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Nitty Scott, MC – FeminiNITTY

blame it on Meka July 1, 2011

The femcee drops some bars over vintage instrumentals while we wait for her EP, The Boombox Diaries Volume 1, to drop later this year. Props to Mikey Fresh.

DOWNLOAD: Nitty Scott, MC – FeminiNITTY | Mediafire

  • presi

    Hmm…. Me thinks Nitty can get it! Do worry girl, I’ll grab that hair and rearrange it for you.

  • britt

    Come on son!! You can’t be mad at this!

  • kGb

    can you leave a comment on the song and not her? yeah, she’s pretty, but judge her based off her music… i’m pretty sure she may read this website hoping to get feed back on her music and not the comments she gets every day from another guy…

    on a side note…
    1. i think the link is dead, because i can’t listen to it
    2. i wish 2dbz would post the song i did with her (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BrzKdbamHf8) but still shout outs to her movement

  • presi

    Good point, my bad son. its like with raven sorvino puts up a link, cats is gonna say something about her looks and whatnot. i guess we need to be more mindful of that. overall song is dope. definatley need more fem cees out here..

  • :P

    Once again she’s killing it! and nice remix from J. Period too.

  • kGb

    yeah lol her too, but i know it’s an instant reaction, so i understand… and damn, it seems as if the link is working for other people, but i can’t DL or play it? smh


    HEY the link aint working! can we get a new link up?

  • :P

    ^did u guys try to download from mediafire? that works.


    not feeling it corny.

  • Real Radio

    Great Track Nitty you already know Real Radio is a fan of what you do…Keep it up the Good Hip Hop…..#BoomBox Music

  • kumba

    its cool… its would be fresher if she didnt announce it as a ” tribute”..and release it.. fools will get what she and Jperiod where trynna do for the culture purist out there.. cuz real talk..most of these new internet listeners nowadays dont give a dame about no female mcs from the past… they dont even remember them…. she could..rapsody could..eternia…JEAN GRAE most def if she would put more shit out OFTEN..and get off twitter!!! lol… they all could TAKE THAT..and be it…..

  • YeBoy

    Really like this girl

  • Maga D

    It’s crazy how ridiculous her cassette chronicles are. She is hip hop, & it’s stupid how hardly anybody listened, it’s raw & everybody needs to get on it. Yea boy!! & the link for this don’t work but I checked it on youtube & this “corny” like some yall cornballs said. Damn, I think I’m officially a fan to be writing this shit. lmao.

  • Maga D

    this *isn’t “corny,” haha

  • yea that hulkshare link is definitely dead