Lil B – I’m Gay (Album)

blame it on Shake July 1, 2011

Despite the album hitting iTunes yesterday, Lil B decided to offer it up for free for those that can’t afford it. I’m sure there will be negative comments based solely on the album title and his previous work, but give this a chance. You might be surprised.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

01 Trapped In Prison
02 Open Thunder Eternal Slumber
03 Game
04 Unchain Me
05 Neva Stop Me
06 Gon Be Okay
07 The Wilderness
08 I Hate Myself
09 Get it While It’s Good
10 I Seen That Light
11 My Last Chance
12 1 Time (rmx)

DOWNLOAD: Lil B – I’m Gay (Album)

  • cpb

    thank you based god!


    so who wants to attack shake first….

  • cpb

    and by the way, i bought the album yesterday!

  • TOrrent911

    sad day for 2dopeboyz

  • doc rovers

    a very good album for lil b, an extremely average album for anybody else

  • Black Ryu

    I previewed the album and this ain’t saying much but this is probably lil b at his best as his rhymes somewhat make since and actually rhyme together

  • doc rovers

    one-syllable rhyme schemes

  • guaranteed neither of you even checked the album before commenting. it’s ok, the internet is run by folks like you.

  • Eok45 (CH greatest)

    I was quite surprised to hear this album! He actual does a good job & promotes a good message in this album, I was expecting to hear things like “I’m Justin Bieber” & etc, but surprisingly no. I’m believing that this guy is some what playing a trick on us. If he came out with something like this, he could have been some of you guys favorite rapper or something.

  • doc rovers

    shake basically saying we cant have our own opinions, and if theyre different than his then were lesser beings…nice way to run a site

  • realness

    never gonna listen to this, but PROPS to Lil B for giving a project that was supposed to pay his bills for FREE99

  • Next Level

    @doc rovers I co sign that but the base heads or crackheads or whatever that nigga calls his fans will eat it up I’m kinda surprised 2dope posted this tho I thought they don’t fuck with lil b n lupe fiasco

  • derrty

    i really wanna c the production list cuz these beats were fire definetly a good album

  • MJ

    I do not like his music but, I respect dude! I’m happy somebody appreciates his music…

  • fuckinfaggotry

    no oddfuture or lupe, but you support this shit?

  • Pauly Dee

    A very good message! But his lyrics and flow are the worst sooo…average album for all!

  • Steez Louise

    Shakes telling the truth. Nobody is saying that he is the best, or that this album will change your view, or that this album validates any of his past fuckeries.

    But this is a pretty decent album, with good production, with decent lyrics that if you take into account HIS previous works, is pretty nice.

  • MD

    Swag that shit out!

  • father

    clams casino and keyboard kid on the beats

  • 90era

    You dudes are some judgmental sons of bitches. This album is close to a classic. Flow = 3/5, Lyrics = 3.5/5, consciousness = 4/5, beats 5/5.

  • 206FRE$H

    YO THE BEATS ON THIS ALBUM ARE FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’ll give him a shot, but…idk

  • “You always complain about what you ain’t got/ third world countries ain’t even got sidewalks”

    – Lil B

  • Base4YourFace

    i agree with you on that one Shake ^^^^^ 100 percent
    just downloaded it and listening to it now and i came across this article, beautifully written check it out by Lupe Fiasco —->
    ThankYou BasedGod

  • intelectra

    this guy is a fucking genius. does all this Justin beiber pretty bitch dumb shit, then drops this dope project. didn’t hear him say woo or swag once throughout the album. tricked me, honestly.
    but who produced Seen the light. shits FIRE!

  • overlooked

    This album is GREAT. I agree with @90era it is close to a classic. Greatmessage

    You gotta really listen to every word he says to get what each song is about.

    … but people dont listen to lyrics anymore and wont give this project a chance.

    This album is full of REAL shit. DL and listen(and by listen i mean REALLY listen) before you judge

  • prk

    Its official 2dopeboyz has now fallin the fuck off posting this bullshit. Anyone who cannot see through Lil B, and insist on saying he bring anything of value to hiphop is a blind fool.

