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Lil B – Trapped In Prison

blame it on Meka June 30, 2011

After all the media mess that was created due to the album’s title, Lil B went the “incognito” route and dropped his new album via iTunes late last night.

DOWNLOAD: Lil B – Trapped In Prison | Mediafire

  • kd

    Am I allowed to say that this is kinda dope…
    still suspect on that album title tho

  • Support

    your the man Meka.

  • ad.

    Gay = Happy. Of course, the general consensus won’t look at it that way. Even if he was gay, it wouldn’t matter. Unless he was trying to act like he was straight. But, he’s a grown man. Let him live. As long as he isn’t personally affecting you, you shouldn’t be worried. I say “you” as a generalization, not to anyone in particular.

  • sayWORD

    @kd He already explained everything: why he raps the way he raps, his goals, the album title. Not that hard to do a Google search and understand -_____-

  • Rio$

    nobody looks at gaye = happy because nobody’s used it that way for 30 years…………….but if your a fan your gonna say you call yourself gay all the time…………….in the c-section of course

  • Billy

    who cares seriously.

  • Rio$

    it is kind of weird that his title is im gay then his first track is called “trapped in prison” just nit picking tho

  • justsayin

    this dudes rhymes are garbage. beat was kinda cool though.

  • oh and “ad.”
    he called it gay…ON PURPOSE so ppl wud go “oh no he called his album gay” and create controversy..but u know what he has barely released any actual songs..unless u call wonton soup or “insert famous persons name here” song a song.

  • D’troit

    this shit is wack as fuck….even when he tries to really rap its still garbage….who wrote this ish? 50 Tyson!?….nall let me not diss 50 Tyson….50 Tyson doesn’t have several dozen ignorant youtube videos

  • Gordon B.

    The production on the album is great and he actually tries to rap on this one, no more random mumbling, the whole project has a very positive vibe to it, he’s still not a very good rapper though but I was expecting garbage like the rest of his catalogue but it was a decent project. Thumbs up for spreading positivity.

  • ad.

    I know & understand everything y’all are saying, and it really doesn’t matter to me. I have my opinion, as do you. By the way, he does have a lot of songs that aren’t all about “cooking” & “I’m such & such”, just putting that out there, and thanks for the lesson on shock value. Smh.

  • jay

    holy shit the album is good the beats are tight as fuck lil b rapped decent on this album

  • godleeeee


    thank you bASed gawdd

  • GT: DiabolicMC666

    I don’t like his rapping but at least he has good work ethic & is spreading positivity. Also the production on this album seems really nice!

    @Billy you’re just a really unhappy person, aren’t you? smh, why are you getting so mad over the title? Next thing you’re gonna say the illuminati is real.

  • Jonesy Stark

    Another based scripture…

  • JHP

    Even when he makes a song with good subject matter, his lyrical ability is limited.

  • high_s0ciety

    atleast this nigga tryin to improve.. but Brandon has a waaaayz to go. in other news, Mysonne made some very interesting points on this “rapper”…

  • marty mcfly

    You people already know im not feeling this cat but if you like his gay shit thats fine. My question is if he gave his album that title to create controversy and open peoples mind about the power of words then why did he drop the album without the public really knowing about it? If you make a clear statement about something then why do you bring out the product explaining your plight like you afraid to let the general public hear it? This nigga is a trip

  • beat sounds alot like cherry soda pop by mac lethal

    thats not a knock against dude tho, props to both them niggas

  • Pauly Dee

    Okay, the production of the album is on point, but his lyrics still suck and having a positive message doesn’t change that.

  • GT: DiabolicMC666 <seem like a very unhappy person urself. lol
    and the illuminati is real its run by the pope who is a puppet for mike tyson the real leader. guess u only comment when i do. fail. lol.

    ad< if u get wat hes tryna do . y bother explain the mantra that gay=happy dude is boring. and yea he has "deep" songs but still overall hes pretty rubbish. he makes 100000000 ellen degenereses and then does "cocaine" and sounds like nas cos hes not repeating a celeb name.

  • opp

    at least he is not talking complete stupid shit. one of his best even thou he still he wack as hell.

  • Lil GT

    wow this song has a meaning, kinda i like it

  • smh

    How you can support lil b and not Kreayshawn just shows how sad, racist, sexist and pathetic this site has become.

