• http://www.twitter.com/@kamus365 J.O

    bad part: Usually means your career's over! She had more style than most male rappers tho..on the mic!!

  • RussDa59

    Stay rockin that OG ADIDAS tho

  • POI$.

    when you don't put out music for 5 years your status tends to dip...alot.

  • pipo

    if you can't watch it here watch it there http://www.videobb.com/video/84BIpvCi5NGo

  • britt

    it's funny bc Katy Perry was on Behind The Music yet she's still putting out music. Anyways, Missy will always be that artist that I would want to work with one day!

  • joey

    @J.O doesnt mean she fell off.... jennifer lopez, eve, fantasia, nelly, lil wayne, 50 cent, p!nk, jennifer hudson, etc.... all have done behind the music. any of their careers over? no

  • Danielle

    The REAL reason she no longer has a career is because she has a fatal disease. I'm sure she is much more worried about staying alive and healthy than her rap career...