Union – Wings f. Elzhi

blame it on JES7 June 25, 2011

To be honest, I have no idea who Union is other than the fact he / she hails from Paris, b.u.t. can’t pass up on any new Elzhi! Digging the jazz/funk fusion sounds as well. Shout out to Fat Beats.

  • timothy

    Someone needs to post the download link lol…

  • Jahmil Hot

    I need this man “/

  • DJ Daz-One


  • 1004

    anybody else notice that WAY too many producers put in their snares too early? that’s fuckin irritating, they’re professionals and don’t even know how to program some simple drums. listen to some tracks produced by The Soul Council (9th Wonder’s production team)… way too many of those guys don’t know how the fuck to do their drums which is a shame because they’re all sick producers. This is a good example too, listen how early that fuckin snare comes in. Grow some ears, producers

  • Stefan 136

    Awesome sounds… Good to hear Elzhi on this

  • 1

    @1004…that was officially the dumbest comment i’ve read all day, congratulations….

    didn’t know there was a rule and a formula you have to follow when making music….WOW

  • PoI$.

    Still no link? Anybody?

  • markaveli

    need that link in my life…elzhi always comes correct.

  • Vlad Da Inhaler

    Here you go, used Soundcloud against it’self.

  • Vlad Da Inhaler

    Here you go, used Soundcloud against it’self.

  • “Based in Paris France, OJ and Gold are the production duo called Union Analogtronics. Union is the fusion between : Hip-Hop and 70’s Jazz Funk, digital and analog, beatmaker and musician. The sound they build is colored with vintage version of both Hip-Hop and Electro. Composing more than sampling, their melody and music evolution goes beyond the beatmaking barriers. ”

  • jdilla

    elzhi lo real de slum village y poeta en rimas