  • Jwiii

    This is dope but CHARLES HAMILTON already released material on higher level (production & MCing) than this and most of y’all hated.

    Anyways, this is dope.

  • nottoobased

    It wasn’t even all that bad. Was it good? Meh, not a horrible mess but producers outside of LIL B would have been nice. We need somebody to come in and talk to LIL B and executive produce his album and help him with ideas. Like he started off great, but I haven’t seen too much growth. I do enjoy the people that are so adamantly hateful of him tho, almost as bad as the stans.

  • Tto

    @prk, i’m sure you took the time to listen to the album before offering that valuable comment?

  • d.


  • 90era

    this nigga prk is the blind one. you’re blind to the message lil b has in his music to give it a chance. trust me, I’m a j. cole, kendrick lamar, xv, big krit type of guy. this album “I’m gay” actually compares to these guys projects. sounds crazy. never thought id be posting something like this. but I’m serious. dead.

  • Kenshin

    The beats are dope on this album and I like how he marketed the album by the title and tryna get people to realize that gay used to mean happy too not that fag shit, this is probably his best album and just sum shit to bump when your chillin…Thank U BasedGod u can fuck my bitch anytime!


    wow shake backing up this dude makes a rare appearane..for lil b post..wowww shake ….touche …

    ” it’s ok, the internet is run by folks like you.”

  • Chris Parks

    The album is pretty good, dont judge if you aint heard it

  • Jigga


    Nobody cares.

  • umm any gay who makes music like this i dont give a change i heard the leak from a track on this album when shake posted it its jcole average and shakes making his guest appearance for this ummm ok

    Soulja Boy Feat Lil B – Swag OD(VIDEO)

    lol shake this the dude u backin up here come on
    and i bet u have this avg post up on top all nite
    whereas the section 80 leaked and this on the top
    come on!!! i piss on ur dreams and hopes shake

  • SwishasNKush

    Album title states the obvious. FAG

  • Word?Aight

    Thank you basedGod, and thank you Shake for posting, its ignorant people thinkin that if it don’t rhyme it ain’t good..smh
    It’s ignorant ppl hatin on the ppl that runthis blog, but why the still on the blog then tho?..smh

  • Tto

    lol @ ruanholl. funniest thing is that the album is completely different than the shit you posted up on that youtube link.

    i’m one of those people who actually has the decency to listen to something before i pretend to be competent enough to talk about or critique it. i fully expect this album to get trashed here just on G/P; either due to their preconceived notions about Lil B coming into the album, or because of the album title itself, whatever the case may be. but whatever, i expect that. after all, this is the same site where for months now kendrick lamar’s dickriding stans have been calling his album a classic for all time even though the shit is just NOW releasing/leaking. btw…if that album is good then i’ll say so, but imma at least fuckin listen to it first before crowning that shit.

    that being said, based (no pun intended) on his previous material, preconceived notions about Lil B and the value of his music are somewhat understandable. yet and still though, i gotta say…this album is actually decent. if people heard this by itself, without all the previous Lil B history as baggage, i think people might have a different attitude towards him.

  • Word?Aight

    Thank you @ Tto
    Although I consider it more than a decent album, at least you know what the fuck your talking about compared to the other 80% of ignoramuses on here

  • Jerrell

    The album is a lot better than expected. The beats were great but his flow is garbage and raps off beat consistently. This contradicts most of the stuff people hear from him and my overall rating is a C+ to a B- range.

    Hopefully he won’t go back to wonton soup stuff and continue on this path, but i doubt it

  • :P

    Goddayum BasedGod You done bless us with your kind words, wisdom and music for us poor folk. Now i feel gay (happy) too!
    Thank You Based God!

  • GeeZuP

    I was never a fan of Lil B I thought he fuckin was garbage but I listened to this album with an open mind and its actually pretty good and his content is pretty deep and not about any swag type shit and the beats are dope as hell too if he keeps on this route he might actually be on the come up real talk

  • Zurchy_Zurch

    Anybody else feel like this dude cheated the system? Put out pure GARBAGE, then released first album with “positive message”. fuck that. if a respectable rapper released this simple rhyme shit everybody would claim flop. GTFOH with classic. dude cant even put two five word sentences together

  • Benny Blanco from The BriX

    This motherfucker said “The hood is a lie.”

