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DMX – Sucka 4 Love

blame it on Miss_Peas June 30, 2011

I miss the old DMX. *shrugs.

DOWNLOAD: DMX – Sucka 4 Love | Mediafire
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  • tha truth


  • RSX

    The beat is great for pretty much anyone except DMX…

  • When did DMX start doing parody songs? cause this was a Joke…(Turns on Ipod, Listens to Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of my Blood album)

  • LupeFaco

    Jon Connor – FLI69

  • Ryan G

    This isnt the X i remember. Where are all the dog barks and screaming “this not a game” all the damn time. come back DMX

  • dark man x

    when will X diss illuminati for locking him up

  • damann

    wtf are yall haters talkin about? there some real shit that is said in this song, unless yall never had a girl before, i mean wtf do yall want? dat lil wayne shit with those gay ass beats that sond like there’s 5 beats stacked up on each other or those emo eminem songs with the live drum sound? i give it a 5 out of 5!!! Ja Rule song Black Vodka is dope too!!! this is hip hop!!!

  • WTF is Miss Peas and the rest of you bitches talkin about… “I miss the old DMX”

    If this doesn’t SOMEWHAT resemble the old DMX (as opposed to the shit he’s recently released” then idk wut your lookin for.

    Kill yourselves

  • james R aka the real truth

    Jay Ferno , DMX is does not do parody songs. dmx does real music the real men & grown ups can feel . see DMX grew up & became a real man & adult unlike you Jay Ferno. you have no clue what it is to be a real adult because you never grew up . but you are too ignorant & closeminded to see or understand growth of DMX

  • yeah

    All he means is this was a bad track, which it was. Stop defending X because he hasn’t made any decent music for almost ten years. His late 90s and early 2000s shit is classic, but now his music sucks.

  • snow

    this is tight

  • firstimgonnarunthenimgonnawalk

    this is better than most of the music he has been putting out. i can definitely see some of the “old DXM” in it. and i couldnt stand his last couple albums. you haters need to give DMX some space/cut him some slack, hes a legend

  • D

    Hopefully this is the “What these bitches want”, “Don’t gotta go home” or “How’s it goin down” type track outta the way. I mean when a nigga gets outta prison…

  • T-Dot

    ppl dont know what they talking about

    this is a pretty ill dmx joint

    and it DOES reflect back to how the nigga used to be