Ariez Onasis – Jackmove (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake July 2, 2011

Ariez also plans on releasing 5 different hard copies; each with it’s own bonus track. The online version however includes them all.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

Other bonus tracks included:

Work (prod. J. Cardim)
You Ain’t Ready f. Pleasure P (prod. J. Cardim)
Roller Coaster f. Cyrus Densheild (prod. J. Cardim)
On It f. Rock City & Paul Wall (prod. J. Cardim)

DOWNLOAD: Ariez Onasis – Jackmove (Mixtape)

  • satyre

    never heard of dude. by the looks of the track names…imo. BUT nuthing wrong with some club smashers…i do have two 12s in my trunk! clinton sparks rarely lets us down.

  • wavy

    this shit slaps HARD!!!!

  • StCharles

    I Fucks Wit This

  • Goon925

    Gucci Gucci FIRE, I’ve been waitin on a remix

  • Fran-key

    ThT work record is crazy, cardims dirty wit it

  • Trevor Michaud

    So dope… Knew this mixtape was going to be fire!

  • Pimpc

    Straight fire all the way through. The world better be ready cuz Onasis is about to take over this b*tch!!

  • AONewestFAn

    Whoa, who is this guy again? Shit is official.

  • SWAG

    holy fuck SWAG!!!!!

  • santonio

    really truly awful

  • JP

    owwwwwwwww shit is wavy neva heard of dude but I think ill be hearing more

  • Swaganomics

    Sounds like the same 16 over and over. Switch it up!

  • 2dopeboyz user

    Wack move

  • ill

    Crack move

  • Childhood

    Shit is new different and full of swagg and haters leave more comments cuz dude will only get tougher the more you hate.. You kno wat they say we feed off haters or if you can do better show me if not get a life or I got an idea do your self a favor get a gun and shoot yourself lmfao… Ariez onasis a hip hop we’ve been looking for keep it up pimpin you got it your bro from anothr mother Childhood scream @ me one..

  • lol

    sound like he mightve smashed a few of yallz hoes git em a.o!

  • 508

    This whole shit front 2 back FLAMEZZZZZZ

  • Jae-Banga

    D.B./DICE MUZIC we killing them …ariez the mix tape is nuts ….you already kno

  • PrayMyGame

    A r i z o n a Sis ? …pause

  • Seven

    Wor Town Rep!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Monttero

    My nigga ARIEZ great mix tape. This be Monttero all the way from Ponce Puerto Rico keep making crazy music my dude like I always told uyou on facebook u will be big soon just know u have your supporters over here in PR. The Reggaeton kings Mas Que Musica aka More Than Music be easy my nigga god bless DEEPBLUE ALL DAYYYYYY ARIEZ RUGGED JUSLUE NELLZ great job much love.

  • J-Crakk

    this dudes from my city. he aint whut he says hes livin…pussy

  • teamwolf

    Areiz u dat nigga!!! ^^^ sounds like a haterrrrr 2me keep up the good work brotha



  • Nine Millz

    i bet these two Haters from My city Worcester J cracc and Murray are jelous rappers … i dont really hear him sayin too much about being G or gnagsta but i will say i know the dude persoanlly and he has beena tremendous talent in the city for years and def shows love to the city. all tho the style is lil diff then what im used to hearing im very proud and excited to see his success keep doin ya Thing ARIEZ “HEARTBREAK KID” COMMING SOON!!!

  • Puerto rican sniper

    Its all good nine millz let them keep hating I bet they some pc rappers lmfao.. I got a good clue who these wack niggas are… But fuck’em they be the first niggas buying AO’s album lol.. All I gotta say is AO need 2 hurry the hell up and bust down that door so I can fuck me some hollywood hoe’s and pass it 2 the next nigga…


    my nigga AO holdin it down for 508 you haters sare corny ariez you already kno my g

  • Murray

    Millz – I dont rap fam, but I will bust u in ya mouth for opening ur mouth B

  • Murray

    Puerto rican sniper- u don’t kno me B. And if u did u wouldn’t be talkin like that.

  • Kato

    Murray your probably some dumbAss dude that flips burgers or pretends ur a trap star. Get outta here with your gay tough guy shit. U don’t like AO and we all got opinions. Like how I feel u need a tampon. Let me kno when u put in the effort that A has. All hands on deck for A. Onasis and DB. Shits taking over quick


    Ariez Onasis ! JACK MOVE ! FIREEE



  • Rugged Rivera

    niggas got that sour taste in their mouth… why take time out your day to even write a comment if its gunna be some hateful shit, if you dont fuck wit my nigga why u listen to the shit, u wanted to know huh, u couldnt help but listen right….haha i aint mad at yall keep sayin the name….and your right, my nigga aint from the hood, he do come from paper, he also dont talk about being a thug or coming from the streets so that argument holds no power…..we in the club, not on the block….its bigger then that my dude..anybody who came on here to show love, we appreciate it, if u aint got suttin good to say why bother….nobody likes a hater…i gotchu A

  • Puerto rican sniper

    Murray eat a dick faget talking tough but wont show yourself in public and if you do show your face is in front of your steps let me give you a tip pimpin to be tough you gotta travel out your hood and go to different hoods but you pussy so take baby steps and wen you man up come see me at the vall ohhh wait you’ve never been out your hood so let me give you directions go all the way up lincoln street past lincoln plaza after the valley liquor store on your left take a left on the following you cant miss it youll see a lot of brick building thats my hood bitch… Lol

  • Millz

    Now thats not nice murray we was just talkin lol

  • ellas


  • Young Billz

    Yaww I saw dat nigga Murray slobbin on dis Ukranian dude’s hairy caaack in the alley the other night! Nigga was enjoyin dat shit yooo!

  • diQueen

    Ao is 1 of the most talented people i’ve ever met, in alot more ways than music. Keep up the amazing work babe!