Kendrick Lamar Added To The Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival ‘11

blame it on Meka June 30, 2011

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It's official; if you live in NYC and miss this event you should perform seppuku on yourself. While Kendrick and the TDE crew will rock the main stage, Camp Lo will perform at the (2)Dope-sponsored Show & Prove Superbowl event on July 11th. Get ready.

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  • theheartbeat

    seppuku has to be one of the most painful ways to die lmao asians are mad disciplined when it comes to their culture, idk how they do it...

    on topic: the addition is pretty ill.. i might have to be out there

  • NY till I die

    I can't wait to see him get booed off stage in NY.

  • :P

    ahhhhhhh goddamn it... :(
    *seppuku's self*

  • krenshaw

    ^cuz there are NY rappers who are better? Go ahead and list them...

  • Rezo

    Can this site suck Kendrick Lamar's dick anymore? Shake on Twitter acts the same way 12 year old girls do over Justin Bieber. Look at Shake's timeline it's filled with #section80 haha

  • Deter

    @ Rezo, if there's another rapper currently makin the same type moves in the game that deserves buzz but isn't gettin the promotion they deserve fill us in.


  • frv

    @NY till i die: Shut the fuck up. Really, it's 2011. West coast/East coast rivalries aren't vicious anymore so if you're gonna come on here just to say some ignorant shit like that then you really need to get the fuck off. Kendrick Lamar's one of my favorite rappers and I've never lived anywhere but New York. If you think he's gonna get disrespect in Brooklyn then you're wrong, straight up.

  • QB

    Can't wait for that Section 80 to drop... I don't know how guys can hate on him. I can understand maybe not liking his voice, but the hate is just ignorant.

  • Jay

    2DopeBoyz aka 2KendrickGroupies

  • red (You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.)

    Well it's official..I'm hanging myself. I live in NYC but I'll be leaving for school a day before then. Goodbye cruel world..btw that green gave me a serious headache who the fuck designed that shit?

  • "I can’t wait to see him get booed off stage in NY."

    ^^^^^niggas went bananas at his BK show a couple weeks ago or whenever the fuck that was... so i think yer gunna be proven wrong... juss sayin mayn

  • PS... how am i pose to trust this info when i dont see his name on the official website =S

  • CW

    how do i get tickets?

  • how am i pose to trust this info when i dont see his name on the official website =/