  • D’troit

    I just listened to his album, & if you paid for this shit you just got got….the production sound like he stole the shit from some one else album (even though the beats are average) & he is literally stumbling over his own words as if he’s freestyling, he must of did a “one take” on every track during the recording sessions…. this “I’m Gay” must be his mixtape (still terrible if it is) because no way in hell some one would have let him record a real album like this…..

  • D’troit

    @smh what the fuck is a “Kreayshawn”?

  • marty mcfly< co sign. everything dude does is a contradition.and the "fans" are eating it up. dude does have sum amazing songs (dear mama, street dreams) but its all marketing tactics with dude n its funny watchin ppl defend him when his main aim really is to make money. album is called im gay but dude constantly defends himself that hes stright..dude says hes positive but has songs constantly talkin bout violaitn women and even a song called "violate that bi*ch". for ever "positive" song he has literally 100 negative songs. real positive musicians are stevie wonder, donny hathaway, lauryn hill. hes like the jim jones (no dipset) of rap.
    *puts down his koolaid*

  • Sam

    hes not the best and he never will be, but i dont think he plans too. he has his own genre of rap and quite frankly hes killin it. its way better than his old productions. if every song was like this on Im Gay, id buy it

  • lil b rapped decent on this album< hes lowered the bar so much when he raps just "decent" ppl are happy.
    How you can support lil b and not Kreayshawn just shows how sad, racist, sexist and pathetic this site has become. < come again ?lamooo. we dont have to like EVERY rapper that comes out. plus shes trash and mocks the culture whilst hiding behind her heritage.

  • TonyStarks

    i dont know wether… i heard so much Whackshyt from this dude that im actually impressed or he is actually decent… nahhhh fuc that. this track is koohl.. i guess

  • T$

    Lil B>>>>DJ Unk

  • D’troit

    @T$ LMAO!!! he said DJ Unk….

  • MD

    @Billy *puts down his koolaid* Haha.

  • marty mcfly

    @Billy COSIGN , I see exactly what this guy is doing but its cool I guess. He can have his fun for now but I knew he was gonna punk out and do some under the radar shit full of freestyles not really saying much. No thanks based god.

  • Lil B > Drake, Ross, Wale, Meek, YC, Kendrik Lamar

    those are just a few…

    And this song was dope fuck what these haters say.

  • illicitly ill

    ^^LOL he said Lil B > Kendrick Lamar…

    Okay this beat is sick, and maybe his music is positive and he’s saying some shit on this one, but his lyrics are fucking AWFUL. Dude really can’t spit. I respect the grind I suppose, but for you to say he’s better than Kendrick is ignorant considering Kendrick’s lyricism is fucking phenomenal. Go head call me a dick rider, but at least I don’t dick ride Lil B.

  • Pauly Dee

    Billy, you forgot your cool face. You can’t pull it off without the DAMN KEWL FACE!

  • Fuasl

    I don’t get the appeal of Lil’ B. He hardly even rhymes. I mean the whole based god thing is cool, but that doesn’t give you the right to make a song that just consists of you saying your based god. Step it up Lil’ B, live up to your undeserved fame.

  • Lil B > Kendrick

    I agree with that because Kendrick might be lyrical but his style is so boring meaning he sounds bored on a lot of tracks. BasedGod has more than just one style a unique style at that. To say Lil B doesn’t have a different style of music is IGNORANT this nigga even has his own GENRE.

  • illicitly ill

    I completely disagree about Kendrick.. so many of his songs you can hear the pain/passion in his voice, how is that boring? I don’t doubt that Lil B has passion, but that doesn’t make him a good rapper. Kendrick got lyrics for days, B doesn’t.

  • Pauly Dee

    You have to look at longevity. Rappers like Soulja Boy, Lil B, etc have no longevity in the rap game and are forgotten five years after they achieve mainstream success. Rappers like Kendrick, Big K.R.I.T and the others show many signs of longevity.

  • bebe zeva

    lil b KILLED it

    @ and the reason why Kreayshawn sucks is because she is ripping lil b off

  • ad.

