9th Wonder & Phonte To Release Solo Projects September 27th

blame it on Meka June 30, 2011

With 9thMatic gearing up to drop his album The Wonder Years, featuring the likes of Marsha Ambrosius, David Banner, Murs, Talib Kweli, Erykah Badu, Mac Miller, Rapsody, Big K.R.I.T, Warren G, Big Remo and Kendrick Lamar in three months, Tigallo is also gearing to drop Charity Starts at Home on the same day. You may now get excited.

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  • LB

    yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa BITCH! #ThankYou’TeGod

  • QZA

    AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH HIP HOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!!! over some 9th? Your kidding me

  • thefactz

    yoooo 9th! we need them other songs that you did with basedgod!… the world fiendin for them joints son!… i hope they be on i’m gay volume 2!… you know the people wanna hear that before any of this side shyt… get your priorities straight!


  • a

    hold up, so Phonte, J Cole, Wale (altho thats just a rumour for now) and 9th r all dropping albums on sept 27th? I’ll beleive it when i see it… would b crazy tho

  • DaWa

    why you guys sleep on yelawolf…his Shady debut drops also that day…J.Cole this J.Cole that smh….I mean I looking toward Cole World but you guys seems like dickriders

  • chili

    excited is an understatement…. WONDER YEARS!!!
    but really though, the fucks up with the mac miller feature?
    lol could do without that!
    all good though the kendrick feature will make up for it

  • kidadonis

    Smh at the ONE thumbs down.

  • CK

    Real big day for NC hip hop with these 2 AND J Cole.. damn I’m gonna bump the shit outta all three albums..

  • MD


  • imhh1

    best news ever

  • TekZilla

    Glad to hear that this will be a rapping Phonte, cant get with the singing Phonte from Foreign Exchange. Little Brother is one of the best hip-hop groups of all time hands down. They dropped nothing but classics. Dream Merchant 2 left a lot to be desired but I have a feeling 9th is back on his shit. Yeah Im hyped about this news.

  • TekZilla

    BTW Khrysis > 9th Wonder. Even though both are top 10 easy. Glad to hear the bulk of the production on Phonte’s album will be handled by them. Bringing back that classic Justus League sound!

  • yugang

    Oh shit, this sounds too good to be true. Looks like im gonna set more than $15 dollars for september 27th.

  • Ricki Lutes

    PHONTE! I hope he’ll be rapping, cause if he does a dream is coming true!
    And the wonder years yessur! EPIC!

  • jamlaforever

    i hope he has his artists like: Actual proof, Thee tom hardy on there

  • Musikfiend

    I love all the artists/producer allegedly dropping on Sept 27, but i’d be happy with just that solo Phonte album. Been waiting for that shit 4EVER!!

  • Maga D

    OMFG! lmao. Phonte still that rapper. >>> than your favorite for sure. If he drops a solo album, he’ll definitely officially be one of the GOATS. New Tigallo, New Tigallo, New Tigallo!!