you stupid fuck. SMH you are the problem, not ‘other niggas’. Grow up

  • D

    ^^^ Fuck all that c-sec mess, this track is dope! Just STFU and enjoy the sonics you fruits.

  • Lys

    lol… Lot of ppl wit “issues” in this post… This rmx is dope, def better than the original…

  • kayo

    hahaha i can’t believe the fact that drake is mixed and light skinned keeps coming up.. people are retarded man.. just listen to the music, marvin’s room is a good track.. i honestly think he should stick to the r&b shit if hes just gunna spit like all them other YM rats like he has been..



  • G-Damn, Shake, u post Drake and The Weekend, yet, you still don’t post any Wolf Gang?
    Tyler the creator must have ever pumped something in your gyrl or your Muma..stop the H8, Congratulate tyler and wolf gang for all of their success. Stop the h8 u look silly shake.

  • And Won

    Drake & Weeknd >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> OFWGKTA >>> Lil B

  • And Won

    So far artists that have had problems with Shake are 0 for 2. Lupe’s album was trash. Tyler’s album is ultra-garbage.

    I was doubting Shake before but maybe he’s onto something here.

  • @iii The Maynard Robbie

    You compared Kreayshawn’s “lyrical content” to Illmatic. Your opinion means nothing round these parts.

  • G-Cola

    I’m a Drake & Weeknd fan, but OFWGKTA & Frank Ocean are pretty much garbage. Lil B is not even music.

  • Seriously, why the fuck do people bring up OFWG or Lupe around here? Are you fucking mental? If that’s what you want, then you need to stop checking 2dopeboyz. What the fuck is wrong with you kids? Are you that thick? Like honestly, what the fuck is wrong with you?

    Also, Drake’s original is better than this. Weeknd just shortened it by taking out the rap and did the same damn thing. I DL’ed, cause it has a good vibe, but let’s not say it’s better than the original.

  • kidadonis

    LOL. If the comments had thumbs up or down, Justice would have just gotten a thumbs up from me. LMAO!!!!

    Truthfully, I have been playing Frank Ocean and the Weeknd consistently. I like Weekend more, some of his unreleased tracks are HEAT. The rest of Wolf Gang besides Frank, not so much.

  • Jerry Actrick

    cosign kidadonis

  • T.Dot’s mystery boys keepin’ it on some R&B slow jam flex. Yes

  • Dark Ryu

    @PCOLA get a life u fag n stop trollin the c section u fuckin loser

  • austin

    nice track, Weekend and Frank Ocean = good r&b music

  • uganda

    haven’t understood the buzz around this dude yet…..
    can some1 give me some songs to check out of his that are doper than average??

  • BatMayne

    is he saying I Robbed One?
    I know the original song is I’m On One just to be clear

  • $$$

    Idk, OF is losing their 15 minutes. Mellowhype is the only shit I bang out of the collective. And I feel Drake’s version more.

  • Listen bottom line, just stop the Odd Futuro Hate. That is peace and equality in hop-hip

  • LOL

  • Musikfiend


    He saying i popped one. Most likely talkin bout an X Pill.

    This version>>>Drake’s version. Someone needs to put this version with Drake’s rapping part from the other one.

  • mmkayy

    much better than the birds p1

  • J

    This version>>>Drake’s version. Someone needs to put this version with Drake’s rapping part from the other one.

    Musikfiend said this on June 26th, 2011 at 2:10 am

    yes! someone needs to do that

  • Mikeyfresh

    Drakes version is better.

  • Trendsetta

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  • MSquared

    Fucking hell, there isn’t a day when you dont see people bitching at whatever they can lol, trolls. Keep doing ya’ shit Abel and Drake, song is dope.

  • Trifecta

    I agree with @MSquared this song is dope… Let it be and if you don’t fuck with it keep it moving.

  • factormax

    drakes just not a cool dude to me.. i can’t listen to a rapper i don’t think is cool. although i do admit he spits a nasty verse occasionally. “but still, let them girls in, and tell em all leave they cell phones on the table where we see em”. that damn line has been going through my head since i heard trust issues.

  • rajonrondro drake n the weeknd together

  • TE

    Preferred Drakes version tbh, House of Baloons was sick, But havn’t been feelin’ this guys last three tracks, switched it up to much for me, think hes trying too much now.


    @Shake, your writing does actually imply that the rant was about The Weeknds remix instead of Universal removing Drake’s song. The usage of which directly after “The Weeknd decides to tackle Drake’s latest) tell us the relationship is about The Weeknd rather than Drake’s issues with Universal.

  • @JWIII no man all he said was ” the weeknd tries to tackle drakes single”.. so he mesntioned drake and then put parenthesis to indicate a seperate thought. This was one of the songs they tried to pull so hes just stating that he thinks that rant that drake did was well deserved.

    i dont get how anyones gettin this shit misconstrued


    His writing implies that Drake was ranting to the label about The Weeknd’s version of the song which he was not. He was ranting about actions Universal have been doing in relationship to his free music. He should’ve started a new sentence to address the rant.

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  • StarSoldier

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  • Billy
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  • marty mcfly

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  • Billy

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  • Iconoclasm

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  • marty mcfly

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  • “Theres a fucking link describing the whole shit”

    ^^ this!

  • wtfniggas

    How do OFWGKTA creep their way into a trust issues remix comment section O_o