    Goddamn…turned into a whole debate. Bottom line: You’re talking about him & his music. Whether it’s good or bad. I respect what he does, and if you want to walk around with sticks up your ass like you’re some kind of royalty & your shit don’t stank, be my guest. I’m not trying to stand up for dude, he can do that himself. But, I enjoy his music. It’s not very lyrical & beats are subpar, everything is going to be “great” in everyone’s eyes, point blank. They call them opinions for a reason. So you can listen to or not listen to whatever you want. You’re never going to make someone be wrong about anything in life, because everyone has opinions. I don’t care how much debating you do.

  • lupefiasco
  • This track is garbage. It sounds like when you were 16 and starting to drink and thought it as cool to freestyle. Str8 trash.

  • RapvsHipHop

    Hey look, I’m a square rapster fanboy who keeps it all real nah’mean. I live, breath, drink and fuck hip hop nah’mean. If hip hop ain’t underground using old school breaks and rapping about nothing only to make words rhyme than it ain’t hip hop nah’mean. Out of all the million of rappers who nobody gives a fuck about, rapping about boring shit and hating on the next man coming up I’m do my part and say fuck Lil B. Yes fuck Lil B. Why, because he has more fans than the average dope lyrical miracle spiritual visual magical biblical boring as fuck dopey dope rapper. That’s my story and I’m sticky with it nah’mean.

  • thefactz

    i don’t see how any real fan of hip hop doesn’t like lil’ b… dude is exactly what the rap game needs!… i honestly think he’s better then a lot rappers right now (including all the ones listed above by @Yezzir, except kendrick lamar. lets not get carried away lol)… and anyone questioning his ability/emotion… he absolutely has emotion in many of his songs… and ability, well he’s not trying to lyrically become the best… he knows that would be a waste and he’s smart because we have seen talented lyricists make great music and it gets them nowhere… lil’ b is one of the few who really understands this music industry… which is why he just makes a big joke out of it and mocks all the clowns you hear on the radio… which is why he has all those stupid songs and in turn, got him famous

  • marty mcfly

    What songs on this album are gonna impact the culture or bring something of great value to the game? I just wanna know cause I havent heard the album. What is he doing for hip hop since you people say hes so great. Give me a song or two right now thats off this album that I can go listen too and hear this greatness you speak of. Lastly what effects am I gonna see in hip hop because of the songs on Im Gay? Please tell me. Drakes album like it or not is the reason why alot of rappers softened up their sound. So I wanna know what does this album bring to the table.

  • eh

  • thefactz

    people gotta understand that this is not a mainstream album, therefore it will not be able to impact the culture… i mean lil b just randomly put it out on itunes last night! lol… i would honestly say every song on the album is worth checking out, having listening to it a couple times already… its keeps a pretty consistent theme throughout

  • marty mcfly

    @thefactz exactly , his album will NOT impact the culture so even if hes this great rapper you make him out to be you still have to consider the delivery and performance of his debut album. You cant say because its not mainstream its not gonna impact the culture. Thats an excuse and if lil B was really trying to offer the game something dope he wouldnt drop his album like he did. He had no choice but to stay low because people werent buying into the gimmick. I know what he meant by his title but the fact is if hes not gay then hes being fake and thats bound to not make too much impact on the culture. He talks about being a slave mentally , I want to know what is the song that is gonna free the mental salves? The coolest from Lupe already did that so where is Lil Bs version of such a song?

  • GD

    cosign @thefactz … I’m not a fan of him but this is the way i perceive lil b. He makes songs like this one and “the age of information” which in turn attracts his REAL fans. Then he makes songs like “wongton soup” to poke fun of the industry and make an example of how ignorant some people can really be and how easy it is to make a hit song which lacks substance. “Lil b tha based god” seems like only an image he portrays to prove a point

    Example: a person who knows his music says something to promote how good lil b is.

    Then here comes someone who’s only familiar with his songs that contain the phrases “swag” and “fucked yo bitch” and he’ll start hating like its his job. I’ve seen people call his fans ignorant, stupid, not real rap fans, etc etc

    In reality though it looks like these people hating are the real ignorant closed minded individuals. He’s proving how mindless these sheep can really be. Not only in his songs but in his marketing.

