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Pete Rock Speaks On NYPD Brutality Incident (Video)

blame it on JES7 June 30, 2011

Urban Daily caught up with Pete Rock, Steele and attorney Kenneth Montgomery while outside Manhattan Criminal Court about the events that unfolded Tuesday night. Also, head over to OKP for an interview with Tek & Steele (Smif-N-Wessun) for their version of the story. It’s a damn shame, b.u.t. with each passing day, it seems we are truly living in a police state already.

  • I was there that night, god bless us all.

  • TonyStarks

    Rcrazy.. Police brutality at a Pete Rock release party? Id expect the riot police to come out in full force to Flocka even but Pete rock?

  • TonyStarks


    ..First time watching that video, Shyt is crazy…Young people wont sit for that kinda shit too much longer. The rich getting richer and poor getting poorer-Literally..and they wonder why people are rioting across the middle east and Europe.

  • byahbyah

    The rioting and uprisings will continue spreading across the planet until ALL governments are changed. Theres almost no stopping it, and once the shit really does hit the fan with the economy, the uprising against the state in the US will begin.



  • Paul

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kMEeOgSKjlM Monumental Album Release Party!

  • jdjdjjd

    Most crooked police department in the USA.

  • McBain

    We ain’t living in a police state. It’s bad but it isn’t a police state. You wouldn’t even be posting shit like this if we were.

  • whitepoooooower

    Law enforcement 189995555482123684 – Rap 0

  • mr. v

    ..Peace to Pete Rock, a King in this game..

  • MystaAdam

    Its sad that things like this happen in this country in this day and age….but to say we are in a police state shows your own ignorance. If it was a police state, everyone there would of simply been shot.

  • O

    In Zimbabwe , Robert Mugabe will send soldiers to your property, take your home, and send you packing.

  • I

    Pete Rock got some big ass nostrils

  • lm

    his wife is 24? well played