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AZ – Murda On The Daily f. Cormega

blame it on Meka June 30, 2011

Half of the original Firm link up once again. Hell, if Inga can get her shit together I’d gladly welcome a reunion.

DOWNLOAD: AZ – Murda On The Daily f. Cormega | Mediafire

  • SICKKKkk!!! 2 members of The Firm

    AZ = One of the most UNDERRATED rappers EVER

  • InX

    Cormega – THE most underrated rapper ever.
    TIme to take it BACK!


    Come on nas, get the firm back !!! AZ that dude, need to hear another Preemo collab

  • Yeee

    Oh hell yeah! Two of the most underrated rappers of all time on one track makes any day better

  • marty mcfly

    some of my favorite AZ songs

    Wanna be there , paradise life , fan mail – Aziatic album
    Pieces of a (black) Man , Sosa , Im Known and Whats the deal – Pieces of a Man


    after listening this, I’m ’bout to hit the after hours spot for some white owls. this is that dusty Tony Dungy New York smokey summer time anthem. yall pamper niggaz need to take notes. rap is something you do, hip hop is something you live. A. HOLE YOU PAPOOSED YOURSELF!!!

  • Firm Biz!

  • richard

    shit is decent. its a safe track. but its a lock simply because its 2011 and mega and az came together and kept it real. thanks az, mega. good shit. good to see. perhaps unfinished? sounds ripe for a 3rd verse from we-know-who.

  • Bmb

    sound’s like a russian underground!

  • StreetDough

    Finally some new AZ.

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  • HipHop

    BEST TRACK I’VE HEARD ALL YEAR! Nas NEEDS to do a feature with AZ for Doe Or Die 2. Absolutely amazing. So glad to see these two on a track together.

  • illicitly ill


    AZ seriously is the shit. Don’t care what anyone says, he can rival Nas when he’s at his best.

  • shit, this is tough….. better than i expect (idk why i didnt expect fire)… all we need now is nas to jump on this… fuck the firm, nas/az/cormega should be a group n make an album…