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(2)Deep: Heltah Skeltah – Casa Gosa Vixen f. Illa Noyz x The Crab Inn

blame it on JES7 June 27, 2011

These gems were put out by Fat Beats and both feature production from PF Cuttin’. A little on the rare side, unless you’re a DJ or digger. From the information I could gather, this was recorded around the time Magnum Force came out (’98ish). As usual, the B-side wins (Casa Gosa Vixen), although the A-side is not so bad. Lots of quotables.

“My nickel gauge rip your Face Off like Nicholas Cage // Fuck the front page nigga // I need the main article // On how me and my crew blew niggas brains into particles” | “When I battle baby, I take niggas out like abortion” | “Niggas was loud but face to face you’re saying nothing // Quiet like I pushed the mute button // You’re frontin // All of a sudden you got heart like you saw the wizard // Rockin the butters?, I’ll take it, it goes with biscuits”

DOWNLOAD: Heltah Skeltah – The Crab Inn [A]

DOWNLOAD: Heltah Skeltah – Casa Gosa Vixen f. Illa Noyz [B]

  • Casa Gosa Vixen used to be my shiet.. i had it off of an old mixtape.. nice to have good quality

  • never heard these both are dope as shit

  • Jiz

    I had Casa Gosa under the name Boom Bap Bip for years… Thanx LimeWire. haha

  • Unxpekted

    God these are old school, had these for ages and actually some of the first tracks that put me on Duckdown/BBC minus Leflah and the Fab5 tracks (Heltah Skeltah + OGC)

  • Ali

    DOPE! heres wht i still check for this site

  • capt’n backslap

    got the vinyl. think they were left off magnum force cause of sample clearances.