• http://www.illegal-promo.com ANDREIA

    ''He’s a legend in his own right and more heads should take notice''
    I totally agree!

  • Billy

    the original is better dont flow with jays tone . shuda posteed the hello brookly rmx or something meets with the tone and flow.

  • HankMardukas

    Remot's version >>>>> this

  • Bob

    American Gangster is his second best, I think I needed a few years to realize it. Moreover I just like how he released, no single cracked the top 40, he didn't allowed it to be on itunes, he announced less than 2 months before the release and it stille went platinium, number 1 and 450k first week. Definitly a classic and better than blueprint and black album in my opinion. IMO.

  • showbow

    lol at better than bp or black album. u trippin. gimme what ur smokin.

    this remix is meh.

  • Game

    Man hulkshare is a piece of shit lately!! Wheres those ALT links homie??

  • hippaToDaHoppa

    Jay-Z sounds better over this than the original, but the P hook doesn't fit this at all.

  • 88

    this whole project by k-def's (2)dope. his version of roc boys and the party life are just amazing. got a physical copy of it. bump it all the time