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Illus – Better f. Gift Of Gab & Paul Dateh

blame it on Miss_Peas June 30, 2011

The last verse gave me chills. Illus’ For Adam is set for release on July 26th.

Each verse of “Better” is based on a true story. The basic idea of Better was to tell three separate stories about individuals who overcame incredible hardships to make their lives “better” despite all the odds.

DOWNLOAD: Illus – Better f. Gift Of Gab & Paul Dateh | Mediafire
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  • TOrrent911

    front page full of slow doo doo songs today

  • KingGhost519

    That shit was deep.

  • Joshua Harris

    Songs like this make you wanna get and yo shit together and keep yo shit together.

  • Yolanda

    Seriously- that 3rd verse is bone chilling. Love the first one as well and Gift of Gab always kills it. Illus has really crafted a powerful song here. Dude needs more love. Love Paul’s voice on the hook also. Amazing.

  • frogz

    More love, less hate. We can make it better. Amen. Love the positive. Beat down the negative.

  • Rubio

    Don’t hear much content out there now a days. Great style, refreshing vibe and a message to boot!

  • Peov

    I wish there was more music like that in the world. Illus, your stuff keeps getting better each time I hear it.

  • Ghostship

    Lovin’ this track. Keep up with the positive hip-hop!

  • Headsnack

    This guy Illus is doing something that’s really missing from hiphop. I love the theme, lyrics & music. I’m definitely going to support by picking up this record.