2Pac - Watch Ya Mouth x NY 87 f. Tha Dogg Pound

Here are two previously unreleased joints from the warring days of East vs. West. NY 87 sees 'Pac and company going at the throat of Biggie, Jeru, Mobb Deep, ATCQ and more. Watch Ya Mouth was aimed at Nas, Dr. Dre, Big, De La Soul and more. Thanks to X.

DOWNLOAD: 2Pac - NY 87 f. Tha Dogg Pound

DOWNLOAD: 2Pac - Watch Ya Mouth

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  • DrewDogg

    the good ol' days.

  • some rap fan from da 831

    Shake you heard Watch Ya Mouth yet? The full version leaked today and disses Dr. Dre and NaS.


    Pac's verse gave me shivers, no homo

  • http://Robbiesback.com Roberto Maynardo The Thirdo

    nNot really feeling this. I mean, it has no swagger.....I need something that bangs. When will these dudes get it, you need to be versatile on the mic.....

  • QZA

    ^^^^^ this guy...


  • Maga D

    How you gonna go at ATCQ though? Who did they diss?

  • WTF

    this guy jacking Drake's flow...Drake drops "Marvin's Room" now everyone airing out their "feelings" on tracks... and wtf is a "2pac" anyway, prob. some new cat trying to ride the Odd Future hype train...

  • Kevin

    The Thirdo - when will dudes get it? 2Pac is dead....so how could he get it now?

    the man has also sold 100 plus million albums and is considered by many rappers at the goat and the most influential mcee ever. Learn your facts before you disrespect. Even eminem, 50 cent, joe budden, crooked i all say that pac was the best ever

  • http://merc80.com Merc80

    @Maga QTip did a freestyle on a mixtape back then and said a line that many took as a diss to the West. I forgot how the line went, but yeah at that point fools wasn't playing when ti came to dissin the West even in an off the head freestyle by accidental stream of conciousness lol

  • http://twitter.com/FUHNAHTIK FUHNAHTIK

    No Swagger? That's a negative, how exactly? It's a 2Pac diss trck previously unheard, and a vicious one at that + a DPG track as well, with 2Pac riding shotgun. I love it. I always wonder where these random leaks come from, I know Afeni & Suge had (have) tracks locked up but these leaks over the past two years have been all of a sudden and not on any projects ...

  • OKQW

    this is the first time I heard pac say "fuck new york". they say mtv cause east vs west but clearly pac had a big part in it too.

  • Prof. Oak

    Why unearth these? Pac's legacy is much more than just diss tracks and these should have been kept in the vaults

  • im still a mc og

    gotti tried to say that there was NEVER a west coast / east coast beef and it was media created. thats just that bullshit

  • markaveli

    2PAC the GOAT.....F' what you youngn's thought.

  • http://merc80.com Merc80

    Oh and The first track NY 87 s referring to when Dogg Poind tried to shoot the New York New York video in Brooklyn and apparently got shot at by some dudes. But I mean...what did they expect? lol

  • And Won

    There are good artists from the west, but as a coast they are weak. The South would've ridden on those pinheads.

  • http://therealeastsideperspective.wordpress.com Zach

    Check out articles on sports and music at:

  • Skip Dillenger

    Dope songs. Are you gonna drop some more unreleased East/West beef tracks from both side?

  • GeeZuP

    @ Roberto Maynardo The Thirdo I see u one of them idiot kids raised on the bullshit they play on the radio these days from inbred hillbilly niggas from the south and @ WTF ur a fuckin moran go kill yourself this that OG shit from back when rap music was at its best and niggas weren't soft in the game... new Pac is always welcome Westside!

  • m dot

    roberto the third and WTe..you guys are fuckin dumb...pac is top 3 all timw..go listen to waka and drake fags

  • Varsityballin


    they were sum g's for that. u wouldnt see ANY nigga from the east coast shootin a music vid in compton,watts,inglewood,long beach. they woudlv got blasted on site

  • DF




  • kennyis22

    "this guy jacking Drake’s flow…Drake drops “Marvin’s Room” now everyone airing out their “feelings” on tracks… and wtf is a “2pac” anyway, prob. some new cat trying to ride the Odd Future hype train…" classic, made me lol

  • immortall

    @WTF you must be 13yrs old or some shit.."this guy jacking Drake’s flow…Drake drops “Marvin’s Room” now everyone airing out their “feelings” on tracks… and wtf is a “2pac” anyway, prob. some new cat trying to ride the Odd Future hype train…" smh i feel sorry for you. you dont have a clue what so ever.

    i suppose you carnt expect much from young people these days..google 2pac maybe you will learn something

  • immortall


  • jdeezy

    Man I don't really care bout the east/west coast beef...all i care about is this dope track making my trunk bump

  • jdeezy

    @immortall comment looked like a joke bro..chill out....@WTF hilarious post my man

  • Kareem

    "Y'all went three feet and stopped rising."