    His lyrical ability isn’t for me, but i’ll give it to him.. the man’s a genius

  • JaySpaceE

    @marty mcfly Is there a reason every Lil B post comes up you question everything, let be and let live. The album is actually better than most would have expected and he did hype the album as it’s been on MTV,CNN, and many more stations talking about the album. His form of album promotion was fans/haters. He has the most eccentric fans that also promote his stuff me included at times and the most strong minded haters. It was called “I’m Gay” because as he has said since days he left the Pack he feels like words are words till you use it for hurtful reasons, says this in a bunch of songs and specifically so you can see in the video after the Lil Rico incident using such words are nigga. Album is good as most have said, I bet if you listened to it you could even let it fly as a good album.

  • Shutup

    @marty youre over analyzing his decision to suddenly drop the album, stop jumping to conclusions and check out the song Gon Be Okay off the album..thatll have the most impact..he does that dumb shit to expose how ignorant the hip hop culture/community is these days and how over-critical elitist like you are when you need to just loosen up and stop taking shit so seriously, and he shows the ignorant fans out there with this album that theres more to life than bitches swag and money (he doesnt even say the word “swag”) on any of the tracks and he calls it “Im Gay (Im Happy)” on purpose cause he knows how ignorant/homophobic the hip hop community is these days..WAKE UP..this man has a great sense on how twisted and ignorant our society is these days…this is coming from somebody who isnt even a fan, just an admirer..peace

  • And Won

    I’m not a lil b dick rider nor am I a hater. what am I?

  • marty mcfly

    @GD , Your 1st words cant be ” im not a fan of him” but then your last words be ” hes a genius” because thats too far apart in opinion about him as a artist. Look I hope he makes all the money and gets all the fame he wants but some of yall are impressed by a marketing scheme thats been going on for decades. Hes not making fun of the industry and mindless individuals because thats not what his music presents itself to be doing. He becomes big part of the ignorance and he helps it expand so you cant say hes trying to poke fun at it. Im sure he has some real good points on his album but that whole reverse psychology shit that impresses you so much , labels have been doing since Kris Kross put their jeans on backwards. His sound and message has been repeatedly done almost every year hip hop has been around by somebody else. So give him his props but dont act like hes some new rap genius cause thats not what I see him presenting himself as. @Shutup , you mite think what hes doing is a new thing but its been done before and the point is what will people remember him by? His smart songs or his stupid songs? So to prove that young kids like stupid songs he would compromise his own music? and you think he doesnt have thos same elements of ignorance in his own heart. CMONSON !!! How do you prove that theres more to life then swag when your the main one who took the word to the next level. Now hes trying to diss his own creations of ignorance? I aint buying it but if you do then whos the mental slave? Me… Blu – Below the Heavens >>>>> Im Gay cause both albums have the same message but whos is more authentic? You cant turn dumb people smart by pretending to be dumb.

  • ThankYouBasedGod

    Thank You Based God

  • thefactz

    @GD @JaySpaceE @Shutup ex-act-ly! and @mcfly… you are proving yourself to be very ignorant… 1st off, this is not his debut album… lil’ b has like 3 or 4 other albums… like i said, its not a mainstream album so don’t treat it like one… and why can’t i say that?… are you really saying that being mainstream doesn’t matter when its comes to impacting the culture?… wow, i’m not even going to comment on that smh… of course he would of loved to put out the album on a major label… but he’s knows that no label is going to put out something that positive!… and there’s nothing fake about lil’ b… he just knows what works… its not a gimmick to make money or be the most famous rapper… he just does the same thing that all the industry clown rappers do… make ignorant shyt, but he’s clearly not serious in those songs… he’s dam near mocking all the rappers you hear out the radio

  • JaySpaceE

    @marty mcfly Actually people will feel they related to him much more if he appears to be like them. And him having more status and being popular makes it more likely that people are inclined to listen and do hat he does. Any basic communications class will teach you that, heck just look at your own interpersonal relationships. True what he is doing is not new but it is effective. Last comment love Blu but who listens to Blu the people that understand his message/the people who listen to conscious hip hop. The people who heard of Lil B usually know his Swag music side earlier on and were expecting that so he is reaching to a different audience who need the messages Blu provides by a different person who they relate to or like more.

