Kendrick Lamar – Section.80 (Artwork x Tracklist)

blame it on Shake June 28, 2011

Click to enlarge.

With Section.80 right around the corner (July 2nd for the slow folk), here goes the official artwork and tracklist.

  • Varsityballin

    yeee. prop 215 sb420 all day

    cant wait for this shit

  • rien à déclarer


  • rUANHOLL11

    Jim Jones – So Cold
    dude made a hot ass song finally
    beat is nuts
    google it now ho

  • T0KS

    Looks pretty good. Expected a few more features but hey Who Cares man this shit gon be hot either way!!

  • Paiva

    can’t wait for this shit. hope its as biblical as the first couple songs that came out

  • No Sex with Society? i mean it wasn’t that dope but i thought it would show up on the album…

  • buck

    this is gonna be crazy as fuck.
    i wanna hear everything, no anticipating one single track, I WANT EM ALL

  • Kreayshawns Back dent

    no vanity slaves 2 ?
    no song with j. cole ?
    no song with black hippies ?
    this guy is starting to sellout already, i cant wait to hate on this album when it drops

  • p

    no tempation either, id like to hear cdq eventually

  • BatMayne

    Colin Munroe feature = win
    when is that dude going to put out another project?

  • asdfghjk

    i like Kendrick but i honestly wasn’t looking that forward to this project, but now just looking at the track list makes me really wanna check this out

  • peaches

    “i cant wait to hate on this”

  • You idiots… it’s for the collab album. And to the next idiot, why does kendrick need more features? It’s HIS mixtape, not a DJ Khaled project.

  • My excitement knows no bounds.. going to be the Album of the year.

  • jumpoffjoebeezy

    no black hippy? hes got Q on a track and ab souls name is posted on the outro…eat a bag of dicks

  • *Waits for the epicness that will be “The Spiteful Chant”

  • B-Dot
  • No Fly union on Section80??? Fuck that shit man…

  • Jared Daniel Wilkins

    why are there so many dumb fuckin bag of douches in the c-section? #HiiiPOWER

  • T

    Eh, Kendrick is dope but I can’t find myself listening to his music.

  • Prof. Oak

    Lol @ Schoolboy Q A&R’ing for this hahaha.

    This album is gonna be dope though, I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time.

  • D’Brickashaw Ferguson

    ^Kreayshawns Back dent got jokes!

    Sounwave, Tae Beast, & THC canvases are VASTLY unappreciated.

    Instant purchase. Support talent.

  • youngred

    yoooo this tracklist looks so dope. Can’t wait till july 2nd. I can tell this project dope as hell by the tracklist. BJ Tha Chi kid and Kendrick? Good ass combo. Colin Munroe and Kendrick? Even BETTER Combo. That track finna be sick I hope. Man I’m even gonna cop this shit off iTunes. I never cop shit of iTunes but this probably won’t have physical CD’s I guess so I gotta do it digital. dope shit! gotta support the homeboy kendrick

  • J

    so is this an online album you have to pay for? if i pay for something i wanna have a physical copy of it or else im downloading

  • (l,k)

    that’s badass he made hiiipower the last track

  • I was looking forward for the track with Fly Union, so bad it’s not on it!!

  • hussle21

    david da doman sent kendrick lamar some beats awhile back… i wonder if he ever used em…

  • Jimmy

    The album art is very interesting considering he doesn’t smoke. I’d like to know more about it.

  • 233323

    kinda wish there was one more song with school boy q
    and why yall niggaz laugh that “sex society ” song out of the tracklist it was kinda hot when u get into it

  • LupeFaco

    im guessing its gonna leak within the next 2 days cant wait !

  • Waiting For KL To Drop This For Months!

  • marty mcfly

    The Art Of Seduction under the Holy Bible next to a pipe , some weed , a chain , a full clip and a box of condoms? I guess… For me this project is gonna tell me where Kendrick stands in hip hop. Some artists have a lane and some dont , im just wondering what his will be.

  • Dude

    Kendrick Lame Ass

  • Sky

    Best comment of the day..”I cant wait to hate on this album”.