  • Aoe

    wtf was obviously joking/trolling. hip hop fans are so damn sensitive. When did we stop being able to take a joke?

  • Derrick Rose

    If Pac was alive today , He'd be washed up and irrelevant as Snoop or Ice Cube.Same goes for Biggie too.These old ass herbs who think they know hip hop will disagree and dick rydge pac till death.

  • http://Shy Shy

    robbie = wtf.
    Yall got trollled hard body lol

  • thug23

    tupac my fuckin nigga thug life muthafucka fuck u hating niggas
    Thug life kiluminati!!!


    theres no way Pac and Big would be irrelevant. who the fuck are you to say that the music industry would be the same or different? they were murdered, hip hop eventually died off, and due to the outcome we have this new age bullshit. bitch.

  • benny lava

    Kurupt goes in on that NY 87 talking greasy about the tribe? Balls... Weird how he fell off so hard... Sounded so fresh back in '96 like nobody could fuck with that flow.

  • Justin Cider

    LMAO @ "You went 3 feet high and stopped rising" HAHAHA So true. Pac was cold, yall haters buggin.

  • marty mcfly

    @ Derrick Rose STFU cause all the artists you named did more in the rap game before they turned 23 then most these rappers today will do with thier whole career. If Pac was still alive he would probably be a movie star on his 30th movie by now and if Big was alive the Watch The Throne album would probably be him and Jay instead of Kanye. As far as Snoop he could never be irrelevant just ask your mom and Ice Cube was a rap legend when you had a baby bottle in your mouth so go watch one of his Cube Vision movies that gross more money then all these new rappers combined.

  • Weava

    hows pac gonna go at Big L ... they did a track together?

    follow me @eLWeaverdinchi

  • http://ear2ear.tumblr.com ear2ear

    Fuck this 20 year old beef shit, some new Andre 3000 dropped! And he kills it...big time.

  • LAsVeryOwn

    To each n every hater: listen how G this shit sound! the industry done cut the balls off the game nowadays. REAL FUCKIN TALK

  • LAsVeryOwn

    @ear2ear ill take a pac track ANY day over 3stacks. talk about irrelevant to the game right now...smh

  • http://ear2ear.tumblr.com ear2ear

    ^ really?

    and these two tracks are relevant how? terrible production. terrible message. dissing tribe and de la? and i'm from LA. but hey! its really "hard" and "real!" andre will lyrically rap circles and circles around 2pac. And I like 2pac but in the long run, this guy single handedly transformed hip-hop from being about beats and rhymes into being about "hard" and about presenting yourself as a persona...not a musician.

  • Reality1989

    I've been a fan of our music for about 30 years and I always love hearing unreleased stuff dug up from the past. Now personally I have always felt that Pac was overrated. But that's MY opinion, and it weights no more than a die hard Pac fan's opinion. But you now have a lot of fans now that were barley out of grade school when all this was going on. And I find it funny how NOW every one on my side (NY) was supposedly a Pac fan back then. GTFOH with that. I just take offense to all this nonsense promoting one or two artists ( Pac or BIG) as the greatest of all time! There is NO greatest of all time!! That statement puts all of hip hop in a box and basically says "you dont have to listen to any other joints other than a Pac or BIG joints!!" It is a discredit to any other contributor of classic Hip Hop (Cold Crush, LL, Kane down to Hov Drake Kanye etc...) Had to get that off my chest LOL!!! 2dopeboyz keep doin what ya do! I love this site mayne!!!

  • http://ear2ear.tumblr.com ear2ear

    warren g is a man who perfected the g funk era as a real artist who loved music. same with dj quik. 2pac was that way...but the beef shit got to his head and he stopped making good music because he was more concerned with his image then his music. give me me against the world 2pac over death row 2pac any day.

