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dead prez – Dead Man’s Shoes

blame it on JES7 June 29, 2011

M-1 and stic.man drop some politically conscious thoughts over Stephen Marley’s Jah Army riddim.

DOWNLOAD: dead prez – Dead Man’s Shoes

  • TruePlaya

    You don’t know nothin’ bout bein’ conscious, Jes. Aka mistah fake 5%er.

  • Haha. Yo you mad funny, my Son. Too bad you take the internets so serious. Have a great day.

  • TruePlaya

    I take the Internet too serious yet you a blogger? Lol. How can I take this too serious while this is your job bro. And fyi, it’s not the internet I take serious, it’s our generations greatest heroes like Malc X that you disrespect with every single word you type. If you was a real nigga ya name would be Justice Equality Freedom. But you need to emphasize the fact that you and ya so called group of 5%ers are supreme above us. Thats all I had too say. Have a great day full of brainwashing boy! Peace.

  • Tto

    eh, anyway…i was wondering when (and if) any hip hop minded sites would take notice of this after the riddim was released last month. good look for shinin light on it.

  • who cares

    I don’t know what’s wrong with TruePlaya, but this is dope. I love Dead Prez

  • Someone made an AMAZING Fan Video for Drakes “Dreams Money Can Buy”

    Check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sk87sZ-Yclg

  • Hiero

    Nice to see some Dead Prez. TruePlaya seems to believe that OP is a 5%er and is lambasting him for so.


    Very Dope…

    Peace 2 tha god J.E.S and thanks 4 tha post!

  • yo, the original is my fuckin jammmmm… this is kinda good… i could fucks wit it… dead prez is ill despite some of their wack views