Dom Kennedy – From The Westside, With Love II (Artwork x Tracklist)

blame it on Meka June 27, 2011

Tomorrow (June 28th) is the date another of my more anticipated projects drop. Nice.

1. Dom’s Prayer (prod. K Roosevelt)
2. Grind’n (prod. Cardo)
3. When I Come Around (prod. Unknown)
4. Come Over (prod. The Futuristiks)
5. She Ain’t In Love (prod. The Futuristiks)
6. Money Don’t Stop (prod. Chromatix)
7. O.P.M. (prod. Drewbyrd & Polyester)
8. Platinum Chanel (prod. Nick Cage)
9. I Love Dom (prod. Cardo)
10. The Ways (prod. THC)
11. Mr Champagne Intermission f. Polyester (prod. Swiff D)
12. Ice Cream Truck (prod. K Roosevelt)
13. New Jeeps f. Asher Roth & Mikey Rocks (prod. Chuck Inglish)
14. 2MPH f. Big K.R.I.T (prod. The Futuristiks)
15. Beats, Hoes & Rhymes f. Casey Veggies & ScHoolboy Q (prod. Champagne Click)
16. Dream To Me (prod. Scoop Deville)
17. Graduate (prod. HellagooD)

  • Beats, Hoes, and Rhymes should be epic. I wasn’t really feeling Grind’n tho.

  • Dorian

    I gotta hear this!

  • dope! from what Dom’s said about it, this could be better than the first FTWWL, about to be crazy

  • ladifuckingda

    not the biggest dom fan, but i will admit he would sound sick with ash and sir michael rocks. so that has me interested.

  • Swaggggggggggggg

    Not hating but Dom is shit.

  • Timothy

    after his last project being straight ass im ehhh about this and grindin was terrible im sorry…

  • kayo

    i’m pissed Dom tryin to go hard on this Westside shit like rep where you from I feel him on that but the shit he makin just corny ass hell jockin the old school style of the west.. i dont know how to explain it but i think you guys know what i mean

    FTWWL is amazing, but sad to say a song like “The 4 Heartbeats” which i honestly think is one of the better hip-hop songs released in a while will never happen again to make way for corny ass songs like “Grind’n”

  • Kent G

    @Kayo The 4 Heartbeats…really? FTWWL has plenty of gems and I’m sure II will have more. Grind’n wasn’t even bad imo, just give the album a listen before you judge.

  • Pretty upset Polyester/LAUSD doesn’t have more production on this….he/they was one of the main reasons FTWWL was so dope. We shall see tomorrow though.

  • AiM

    This Shit Gone Cost 7$!

    I Mean Damn Im Sure Its Worth It, Im A BIG DOM KENNEDY Fan.
    But Come On Now, You Cant Give Us The First One For Free, Then Charge Us For The Sequel.

    Thats Un-Ethical.

    DOM Should Release Another Tape With All Those Songs He Say He Aint Use And Sale That For 7$!
    Not FTWWL2.

    I Cant Get Jiggy With That Shit.

  • check out my song camo shorts and michael jordans follow me on twitter @justinoryan I really like dom style its that laid back average joe shit I can relate to but he the artwork I’m not feeling so much :( dom is dope though

  • Rio$

    14. 2MPH f. Big K.R.I.T (prod. The Futuristiks)

    ASAP! i dont care about the rest tho

  • TheMostUniqueRegularDude

    SHAKE AND MEKA dont show me love but maybe the c-section will!

  • madenmiami305


  • madenmiami305

    dom and krit though… good shit!

  • Chipz

    I think a lot of cats misunderstood GRINDIN. Shit was not supposed to be super lyrical imo, it was a laid back chill joint. beat was flames, and naw the raps weren’t prolific, but I think that was the whole point, shit was SUPPOSED to be simple. that’s just my take on it.

  • Jonnielluminati

    @Chipz thats every Dom song tho lol Grindin was just wack, he shouldnt do that repetitive flow again thats whats different about Grindin

  • marty mcfly


    Dont worry about getting love , worry about having everybody in your own city feeling your music 1st. There are more then a few of artists that are all over the net that dont have no fanbase even on their own block and have never done a show or mad a rap dollar in their life. Not hating but dont forget about the streets in your own town.

  • Can’t wait to hear it. 1997 Is still my fav Dom Joint

  • marty mcfly

    More then a few artists… MADE a rap dollar. ” For the grammar nerds”

  • JT3

    Westside II is clean. The listening party last week in LA was dope. The production is great. The beats bang. Couldn’t really take in all the lyrics as it was a club atmosphere.DOM has the a nice following in the city right now.

  • NJ Listener

    Asher and Mikey Rocks feature. OH MY GOD

  • CK

    Checking for track 13, 14 & 15. Dissappointed at no Pac Div feature tbh..

  • nickd

    wheres overdoz

  • Jt

    I’m shocked that so many people don’t like Grind’n

  • Wasn’t Dom in the studio with Alchemist? Where are those tracks gonna end up? Thought for sure they’d be on this one

  • Realtalk

    Grind’n was ass and I like Dom Kennedy. The Original Dom Kennedy was disappointing as well. I still got hope for this next project though.

  • Prof. Oak

    No brandUn DeShay production??

  • brooks

    About to make my fuckin’ day!

  • abcd

    whos got a free DL link for the broke fans out here

  • Your Average Jet

    ^ What he said lol

  • Aj

    Westside with love II or Finally famous.. I cant pick

  • x_henryg_x

    Damn I need a dl link!

  • bnw

    the artwork is dope

  • bryan

  • straight west coastin

    I hope dom come out with a shirt/sweater with the album cover on it
    that cover is fresh

  • Dom Kennedy’s From The Westside With Love 2 listening session re-cap:

  • john doe

    watermelon sundae was the shit tho.

  • WOW

    ^^^Good looking out

  • Holla! City of Squalla!

  • 11 nazis dont like dom

  • D123

    When will you have it up to download?!