  • LupeFaco

    i cant even begin to comment now after reading these comments
    digital crack vol 29

  • LAsVeryOwn

    @ear2ear and whats the westcoast music known for??? keepin it g and being your damn self, man. if someone talks about me, imma confront them too, shit. lol this shit goes in and 3stacks is not relevant if hes on someone elses track for 45 seconds...i do agree his lyrical content is next to none tho, cant argue with that. and me against the world is the best pac album by far also...

  • Westcoast

    Youtube Search

    Vico - I'm On One (freestyle) Dj Khaled Exclusive

  • marty mcfly

    All Eyes On Me !!! best Pac album CMONSON !!!

    Other 90s west coast favorites of mine:

    Kurupt - Streets is a motha album
    C Bo - Til my casket drops = the hardest gangsta rap album you ever heard.
    Yukmouth - Thugged Out album
    Snoop Dogg - presents the eastsidaz
    Xzibit - 40 days and 40 nights

  • LAsVeryOwn

    @Marty cd 1 or 2? Lmao. We not goin off sales... me against the world > any other pac album possibly besides 7 day from top to bottom.

  • marty mcfly

    I like cd 1 and 2 , his other albums was good but I was just really feelin the double cd at the time. The songs Heartz of Men and Holla at Me were crazy , go listen now. Then you got Picture Me Rollin and Heaven aint hard 2 find etc...

  • http://meanchi.tumblr.com M.E.A.N.

    “That’s the reason why they dyin” real niggaz die. real shit if you beefin with everybody u owl status 24/7 who the fuck wanna live life like that? Pac may have been “real” but the main mistake he made was being dumb at it.

  • Next Level

    ^ shut up ur logical sounds like ah fuckin 11 yr old time for bed nigga

  • What Willis Was Talkin ‘Bout

    Ain't nobody for the history of hip hop ever touchin 2pac on the level he was on. Deep lyrics, charisma, poetic, political activist, mainstream appeal. Ever!

  • Ralph Machio

    Kendrick Lamar > 2pac.


  • kendrick shlamar


  • inside information

    regarding these comments... people who don't get sarcasm are hilarious

  • 93706

    R.I.P. 2pac he was going thru so much shit... being shot, jail etc. if you felt some niggas set u up to be killed and you survive u would of went in on em also, let the man rest in peace he was a great artist, one thing I will always give him and other Westcoast artist props for is SAYING NAMES! forget that subliminal speaking in codes bullshit*t

  • ANameICallMyself

    2Pac is the most overrated rapper of all time. There are so many better artists, more poetic, with better lyrics, better production team etc. One question: Does someone know when this diss track was recorded? I don't think it's a 87 disstrack, since he is dissing Nas and the Tribe. 3 Feet High and Rising wasn't even released yet. Can someone tell me when this was recorded, cause 2Pac loved De La Soul. He said so himself in the track "Old School" track on Me Against the World. Seriously how the fuck you gonna diss these legends man. Tribe, De La Soul are amazing.

  • Jon


    You understand there's a difference between an artist and a rapper? Sure there are better rappers and lyricists but not a better artist than Pac.

    Track was most likely recorded in 1996. 87 = 187 = homicide.

  • 93706

    he dissed de la soul on against all odds... "niggas looking like Larry Holmes flabby and sick" they had said something about him in a interview hence "tryin' to Playa hate on my shit, can eat a fat dick / all you old rappers trying to advance its all over now take it like a man" R.I.P. 2Pac

  • bigL

    R.I.P to Nas, Dr. Dre, Big, De La Soul !!!

  • LEX

    Um, "bend over and take it like a man"? What kind of men take it? haha.. Anyway, these records are dope to hear. I'm a huge De La, Tribe, Nas and Mobb fan, but I remember this time. I was glad when Mobb Deep put out Drop a Gem On Em cause it seemed like nobody had the balls to say anything directly back to Pac, but Mobb went ahead and called him straight out. 2Pac was a beast and when he was angry, he made his records sound like he was literally kicking your ass. I kinda wish this saw the light of day back then cause it would've been interesting to hear what kind of retaliation De La might have recorded.

  • http://www.TriStateSportsGuys.com KB Smoka

    2Pac was such a misguided soul....You actually have to feel bad for him.