    NOW I understand why Jay Electronica is fuckin with him. Maybe Jay even helped open his eyes.

    Whether his lyrics or his flow sucks, you can’t hate on this guy for making an album like this. Unless of course you are a dick. Which I’m sure a lot of you are.

  • Lupe

    Imma DL asap

  • Iseah

    How would you guys rate this album on a scale of Wocka Flockas album to Recovery?

  • malcymalc

    i hated lil b with a passion,i still do,BUT i will say the beats on the album are pretty amazing and that its better than anything hes released,i think the underlying message of his shitty songs does boil down to positivty and happiness but that god awful flow and delivery just make me cringe and ruins it all,this website is a hip hop/rap blog so you have to recognize that first and then go onto the aspect of his content,ypeople can argue his message is good all day but if the rapping sucks that almost nullifies whatever theyre saying,his rapping sucks but his message is commendable

  • thefactz

    pay no mind to the lames who really think lil’ b is garbage or gay, especially after hearing this “im gay” album… you bums go back and listen to that radio shyt if you cant appreciate real music like this… he is one of jay electronica and lupe’s favorite rapper and you stupid fuks still don’t understand? smh… and he has multiple albums like this already btw

  • Zurchy_Zurch

    And if you want to speak of albums with “positive message”
    Saigon greatest story never told>>>>>>>>

  • marty mcfly

    Lupe has cosigned almost every rapper in the game cause his All City Chess Club was suppose to be almost every rapper out. He even said Soulja Boy was dope , I respect Lupe but hes full of shit. If Jay Electronica likes this nigga I want to hear them do the project together that Lil B talks about all the time and that Jay never said was true. This album is gay. Even if hes on some other shit now hes done too much dumb shit for me to take his burnt out freestyles serious. @Shake…CMONSON !!!

  • calbrecht44

    count me among the suprised yo

  • Word?Aight

    Cosign @thefactz,

  • Positive Vibe

    First off the production is bananas, second this album actually made me change my thoughts about Lil B, even though he’s not that skilled as a rapper, I still like how he’s actually sayin’ somethin’ on these records and how he’s pushin’ positivity and I’ve been sittin’ here thinkin “is this the same dude who made Wonton Soup”?

  • better than i expected but still not very good.

  • the marty mcfly has spoken dun dun….

  • J.T.

    This was better than i expected. Usually i think of Lil B as a clown and a gimmick to not be taken seriously. But this album had cool content where he actually talks about real stuff. I think his flow is too basic though for me to ever enjoy but im sure for his fans theyll be bumping this shit everyday until his next album.

  • Benny Blanco from The BriX

    “I think his flow is too basic though for me to ever enjoy but im sure for his fans theyll be bumping this shit everyday until his next album.”

    That’s what I’m saying. Maybe he can reach a whole fanbase out there who don’t listen to Jay Electronica, Immortal Technique, or others like that because their lyrics probably just go over their heads. Maybe the fans of his corny shit will hear this real shit being said in simple rhyme schemes & start thinking about shit that actually matters instead of obsessing over the materialistic bullshit that the media makes them think is cool. “The Hood is a Lie”

  • Dorian


  • prk

    j. cole, xv, and big krit are all examples of how people on the net today can create a buzz if they are able to reach a handful of uninspired kids who nothing more than think they are apart of some they call hiphop.

  • Jesse

    you know. for shake to co sign on this shit says something. i remember when he got all upset based on the fact jay electronica wanted to work with him. remember that?! i don’t know. i’ll give this tape a listen but the whole fan base annoys the fuck out of me. #basedgod. GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE. #swag :/

  • Ill Will

    yeah actually u are a gay bitch Lil Biatch. ill fuck ya in ass

  • WNTD3

    SHIT like this is not even funny, Lil B straight disrespected Marvin Gaye with this cover, you don’t do this type of shit.

