Thoth – Volume 1 (Mixtape)

blame it on Meka June 30, 2011

After a few leaks, Thoth’s full-length project finally drops with features from Raekwon, Guilty Simpson, Mistah F.A.B., Danny Brown, Termanology, Planet Asia, OhNo and more and production by Illmind, Swiff D, Cook Classics. Tracklist and link down bottom.

DOWNLOAD: Thoth – Volume 1 (Mixtape)

  • Soopamanluva

    Downloading right now!

  • realtalk

    DOPE!!!! this is whaats been missing!

  • Thoth is the truth, man.

  • Gus

    Is this guys name “THoth” as in “THought” or “Toth” as in “Tide”?

  • ^^^ neither, Thoth as in the Egyptian god

  • Dana

    The link is corrupted and not working

  • red (You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.)

    Good shit I wanted to check this out.

  • Quetzalcoatal

    Link works fine for me, try this one if still not working.

  • p

    been waitin on this. thoth!

  • Special K

    This is dude is really dope! I love his flow!

  • cbanks13

    link isnt working for me either? anybody got a hulkshare link?

  • Rakim88

    This is by Far the nicest real hip hop shit thats been out in a while

  • Dana

    Still not working for me.Really want to download this mixtapE.Thoth is too dope.

  • I’ve had this shit for a minute and it still slaps. THOTH is on his grind right now. I produced the outro, get at me! @RUNE_ROCK

  • It’s an instant download, as soon as you click the link it should start.
    You can try this one, it definitely works.

  • Thoth
  • yea none of those links are working for me either…Maybe I’ll try again on my buddy’s Mac tomorrow.

  • I figured out the problem, you need to extract it with Winzip and not Winrar

  • Diego

    Everything but that Chef feature went into the trash about halfway through my listen. Were those !llmind beats on clearance or some shit? And did this dude learn to rap by playing all his tapes at half speed?

    Yes I am a hater.

  • yeah

    @yung yaks
    He’s asking how to pronounce the name dumb ass
    It’s with a TH

    And for the record, this guy has one of the worst names ever.

  • dude, can anyone say Holla, City of Squalla! Robbies back

  • Dana

    Hey Thoth the link is still not working.I want to hear this mixtape.From the tracks that was posted they were really dope.

  • the1

    “Everything but that bloopity blep blep bloppo derp derp.

    Yes I blah bleh bleh bleep.”

  • Heed my advice

  • Try This if your still having trouble with the first link.

    I appreciate all the love.
    Stay up.-THOTH

  • Big Un


  • outkasted

    man i wanna hear this and none of those links work for some reason. Can’t unzip the files. The hulkshare link sends you to a 404 error when you click download.

  • Queefmaker

    Download this now! Can’t say it enough.
    Not much out here fucking with this right now.

  • gatekeeper

    If You had trouble downloading Try It NOW!
    Should be fine…

  • gatekeeper

    Dont Sleep On This! Theres a lotta dope records on here!
    This is a gift to Hip Hop

  • Bob

    Any 1 got a link which will extratct from WINRAR ???

  • The Chief

    This mixtape must have cost this kid BIG DOE, too bad he is the worst part of the project.

  • Mixtape Monkey

    Thoth man, all these links are asking me for passwords. I’m about to try & google it…

  • Yo I’m bout to fix it right now, for some reason its not unzipping on some pc’s.
    Hold up…

  • Cmon Son !

    Ayo, anybody got a link yet?

  • Stan

    Props Thoth – waiting on that new link homie as cant unzip on my PC with those mediafire / hulkshare links in circulation.

  • HERES THE NEW LINK(works on everything)

    I appreciate y’all being patient.
    Thank you for all the support.
    Much more on the way.

  • Mixtape Monkey

    Maybe it’s just me, but that one is still asking me for a password /:

  • Thoth

    I would try what the dude above said and use winzip instead of winrar.??

    I’ll put it on bandcamp tomorrow tho.
    Sorry for the troubles.
    Now you’ll get the hifi version.
    Stay up.

  • Mixtape Monkey

    Aite, i’ll try that. && i’ll check back for that then! It’s all good… thanks for responding.

  • D

    I also haven’t been able to get this since it came out….keeps asking for a password.

  • Shootermcgavin

    The files are being put up on The Thoth bandcamp page right Now,
    Check back in about an hour.
    Thank you.

  • It’s up on Bandcamp Now!!

    Tell a friend to to tell a friend!
    Stay up.