  • nudime

    yes!! bj the chicago kid has never been on a shitty cut, name one i’ll give you time. This project is gunna be fresh

  • this looks really dope, how would he be selling out when he doesn’t have any mainstream features at all lol

  • Dude

    no black hippy, no j. cole, no wiz, no lady gagah? hmmm pfff smh!!
    this guy is a good looser. Kendurick Lame Ass

  • a

    maaannn this looks so dope. im surprised sex with society isnt there, but like homie up top said, i like the song (even more after a cpl listens) but its not as bad as if he cut off hiipower or ronald reagan, and i can just add as a bonus. im happy vanity slaves pt.2 isnt on it, cuz i’ve had that for too long now.

    and im curious bout the his/her vice/evils/pain storyline he’s got in the titles. and of course pussy and patron pt 2! (kush and corinthians)

    CAN’T. WAIT. (c) Bart Scott

  • Jizheil

    no mothafucka, no biatch, no shit? what da hell nigga?

  • T

    what happened to sex with society????????


  • killyaself

    I thought this was gonna be the project w/J. Cole. Obviously I’m wrong here, but what the fuck was all the hype about them working together for?

  • Tecs

    this would be a pure garbage. disappointed

  • I was expecting some Dre production….

  • DSL

    Lil Wayne>>>>Kendrick Lamar

  • DSL

    Ronald Reagan>>>>>>>>Kendrick Lamar

  • Big Ass CONDOM

    shutdafuckup u fuckin idiot, gimme ur Big ASS with CONDOM. #BIGASSCONDOM

  • moneymike

    if he didn’t sound like dr dre throatfucked him every song, i’d be able to listen to him. he should just write for other rappers cuz his voice sucks

  • Allday

    I was REALLY hopin for guest spot by Dre, whether it was rappin or a beat or two. Either way tho this is gonna tapes gonna be nasty.

  • trizzy

    Damn a lot of people hating and debating this shit before it even drop give it a chance heaint no sell out there isn’t no one mainstream on it and I’m pretty sure the reason he does have certan songson there because he gone give us omething else to look forward too think like a business people would u show ya comp all u got no because they would plan on ya ass a kill ya whole dream kendrick is a true hip hop artist…and why comment if u don’t like the dude why even come be waiting for his music most y’all follow be a damn leader for a change SMFH.

  • blackRicky

    lol where did the random hate come from. some1 must have posted this link on waka flakas site smh

  • Fuck Your Ethnicity I can’t wait to hear fully. The Spiteful Chant and Kush & Corinthians looks like they will be the epic jawns on the CD. Anticipating the Ab-Soul outro as well. Ab has really grown on me as an artist. I’m shocked Sex With Society didn’t make the cut, but it probably doesn’t fit with the overall sound of the CD…..I bet it’ll end up as a bonus track attached to the end of HiiiPoWeR.

    I’m glad that he stuck with Tae Beats and Sounwave for the core of the CD production as those dudes have been killing it lately. I wish Dom Kennedy and Skeme would hit them up for some tracks From The Westside With Love II is all over the place production wise. Anyway, def super hype for #Section80!!!!

  • Rezo

    I’m confused, is this an album or mixtape? I would assume a mixtape that isn’t free? lol

  • turftalka

    I wanted to hear a CDQ version of “Temptation” & “Shock The World”, hopefully it’ll leak out soon. But I still can’t wait for Section.80

  • bwood

    he said he was saving dre tracks for a big label release but hes comfortable with his ppl at TDE so hes not tryna go too far from that

    its probably only gonna be 6 bucks on itunes..thats nuthin for the quality this dude comes out with

  • prk

    Looks like a great line-up, and the lack of features will really let dude shine.

    Hopefully a Dre production pops up on a bonus track.

  • yugang

    ^^^^a digital album

  • :P

    no Based God feature? fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • HiiiPoWeR

    Y’all need to stop hating. How is he selling out? He said the J. Cole tracks are going to be on the mixtape that he’s delaying. He doesn’t want people to think he only made it because of Cole. Can’t wait for July 2nd.