  • Pete

    this is not from the same dude who made wonton soup

  • ThumperTHUMPS

    the album art on this is THE BEST ALBUM ART IN YEARS… period. Look at it closer, it’s all one continuous painting behind the white lines separating it into three. That shit is really well painted, not to mention that it’s clever & meaningful & works on hecka different levels.

    the album itself has NO weak parts at all, everything is good, though a little generic… i wish he’d varied it up a little & showed the fuller LIL B personality instead of just strictly the east coast boombap oriented shit. But I respect the move, & it is really good. WAY better than his last 2 boombap projects (‘Angels Exodus’ & ‘Illusions Of Grandeur’). “I Hate Myself” is beautiful & important music… & one the tracks samples the soundtrack to Hal’s Moving Castle !!!!

    as far as peeps saying “IT’S HIS BEST WORK YET” yall must not have heard 6 Kiss — which was also a really amazing and cohesive album & also has GENIUS cover art. The beats are just as amazing on that too, & it’s actually a little more balanced cuz it shows some of his ignant & absurd shit too…


  • yugang

    This shit is actually good. Never thought i see the day i would like an entire album by lil b but i do.

  • umm

    @ThumperTHUMPS best album art in years? u do know he pretty much jacked one of marvin gaye’s artwork cover for I want you right? its not that great nor original. Just a decent spin on it. Just sayin

  • Shzntt

    O.K. i see what he’s doing, People that don’t mess with his music needs to understand it’s positive, relatable, motivational love ballads. If the young kids are listening to this. Support it, i understand his pronunciation is off but to them he’s giving them music they never heard before. Don’t we all want a better world? I know alot of people would rather see a rapper who could speak more clearly do it but it’s this ignorant reason Lil B got this far. Support this movement maybe the next generation will be more conscious. #BASED

  • Lil B CAN flow. He has proved that i the past. His “spoken word” type flow purposely shows lapses in thought. This album is beautiful. A great message. just because he isnt a punchline rapper doesnt make it any less. Lyrics are WORDS. What matters is what you say, not how you say it. And he definitely is saying something real and positive.

  • Correction. How you say it matters too, but his delivery was just as good as the message. Just a style you guys havent seen before.

  • I’m not surprised 2DBZ supports the “Pretty Bitch” movement. Just another case of how this site has fallen the fuck off.

  • Billy

    a very good album for lil b, an extremely average album for anybody else

  • Billy

    and it was released for free cos it wasnt gonna sell that well. its okay tho.

  • Bill

    Hmm top 20 on iTunes for an unsigned artist isn’t selling well?

  • charles hmilton

    im a paul heyman guy

  • I might give it a try…after I checked out Section.80 to the fullest.

  • J

    Give it a try and do one thing. be open minded about it! you wont be disappointed! What you have to understand about lil b is that he is an artist, a person with his own philosophy, he believes in showing all sides of himself. Right now i think his point was to show that words dont mean [email protected]#$ and sometimes is about the music and how it brings people together. You have to approach it with a lot more open of a mind than “this guy’s flow is doo doo”! Check out Exhibit Based, B can rhyme!
    Love all of you!

  • KerryFigs

    The BasedGod getting people to nod to his shit. Just as expected.

  • trueplaya

    yoo I ain’t gonna lie I use to hate lil b but this album changed my opinion. This shit is actually really good. Way better than Big Sean album. Lil B that nigga for this. This and Section 80 made my day. Lil B ain’t the ignorant nigga for sayin ”I’m Gay”. Half you mufuckaz don’t even understand the damn cover. That damn cover better than 90 % the covers came out. Niggaz on 2bdz don’t understand what Lil B and Odd Future try to do. Free peoples mind. But these ignorant niggaz take Lil B serious. Lil B smart as hell. people imprison themselves with language, words etc. Y’all niggaz gotta think about that shit.

  • Hmm top 20 on iTunes for an unsigned artist isn’t selling well?

    yep…compared to what an ALBUM is supposed to sell..and depending on the week u can go no1 on itunes for a week and still not sell more than 10k that whole year.

  • Billy

    and thats for sum 1 whose been co signed by all the biggest artists in the game and underground.9th wonder,yayo, soulja boy, lupe, diddy etc etc etc!

