Kendrick Lamar – Section.80 (Album)

blame it on Shake July 2, 2011

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After countless weeks of anticipation, Kendrick’s latest offering is now available (in both digital and physical formats). #HiiiPower! PEA$ UPDATE: Please, out of respect for Kendrick, don’t put album links in the c-section. Thanks.

  • killa

    West side! Left side, sac town is fuckin with u kendrick!

  • Brian

    this is a certified classic. hands down.

  • prkgfx

    2011 Highlight.

  • #Killeerrrrrrr


  • Antonym

    Shits an official nominee for best album.

  • LAsVeryOwn

    the concept like i stated beforre…TEMPTATIONS. DOPE ASS ALBUM, concept: next to none amongst todays arrtists. ALBUM OF THE YEAR. Perfect for the 80 babies from la, real talk.

  • b.

    it’s not on itunes… =/

  • kyro

    I cant find it on itunes yet

  • frv

    It’s not uppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp! :(

  • LAsVeryOwn

    not in the states, til midnight…

  • aaaye

    Only available in UK right now.. 1.5 more hours

  • frv

    it drops at midnight -_- thanks for the heart attack

  • jake101

    It says I have to pay in pounds which is in UK money. WTF!!!!!!!!! I want to buy but if I find a DL link, I’ll buy it later.

  • iCon

    Bogus ass links and shit.. “The item you’ve requested is not currently available in the US store.”


  • I dont get why people think this album is so AMAZING. its ok at best. I dont get it but everyones allowed to have an opinion

  • Dorian

    Link does not work, stop clowning.

  • Check out this review. Click the name.

  • LupeFaco11

    he wants u to find the link on ur torrent sites album leaked this morning lol
    amazing album kdot killed it
    he blew up 2011 wit this

  • doc rovers

    HiiiPoWer!!!! Section.80 Top Dawg

  • Prof. Oak

    This album definitely lived up to the hype. Great production, lyricism an subject matter. This is gonna def the album of the summer if not year.

    I copped the physical version here by the way, for people who don’t fuck with itunes… –>

  • LupeFaco

    !!!! Section.80

  • 206FRE$H


  • feef

    great album tde strikes again
    every track adds to the next everything fits together beutfilly
    kendirck killed it with this album

  • LAsVeryOwn

    dont ask for your favorite rapper, he dead, AMEN!!! Lol

  • Section80

    i remember when 2dopeboyz first put out kendrick lamar with those 2 first ever tracks sayin he was a cat from compton and a rising dude never knew he would get this far,
    listening to this album all day smoking, this dude is just starting.

  • section.80!

    wow. i was skeptical. but it blew me away. amazing.

  • Dorian

    Pirates stop being so lame.

  • Just Read

    why people are so quick to call an album a classic I swear Hip hop is not the same because yah dont know what makes a Great rapper and yah dont know what makes a Great album just because you a fan doest mean that everything your Favorite artist put out is good. I could criticize this whole album and pick out its flaws and what it lacks to be a classic. Kendrick got hard punchlines and lyrics but his words don’t stick out and it not catchy ,boring ! He need to work on his delivery to draw attention to his lines.

  • dddddsssss

    wow the links disappear fast
    shake must be here with the delete button
    shake!!! WHAT UP hows ur friday nite u still use the word hella?!?

  • LupeFaco

    kendrick invents how own delivery i recognize his rhymes a mile away

  • HoesonmydickcuzIlooklikeChrisBosh

    This is the album of the year so far.. this dude is on one.. support good music..

  • hater420

    been waiting so long to hate on this album

  • nito

    can someone tell me the reason why artist do this? that is releasing an album in one part of the world instead of just releasing it everywhere at the same time?

  • sinkMYduck

    man I just got this and so far, WOW! FINALLY a few weeks of good ass music, Big Seans, Currensy’s and this one…. Man my ear buds are going ape shit in these beats right now….

    @just read: I do agree the term “CLASSIC ALBUM” has gotten thrown around so much that it doesn’t have that sting that it use too. I just say so far it’s a great album..

  • joeyJay

    U have to remember that they’re a full day ahead of us bruh. thats why they got it already

  • duh.

    @nito: time zones.