  • Pugz

    @killyaself kendrick said in an interview that he wanted to release a solo album this year first since he was an xxl freshman he wanted to get his name out there before doing a collabo album. So he said the tracks are still just sitting there and he wants to put them out but since him and cole were both looking to release solo debuts, they held off on the collab for now. Also, question, will this be at best buy or is it online only?

  • charles hamilton

    I have better tracklists written on my toilet paper

  • Been waiting ages for this! don’t really have to listen to it i already know its going to be epic.

  • kennyis22

    Check Me Out – Lloyd Banks
    post it!

  • Braniak

    I thought he didn’t smoke weed. I will buy it no doubt.


  • nicky

    LOL @blackricky’s comment. So true. How could you guys hate on this? What could you possibly hate? the fact that he actually has substance in his music. SMH. Anticipating all tracks. Real music.

  • Th3rd ear

    the hate Kendrick gets is really pathetic and pettt…he gets too much promotion on this site??? His fans love him too much??? His voice aint cool??? Smh i swear the hip hop fan base is full of a bunch of sensitive females on their periods getting mad at dumb shit

  • And Won

    hope the production holds up

  • Th3rd ear


  • And Won

    anyone ever heard of these producers? Digi Phonics?

  • QZA

    Love me some but I do share some of the same confusion with the weed, pipe, and joint on the cover… kendrick ain’t smoke

  • Busy

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH… was hoping that song with J. Cole wouldve been on here but fuck it. haha nonetheless i look forward to this album!

  • Angry Nigga

    Fuck your Ethnicity

    Great another self hating racist nigga. You hate being black fine nobody’s forcing you to like it but I won’t listen to you slander blacks and other ethnic groups just because your life sucks.

    Fuck this nigga.

  • ^I’m just going to avoid that comment completely, but the crack pipe and weed are supposed to represent the area/era. Section 80(I believe is a juxtaposition between the 80s and Section 8 housing). Crack came up in the 80s, weed has always been apart of the hood, etc.

  • StrangeFamous

    Cole should take those songs he did with KDot (that were previewed) for his own album..

    Am I the only one that preferred Setbacks to OD?

  • @And Won – the producers are still Tae Beast, Sounwave, and Willie B, I don’t know what the Digi-Phonics stands for though(maybe they made a group or something)

  • rofl

    what ever happened to the kendrick cole tape, and why havnt we got an mp3 of “temptation”

  • Truth Fuckaa

    @th3rd, the point is this guy is so much overrated on this site. its total overhype here. that faggot ppl made on similar amateur niggaz like J. Cole, Wiz Khalifa, Tyler, Da Faggot, etc. 2DopeBoyz is for the Children. nuff said im out.

  • Lucus

    Is there somewhere this can be pre-ordered?

  • mari

    hell yes!!

  • Moses

    HOLY SHIT, I’M SO FUCKING EXCITED. I hope Ab-Soul is rapping on the outro and not just talking.


  • SLim

    Damn i wanted a Ab-soul, kendrick track!

  • M0ns1er

    Where’s the Dr. DRE production?

  • Dope, fresh cover.

  • POI$.

    Be ready to get your ears blown. CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS SHIT. #HIIIPOWER

  • TOrrent911

    all these comments boring except this one.
    “Best comment of the day..”I cant wait to hate on this album”.

    that made me laugh hard

  • LAsVeryOwn

    People not getting the concept of the cover? Temptations, people!! This dude has more creativity than the whole east coast combined. And I was wondering if someone would mention Section 8…

  • 91&^uP

    Glad to see Dr.Dre didn’t get his lame hands on this project

  • justEJenks

    I thought “Sex with Society” was gonna be on here. Oh well Kendrick lamar always delivers nothing but the best and from the looks of it this album is gonn abe an instant classic. #HiiiPower

  • DG

    perfect it drops the day after pay day

  • Th3rd ear

    @TruthFuckaa what does a blog and other ppl overhyping him have to do with you and your opinion? Thats a wack excuse to hate on some1 smh

  • ummmm…

    if any of these songs are as epic as the album cover, i’ll be willing to buy. but, i’ve only listened to “hol’ up” and that wasn’t great…and i listened to ronald reagan era which was good, but not amazing.
    maybe listening to the whole album a few times will let it all sink it…

  • xastey

    physical copies ??