  • TOrrent911

    i liked it when he rapped like a slow zombie so we could make fun of him some more

  • Lets Be Serious


    your argument is inherently and utterly flawed… he does the dumb shit to expose how ignorant hip-hop is? No. That’s like saying junkies shoot up dope to prove the perils of drug use to impressionable members of society. ZERO LOGIC. he makes dumb songs because he is fully aware blockhead motherfuckers like you will purchase his music. He ‘put lipstick on a pig’ with this album.
    I listened to it front to back and the content has infinitely improved from Wonton Soup. BUT it’s still garbage. Don’t feed me that shit about his positive messages being incentive to label him a music genius. If that was the only condition, then why hasn’t Kirk Franklin gone Diamond? Stop making excuses for a dude who clearly underwhelms with both flow and lyrical content. I’ll be damned if the man doesn’t have the hustle of a champion because he’s got a wave of people brainwashed into loving him, but call a spade a spade. His rapping is more a recreational hobby than anything. With that said, when was the last time you paid to watch someone catalogue stamps or play kickball?

  • marty mcfly

    @thefactz , you still believe that artists need to make commercial and mainstream music to get hot in hip hop? You have any idea how many albums have no commercial songs but still had huge impact on the game and then sold millions? Do your homework and stop using that excuse. Even if you dont sell millions there are artists who came out recently that put out successful music with no mainstream music. YONKERS @JaySpace there has always been artists that put out ignorant songs first but when you get their albums they have some substance on it.


    wow people writing essays on this site?
    u know people dont actually read all that

    and u can tell how crappy his music is
    by his followers writing
    paragraphs and showting GOD i mean come on
    and comparing him to kendrick
    u should have ur router removed

  • Pauly Dee

    I don’t know what’s worse, the blundering economy that we live in or the fact that people actually…ACTUALLY cosign Lil B’s ignorance.

    I’ll take the latter.

  • marty mcfly

    @thefactz , and Lil B doesnt know what works because this album is gonna flop by the end of the week and you said yourself it will have NO impact on the culture. You talk about Labels not wanting to put out positive music when a large portion of music with positive messages on them have a major label logo on them. Label dont care about positive or negative messages , they care about numbers. So they’ll sign Soulja Boy or Lupe cause it doesnt matter to them.

  • JaySpaceE

    @Lets Be Serious You do know he has made serious mixtapes and albums of this nature since and before Wonton Soup ie.Red Flame Devil Music Edition/ Angel’s Exodus and the rest are usually scattered within mixtapes. It does make sense though (Shut up’s point as I’ve used that argument many at times) he does sound hella flawed if said in the way he puts it(problems I have ran into). Lil B does expose a point as his whole M.O since the Pack broke up has been just listen to me. The dude use to actually try rapping though if I sent you the old myspaces in looks skewed because of fans today looking for his music. He was trying his ass off but nothing worked. I legit didn’t see him post a song for like a few months and low and behold he comes back with this silly music that we see today and so reg songs that seemed pretty bad. But that began to evolve into lines we see today. Instead of disguising his vulgarness as we see in songs today the dude was blunt and went Imma make her suck my dick. Or instead of saying how he was so handsome he began using stupid shit to compare himself with. It seems weird I know, I have been a fan for a long ass time only reason why I will defend it so hard but legit I agree there is a method behind it. It prob near the beginning was a way to attract people to the real music which it never really did which you can see in disparity of youtube video watches between vids but became part of a marketing scheme as it appears to be. But he clearly wants people to see the real hip hop lover. He totally rick rolled the Faderfort crowd at SXSW doing most of his real hip hop songs/ambient music and less swag music. At least you respect his work ethic

  • JaySpaceE

    @Marty It doesn’t actually make a difference how good you are if no one can relate to you. There is plenty of people who can be the right person for the job but the person who you can relate to/the better talker to that community will always win out

  • marty mcfly

    My girlfriend and I actually just listened to the entire album and now I understand why Lil B is the based god and I broke up with my gf after listening to this so he can fuck my bitch. Thank you Based God.

