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Small Eyez – Shurikens

blame it on Shake July 1, 2011

Fresh new leak off Eyez 2DopeBoyz-presented project, NWORDS, which is due out July 5th!

DOWNLOAD: Small Eyez – Shurikens (prod. Sal Dali) | Mediafire
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  • Ninja

    lmao, this nigga got throwing star swagger

  • BadMovez

    Is that a finger or a thumb? Is his hand black or white? Is this fucking not the stupid fucking thing you’ve seen in awhile. SMFH.

    Do a better job presenting this guy next time.

  • A shuriken (Japanese 手裏剣; literally: “sword hidden in the hand”) is a traditional Japanese concealed weapon that was generally used for throwing, and sometimes stabbing or slashing. They are sharpened hand-held blades made from a variety of everyday items such as needles, nails, and knives, as well as coins, washers, and other flat plates of metal.

    – Wikipedia

  • 10

    very very underated artist

  • BadMovez

    You honestly thought people didn’t know what a Shuriken is? Sorry to inform you, you are the only idiot that had to Wikipedia that shit. There was zero reason to post a definition to a known word. Ever played any ninja games, or even Street Fighter? Fucking 90’s baby

  • Billy

    wat happened to dudes finger??
    nice song tho! dudes got passion!

  • TheRadiant

    I be on some other shit like alien excrement/I’m fertilizing the booth, and all they spraying is pestilence/negligence/illegitimate bars/need fathers, reach farther/Illest lines from my forehead, Barber/Streisand/With my pen/Sean/Critically Acclaimed/Poems/I go deep in the pocket like I’m searching for coins/going,going, gone/like her bra strap/I snap/crackle u pop/and who shot ya/Its the full metal alchemist/spittin shards that doubtful miss/out for this creme a dream since I heard 36/nerdy kid/dirty kicks/study hard/learned to spit/dastardly classics/ for you rascally rabbits/get yo hop on/I’m shootin from the hip/been this good for a grip/like a mandible/thoughts highly expandable/feeling it beyond a reasonable doubt/cuz it’s tangible/give u a reason for bobbing and weaving cuz im damaging u!/

    All black everything, spittin out heavy things/let it swing/back and forth like duke Ellington/ Eyez on her thighs like Bill Cosby”s Gelatin/ he goes harder than adamtium skeletons/cloak and dagger/tryna get to Copenhagen/told u who could get ya open/open/spoken words/that invoke shifts/switch in ur paradigm/reach another plane of existence/Airline /push them boundaries back like hairlines/there in lies the power of progression/so digitally I express/and literally you can press it/impressions and imperfections/through mp3 compression/see the measure of man through the ledger of the sands/hourglasses/tower over us massive/kickin the glass in/surf ninja im swim in/until the last of it/compassionate/assassin shit/I throw em out and slash em quick /and do it cuz they asked for it/

    limitless supply of bars brewery/purely /draw attention to the flow jewelry/surely/the last samurai/so official like it was standardized/Vandalize/and Put it on the Wall like Samo/I I blend meanings /Camoflague/U Analog/and Can’t Evolve/Im a Cannonball/And he Raw/ as Sushi, Belushi/Animal Housed/Unleash em/these swords stay unsheathed and/sharper than tuxedos/plush regal/crush egos/so frio/amigo/a Negro with a mean flow/Period/u in the building/while I’m in the pyramids/so here it is/and this is where the spirit lives/Eternally/urgently seek peace/they pass the torched/burning/the world turning/and it’s spinning like a shurkien/tiny metallic objects that’ll pierce through ur skin/and when it’s in/it’ll injure/send ya a little bit a more critically to end ya, ninja!/