  • NobodyImportant

    dam can’t wait for this shit! crazy that Sex With Society on it. That track really grew on me.

  • cant wait to cop this!

  • Its such as you learn my thoughts! You appear to understand a lot about this, such as you wrote the ebook in it or something. I feel that you just could do with a few percent to drive the message house a little bit, but other than that, that is magnificent blog. A great read. I will definitely be back.

  • Shy

    Black Hippy>>>>>>>>

  • RoshaneRonan

    ScienZe, Fly.U, Curren$y (Jets), Dom, Black Hippy and the Cool Kids will probably make this one of the best summers of my life in terms of music. Hip Hop def keeps me motivated. Stay focused and the hard work will pay off.

  • classics

    @ Kreahawns back;
    You are a fuggin’ retard for saying dude is a sellout cus he doesn’t have a song with his group or j.cole… hm hardlyhas any other features on the album and looks like a solid solo album. Kendrick is an amazing writer. Not having the bigger names on there and more unheard producers is about as far away as selling out as you can. Whatever yo. Go cop a 5 panel supreme hat and brag to all your friends about how swag it is.

  • Golf Wang

    Fuck Finally Famous Nigga, Its All About #Section 80
    Oh & Fuck Shake, Wolf Gang.


    Lil’ man’s got a reasonable flow, and some decent lyrics, but what’s the logic behind putting a weed pipe front and center on your album cover (AND having a song titled “Kush…”) when you openly profess to not smoke weed. CURREN$Y cool and all, but the rest of you up-and-comers gotta find your own lane, and get off that WEED + RAP = COOL bullshit. I smell a herb, and it ain’t the kind you smoke.

  • FreshSup702

    Bottom Line is either fuck with this dudes music or not. Since day one I heard K.Dot I knew i’d be a life long fan cause of his lyrical prowess and his desire to grow as an artist. He’s one of my favorite in hip-hop…. That’s just me though

  • Rob

    WTF no Jay Rock feature..fuck it, it’s gonna be a dope as project.. and with Digi Phonics Producing, it’s going to be bananas!

  • real talk

    serious question… how come we’re always stuck waiting for shit like this but every actual “true” album these days leaks a week or two beforehand? fuck is up with that?


    the negative comments for Kendrick posts are always illogical reaches..but thats cool, theres not alot to be said about K.Dot other than how fuckin nice he is on the mic..

    and at the end of the day, the music is all I care about..I suggest alot of you nerds try doing the same.


    the symbolism is obvious on this cover..the weed and bullets are at the forefront while the bible and other books are pushed to the back and used as contraband placement..aka society’s ills>medicine

    or maybe thats just me..
    if you listen to Kendrick’s music, you should know whats on the surface is never the entire meaning..dude is deep.

  • factormax

    digging the features. glc, schoolboy, bj are word. whos astro bot?

  • factormax

    and fuck yeah no sex with society. probably my least favorite kendrick song

  • Kong

    @real talk

    Kendrick and a lot of these guys are independent, and he releases his own albums online. So he’s the only one with the CD right now, instead of a major label album, which cycle through whole companies full of people before actually being released. Thats why the indie, online albums never leak.


  • marty mcfly

    I think hes trying to convey that he is a mixture of all those elements in the picture. Which is cool and is also true about most people but I like artists that choose a side they wanna be on behind the mic , because this “I am every man” type of MC shit thats been going on from cats like Wale and J cole is gonna send out too many mix messages. Being deep is cool but if you cant decode the message correctly then the meaning does more harm then good. Nas – I gave you Power is deep because by the end of it even a baby can understand the meaning. No diss at Kendrick though because his kind of rapping is interesting but I think hes proving that hes a intelligent thinker that also enjoys the destructive aspects of the world sometimes. Now I think its time to decide what things he wants to leave behind.

  • sadklfjd

    Where’s the song with Rza?

  • Rafae Sheikh

    ^ Track number 7

  • Derrick Howard


  • J.West

    Can’t Wait and y’all need to stop crying, if u want a certian feature go make ya own. Stop Complaining either buy it when it drops or go listen to your favorite rapper.