  • Billy

    trueplaya< u cant blame ppl for not likin him when he puts out pure ignorance just becaue u maby laughed or were entertained and decided to stick around long enuff to hear the "real" music he has ..thats u..other people see wonton soup or violate that b*ch and think y all the negativity and dont hang around..and stop listening. it is wat is is.

  • trueplaya

    @billy ctually this is the first Lil B album I ever heard…didn’t u read what I say? ”I used to hate this nigga”. I never checked for this nigga except this album. Wonton Soup was a funny trac to me but the rest of his shit I pretty much hated. I still don’t like tracks like Violate That Bitch or Ellen Degeneres or whateva the nigga made. I’m just sayin this album is real good. THat’s it.

  • this is exactly what ive wanted outta B for so long i knew he had it in him, he was really startin to lose me with that whole bitch mob mixtape, that shit was terrrible.

    this shits where its at tho


    OF, BLU. HOPSIN. LIL B are the front runners for bring the West Coast back

  • nas

    lil b & 2dbz >>>>>>>>

  • AvG_000

    Not all Lil B songs are like “Wonton Soup” you dumb fucks. Quit judging on what you only have a basic knowledge of. Lil B isn’t the best rapper I won’t say that cause I would be lying. There’s like two people. BasedGod who does Wonton Soup shit which is fun to be an ass and cook to. Then, there’s Lil B who has inspiring music with a good message. If you don’t like either persona that’s fine. But quit hating on him because he’s not like your favorite rapper. Lil B changing rap and all these other rappers recognize it.

  • GTFOH and applaud that man. Nigga changing peoples perspectives and delivering a positive message. I never took him seriously. Not sayin he’s tha nicest but this album is better than half tha bullshit out there.

  • KaiserSennheiser

    Not a mamber of The BasedGod cult, thought most his shit was dumb but I think he was just fuckin around with the free mixtape shit cuz this album is some kinda brilliance. This album is the most raw/real music I’ve heard in a while. It’s like ready some college kids journal and I mean that as a compliment. Lil b’s rappin here it True and Brave and occasionaly dope. To me it’s like the blues or punk rock which is good not because the musical skills of the artists, but HOW they play with Passion and Life. Check it for real seriously. This dude has got to be the best 21 and under rapper out today. He actually gives me hope for the future.

  • Isiah

    His alumb is actually pretty good.atleast he aint doing all that swag stuff and bitches on my shit stuff.he cant rap but he do have good hooks and beats

  • bebe zeva

    album is excellent. i dont know why so many of yall are surprised he dropped an album like this. Illusions of Grandeur is just as good, if not better, than I’m Gay.

  • Rilla Eayne

    Why R we even talkn about this dude like his anywhere close to Jay/Wayne/Yezzy hell he not even close to Young L Or UNO lol..nigga better keep Cookin

  • khased

    hate make’s you blind to the beauty of certain thing’s. this isn’t a new side of lil b. he’s been doing shit like this it’s just ignorant people focus there attention on something they can be negative about.

  • SomeKindaRealness

    @khased… sooo true
    i’ve been tellin people he’s got dope material, and no one ever listens to it and they just throw wonton soup and looks like jesus etc. at me. and now everyones like “whoaaaaa he actually did a dope project im SOO surprised”

    this is by faaar his best work but in order i like this, angels exodus, illusions of grandeur, red flame devil music, and then 6 kiss and im thraxx are pretty even.. but if you guys like this album go check those ones i just listed and you’ll get alot of this REEEAL music from lil b

  • coop

    every track is fire real talk

  • 2

    this album was pretty tight and i don’t even like lil b that much. it’s funny how he can rap about some stupid bullshit and become a celebrity and then this album that is actually worth listening to will most likely get overlooked by the general public. some shit in the world just doesn’t make sense to me.

  • Tone

    quit paying attention to the rhyming and pay attention to the message

  • jaeflow973

    i think lil’ b is revealing more of himself little by little . 9th wonder gives him a major cosign ! THAT HAS TO MEAN SOMETHING ! rumor has it that Lil’ B is making “Cooking Music” and all those other songs like Wonton Soup & Justin Bieber just to get attention and buzz , and that when the time is right . he will truly reveal himself as a lyricist and emcee .