  • marty mcfly

    @ JaySpace , I see what your saying but I just hope people dont start trying to do what Lil B does thinking thats the only way to get in the game. I see the method he used but people give that gimmick to much credit cause that tactic is the oldest trick in the fucking book. If you think all these rappers are really rich and successful if they music aint really strong you need to wake up. Crafting your skills and going through the growing pains of being a real artist with a honest message about who you are is a hard road to walk down but if you make it in the game you’ll have the knowledge to stay there and the skills to impact the culture. Gimmicks and tricks fade away but the truth will always remain. Im done with this nigga.

  • marty mcfly

    Theres a troll in the mix now too , just to let you know if you cant figure it out. I guess the truth hurts to the trolls.

  • JaySpaceE

    I knew there was a troll lots of people troll your name homie, it’s been done before LOLz

  • thefactz

    @mcfly wow really?… i’m not saying an artist can’t get money without being mainstream… but dude really, you cannot impact the culture outside of the mainstream, period!… someone like tech n9ne is the biggest independent artist of all time, been rapping for like 2 decades, and 90% of black people have never even heard of him!… with lil’ B he has made it clear, if you actually listen to his music, that he’s never selling out and going mainstream… you can’t say the album didn’t test well with fans or it will flop when it was never even put out there like that!… he put it out by himself so any fame he has gotten he got on his own!

  • marty mcfly

    Tyler , The Cool Kids , and Currensy have all impacted the culture in the last few years. With bringing some rock n roll edge , 80s influence , the JETS movement and new sounds. Did they do it with commercial music? NO , Radio? NO , TV? NO so stop saying you need commercial music cause you dont. You just need good music

  • thefactz

    ^i’ll give you curren$y… but alot of his fame came from being affiliated with lil wayne… then wiz khalifa… but cool kids and odd future? no… many people in the hood still have never heard of them so they are no different then lil’ b… and i really wish it wasn’t like that but its the truth… lil’ b has marketed himself like crazy

  • marty mcfly

    You just said you need to make commercial music to impact the game and I just proved you dont. You say people in the hood dont know the Cool kids and thats fine but almost all of them dress like the way the Kids did when they came in the game and thats what you call impact. If you think Lil B did a good job marketing himself then we will see by how hot this album gets in the streets.

  • prk

    till this day i do not understand what people see in the dude. beat selection is always poor, rhyme style is amateur at best, picks beef with random dudes (joe budden) for no good reason, lyrics on this song come off as a 2nd rate Obie Trice. WTF is people doing that they enjoy this guys music? or is everyone trolling?

  • ThaTruth

    I listen to this gay album lol and I gotta say lil b is on sum real life shit and he made a few points but his delivery and flow is just off . I give him a C+ for effort and the production was alright but I cant really get into it. I cant listen to a rapper that maybe smart but sound Dumb like he don’t even know what he talking about, but thats just my opinion. The marketing plan was smart I give him that ! and if you listen to lil B then you know this aint his typical music.

  • JaySpaceE

    @thafactz Tyler’s mainstream came from Hypebeast forums haha and Cool Kids made it by doing songs with popular artists that never really took off. I am a huge listener of both not a day where I don’t listen to either artist in some way whether it’s their songs or produced by them. So Marty is right in some aspects. But @Marty thefactz point about extending your marketability is right. Of course you can own a forum. I’ve been on rap forums for years now and there is always people who dominant with their music but it goes nowhere because they have no plan and where to go. @prk A huge LOLz at poor beat selection that’s his strongest aspect he takes unknown kids who makes beats and puts them on so you tell me you heard of Clams Casino before Lil B or a friend of mine TalenTed, he helps you out. Then getting a free beats here and there from Young L ain’t bad either. @ThaTruth I agree it’s not typical but if everything never progressed and changed we still be out there tryna figure out how to even get food so we could grow more.

  • jwiii

    his delivery has improved. i can actually listen to him now

  • Musikfiend

    When Lil B really tries he’s not a bad emcee. Not particularly great either, but decent.

  • makeyawonda

    actually Lil B’s album is dope as fuck. Real talk. I used to hate this nigga, I judged him too quick. But he’s smart. He real smart, you can already tell by the album cover. people judge way too quick. Much respect to Lil B.

  • Pauly Dee

    “Tyler and The Cool Kids have impacted the culture”…………whaaaa?


    Also, Charles Hamilton already did this far superior with a much better flow too. Y’all niggas hated on him the entire time.