  • Section80 gonna have sooo much meaning, i cant wait wow. and an Ab-Soul Outro ?? GOT DAMN THIS SHIT GON BE DOPE AS FUCK

  • molliwop

    @ Derrick Howard

    In genesis it says God gave us all seed bearing herbs to use..
    look it up. Your fuggin ignorant.

  • Ozz

    Since when did a real rapper need features to put out an album…all you who say this is wack without even listening cuz someone u thought should be one there isnt is indeed fuckin wack..i even read some dipshit say lil wayne was better than kendrick…smh.

  • Bar

    People not getting the concept of the cover? Temptations, people!!

    Exactly… and if you actually listen to his music, Kendrick is pretty ironic. the album artwork really says a lot – The Bible vs. bullets (murder), condoms (premarital sex) and sins – ‘Ignorance Is Bliss’ describes a person completely opposite of himself. And I think thats what makes his music so interesting. he seems like a normal, happy kid that’s seen a lot of bad. it gives his stories a different perspective, instead of the shooter he’s the witness. Im excited to listen to this project. potential album of the year

  • Thank you, I have just been looking for information about this subject for a long time and yours is the best I have found out till now. However, what about the bottom line? Are you certain about the source?

  • Lil GT

    no cole or dre on the album hhmm still think its gon’ be sick

  • kalledemos

    its looks pretty nice, but i’m scared about digi phonics, for they have hit or miss production. And i Hate when people say “i wish *insert song here* was on the album” like c’mon, did u really want to buy an albumm of which you already heard half the songs!? smh… but anyways I anticipating this Very much :D

  • NO JAY ROCK & AB-SOUL FEATS??????????

  • Pauly Dee

    There could be different kinds of messages with different kind of meanings, marty mcfly.

    Cover is just beyond dope.

    #WIN @ ” i cant wait to hate on this album”

  • Jokerman

    smh some of you guys are ungrateful as fuck…you like Lamar so much but when his shit drops you guys are complaining? Smh stop being fake ass fans. Judging shit by the tracklist WITHOUT hearing it is different from hearing it.
    No songs with J. Cole? No songs with Black Hippy? No songs with this person?
    Stop bitching. Please. Being females for no reason.

  • Fiddy

    Yo temptation aint on there.. cause its gonna be on cole x Kendrick collab album. kendrick is gonna be a legend before this year end. Section.80 then Detox then The Collab Album with J.cole.. but i am surprised to not see a black hippy track or jay rock feature. smh.. but section.80 will be the album of the year, passing ScHoolboy’s Setbacks.

  • risen357

    holy bible, art of seduction.. anyone know what that 3rd book is?

  • Manuel

    where can i find this in Phoenix, Az

  • Drast

    #Section80 The concepts ridiculous.. never down kendrick been followin em for awhile since training day dropped growing an inspiration to me with this music shit… real, kendrick lamar and blu holdin down l.a’s lyrical shit.. i know theres othhers but for me they flow is ridiculous hopefully they link on kendricks album comin in 2012

  • kd

    that pipe is DOPE.
    album gonna be fire. fuck a hater #westwest

  • ral

    i dont understand what people are complaining/hating for…
    tracklist,features, production looks fuckin perfect to me

  • Troll

    No J Cole feature? Is this nigga really trynna make it on his own name? Old-Fashioned ass nigga.

    P.S. This nigga know he don’t fit no magnums.

    Based God >> OFTWKTA >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Oj da Juiceman >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Dolly Parton >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Sisqo >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> DJ Khaled >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Kendrick Lamar

  • xastey

    yo if anyone wants to support .. Just ordered 2 myself

  • T

    The name of the 3rd book on the cover is “Virtually You: The Dangerous Powers of the E-Personality”

  • Wish King Blue had a track on here, but great album none the less.


    Spiteful chant is a nice song kendrick be goin in

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  • Josseline Sinatra

    first time ever inquiring on KDot’s life & this site was outrages! dope shit , literally boosted up my hii ….love you!!! KING OF THE WEST <3 – @joss_leen

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