  • Well…let’s see…

    So by many of your accounts, releasing years and years worth of crap and garbage songs and albums will eventually lead to you dropping an average album that appears to be classic compared to what you have done before?

    So Nas, Jay, Biggie, Pac, Wayne, Drake, or whoever else you guys like should first realease bs shit so that way they can set the bar low right?

  • bebe zeva

    except, like 1000 people said before, lil b has, been releasing music like this forever (illusions of grandeur / angels exodus / several other singles to name just a few). It’s not lil b’s fault Wonton Soup gets 6 million hits and ‘I Am The Hood’ only gets 200,000 is it? Plus, the silly ass cooking music is just as entertaining as his serious music. Lil B isn’t the best rhymer, but he is way more creative and diverse than your favorite rapper.


  • Have to give this a listen
    TUCHMYUZIK.COM…The Illest in Urban and Alternative Music Production


    honestly…c’mon shake, no lupe or OF???? you on some dictator shit or some communist shit….you have the nerve to post lil b. c’mon man this site used to be the place to get away from mainstream bullshit and now i don’t see anything worth even clicking on anymore. lil wayne, young jeezy, KENDRICK LAMAR EVERY FUCKING POST! i mean what happened to all the underground shit you guys used to post? and then you exile any artist that doesn’t like your site. shame……fuck you basedgod……even if everysong doesn’t sound like won ton soup… still made WON TON SOUP!!!

  • ItIsWhatItIs

    1. he jacked marvin gaye’s cover.. a BIG no no

    2. the beats are dope in this album, however…

    3. just because you have a message doesn’t make it credible. CHARLES HAMILTON has messages in his music, but his sound quality is horrible, which makes the messages useless. in this case, it’s lil b’s delivery that makes the messages useless.

    i respect lil b’s hustle and direction, but that’s only as far as it goes… AND I’M NOT BIASED because if i was to call this a classic, then i would be lying.

  • BossiNoble

    ^ A big no no? Camp Lo also recreated that cover and they released a classic album beneath it as well.


  • INKr3d

    now i am no follower of the so called “based God” but the thing about being a real fan of music, is being able to give somthing a chance, then making a decision and judgement after. And after listening to the whole mixtape, its not as hot garbage as i thought it would be. Its actually ight. Now its not the next comming of biggie or Tupac, but its actually good music. So instead of having a closed mind and a broomstick up your asses, how bout you just give the kid a chance and really hear what he’s trynna say. Peace God.

  • The Kameleon

    yep, he’s gay alright

  • Didnt listen to the album, not sure if I will. But I did read the Lupe wright on it and that cover art is pretty dope. Way better than DJ Khaled’s

  • (l,k)

    i think lil’ b is revealing more of himself little by little . 9th wonder gives him a major cosign ! THAT HAS TO MEAN SOMETHING ! rumor has it that Lil’ B is making “Cooking Music” and all those other songs like Wonton Soup & Justin Bieber just to get attention and buzz , and that when the time is right . he will truly reveal himself as a lyricist and emcee .

    <<<<<<lmao i havent listened to the album yet and im not a lil b fan but if he did that and ended up being like legendary status that would be the most fuckin epic thing ever lol

  • mjones17

    Lil b album give me the feeling of triumph. It sound like victory. Good album should sell 700 thousand.

  • j

    Listened to it 20 times before making a choice. Hes just a kid and releasing deep shit like this is awesome. The beats are great and he talks about some emotional shit. How many of you tools hate it just proves how great it is a album like this just gets better with time. Like any of our opinions matter anyway.

    Respect for releasing exactally what he wants in the way he wants at such a young age. Haters be damned.

  • Aaron

    The message in this project was exceptional….But I’d rather hear 50 tyson’s lyrics and flow….If u want to be a ledgend or have a “classic” album, you have to atleaast be good a rapping….Decent/okay won’t cut it….But still an exceptional message.

  • Jamaica!

    The Link don’t work no more

  • Link

    Can you please put up a new link?

  • michelle

    the link doesn’t work anymore…