  • Deter

    To the people who don't understand 2Pac's state of mind when he was dissin the east...maybe ya'll don't understand cuz ya'll weren't setup & shot up like he was + didn't go to prison cuz of a lyin ass hoe.

    Feel free to digest & digress from that shit.

  • killdillvol_2

    it was a dark time in hip hop... these tracks are dope at the musical level, but the culture of it is fucked up. RIP Biggie and 'Pac

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeKenMasters

    Got Damn that 'Watch Ya Mouth' track is dope! You'll never hear that kind of brash fury from rappers these days. Pac didn't drop sneak disses and subliminals. He said who you were and why you were a bitch. Thug Life fool.

  • BNF

    West Coast RIDAAAAAZ!! this takes me back to old school days when everyone was dissin everyone. That East Coast/West Coast shit was a crazy time for Hip Hop.

  • Cameron

    De La > Pac

    Tell me I'm wrong

  • new
  • D

    makaveli in this bitch baby. the greatest

  • QB

    "De La > Pac

    Tell me I’m wrong"

    You're wrong. Wit yo bitch ass...

  • 93706

    @Lex you must got the Bootleg version bruh! I heard that song a million times and trust me he didn't say "bend over" he said "its all over" I wish both pac and big was alive I bet they both would still be dropping dope albums, who knows maybe would of squashed their beef

  • David

    Citizen soldiers salute

  • Cameron

    QB De La were innovators and they did it with a positive message. Plus they are responsible for zero deaths. Pac is legendary but he is a dumbass for that line. You can't shit on people for not rapping about murder. Plus me myself and I wasn't even a good De La track and they cosign that. It was just a pop single picked by execs.

  • David

    De La Soul hasn't done anything sweet since 91' and that is arguably on some Tim Dog passive aggressive diss tip when Pac was in his prime. Or are you the dumb-ass for picking sides Cameron? PS Source lost my money in 96'

  • Neecie

    For those of you who don't know....TUPAC IS THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME! GET A CLUE!! Learn about sh!t b4 you start talkin sh!t. Pac was original with his, he didn't have to jack nothin from NOBODY!! Listen up...rappers today TRY to be Pac. Tupac rapped about the real struggles people go thru on a daily basis.....not this BS about hoes and cars...I MEAN REALLY?? Other than LAMES,who gives a F*k about all that??!! REST IN PEACE TUPAC AMARU SHAKUR...U R STILL LOVED & MISSED! The world lost a great man when we lost YOU! R U STILL DOWN - 2PAC

  • Neecie

    Let me correct myself cuz i know these clueless lames are gonna comment...Yes, Pac did rap about hoes too, but he also had real shyt to say, and how many of these so called rappers today can sell like Pac while they're alive, let alone dead??!! HE SAID WHAT HE FELT AND WASN'T SCARED TO CALL OUT NAMES....REAL TALK....and he put that on record. Pac was a true artist and more. Tupac is...was so much more than he ever got credit for and so much more than what the media made him out to be....Dear Momma, Brenda's Got A Baby, etc....look it up if you're lookin like you don't have a clue. YES, I'M STILL DOWN

  • thuglyfe

    stop tryin to defend pac cuz real niggas feel pac no homo and fake niggas don't get it plain n simple.

  • FakirWise

    Funniest comments I've ever seen on this site...these children talking as if Pac is a new rapper. When were you born?

  • Dave

    That NY 87 is weak as shit compared to what NY was doing at the time. Just face it. Everyone who thinks that 2Pac was the best because he has you fooled that he was some great intellect/revolutionary, whatever. Dude was a narcisstic delusional egomaniac who ended up beefing with almost everyone he was ever down with including even Snoop at the end. To those who know hip-hop, not just pop culture but real hip-hop, Pac will never be the greatest or even one of them because he isn't the best m.c. by a long shot. Biggie was way more lyrical. I.M.O. these guys were mad that they weren't as dope as the East Coast artists they were beefing with. There are or at least were some really dope m.c.s from the West like Ras Kass, Xzibit and Tha Alkaholiks but Dogg Pound and Pac were more on that mainstream 'gangsta rap' shit back in the day.

  • Vrani

    @ dave get over it son. you don't like pac that's great. nobody cares and you aint gonna enlighten nobody. lol. get a grip.

  • Thworldisyours

    God damn?!?? How many unreleased songs can one man have?!?!?!?

  • Str8ballin

    Man...2pac is restin in peace..end of discussion.


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