  • gasface

    its available here you big dummy’s….GOOGLE is your friend….wink wink

  • foh

    this album is FUCKING TRASH. Go listen to illmatic or reasonable doubt you internet fags. this nigga is week. he belongs in the same category as oj da juice man and waka floka. FOH with this emo hip-hop


    I bought it for $7.99 after I downloaded. Always preview before purchase. The i-tunes link worked just fine.

    On first listen, great album. Consistent atmosphere with just enough diversity in instrumentation that it doesn’t get boring. Lamar can flow, arguably with the best of them, and spit. He’s brutally honest and isn’t apologetic or resentful. He’s one of the modern day griots.

  • LAsVeryOwn

    Kendrick sums it up best: “see a lot of yall dont understand kendrick lamar because you wonder how i could talk about money, hoes, clothes, God, & history all in the same sentence. you know what all them things have in common? Only half the truth, IF YOU TELL IT.” haha

  • shane

    kendrick can have my money every time he drops anything. Support good music. BUY IT. TDE is some of the best in the bizness

  • gasface

    …..AND AND AND….I just stumbled across some “leaked” photos of Amber Rose naked and shit

  • Vizion

    yo do yall know if there are gonna be hard copies i can cop at the store i want the real shit to add to my album collection

  • Killuminati

    LMAO @ FOH. This guy! ignorant & not vigilant thats what you are. You’ll be crying when government fucks you in the ass and then Kendrick Lamar will be saying “I Told You Nigga”

  • TonyStarks

    album is Incredible…

  • Thunder Pride

    Saigon’s The Greatest Story Never Told completely destroys Section.80 This is a quality album but fuck outta here with that classic shit. Kendrick could just make fart noises on a track and you guys would say, “hes trying to make a point that farting in public is rude. I think it is a really dope concept.” I like Kendrick but you guys are acting like he is the next Michael Jordan when he is more like Penny Hardaway. Overly Dedicated was way over hyped. Im not hating on Kendrick (him, KRIT & Cole are my favorites in the New School) but you “dopeboyz” need to clear your throat before you completely choke on Kendrick’s dick.

  • Benji

    People please support this man. He’s on his grind and giving incredible music for only $7.99?? BUY SECTION.80!!


    Let’s all just rejoice in the beautiful music that’s been coming to light. From Saigon GSTNT to Reks R.E.K.S to Elzhi Elhmatic to Lamar’s Section.80 to many more… For me, I respect the honesty each and talent these artists are displaying.

  • mighty

    Nowadays if albums aren’t fucking “CLASSIC” they get nothing but hate….fuck that shit…I’m not claiming this to be a classic at all but whatever happened to just listening to albums and or mixtapes for what they are…which is some damn music….shit your fuckers get the shit for free so quit fucking whining about it and shut the fuck up and just appreciate each release for what it is “CLASSIC” or not!!!!!!!!!

  • QB

    To the cats that are like, “OD was better” I think it’s too early to say man.. One thing about all of Black Hippy (cept Jay Rock, but he’s aight), is that their albums get better with each listen. Schoolboy Q got me like that.. give it time. Either way, this is a f’kn great album!

  • bandido-09

    New Edge Jazz Hip-Hop!

  • TOrrent911

    “been waiting so long to hate on this album


  • realness

    the dude’s voice sounds a lot like eli porter’s.

    listen to this hard core rap song if u want somethin hard for tonite
    listen to this shit

  • GooG

    every track is hot
    it adds to the next track
    unbelievable production
    hot beats
    laid back jazzy beats
    laced with hot flow only k dot can do
    2011 album of the year
    fuck the haters
    u know this dude blowing up this yr got a loyal following of haters already


    kendrick = own genre

  • bloodmoney

    ooooohhhhh shit!!!!!! first the based god…now KDOT….great fucking summer. just picked it up off itunes. and for the asshole talking about illmatic and reasonable doubt but shitting on kendrick…stop forcing yourself to hate what you know is dope.

  • Rafae Sheikh

    *sees Kendrick finally has haters*

    Yep, he’s blown up lol

  • Rafae Sheikh

    Album is just fucking awesome. Plain and simple.

  • ac

    thunder pride just ethered yall. 2dope has money in kendrick. they have to promote their investment and yall eat out the hand

  • oh god, this shit can’t download fast enough

  • AnDuSaYcHiCiTy

    Rigamortus is fucking insane!!! Album of the year fo’sho

  • leutrim rexhaj

    it leaked, im actually upset about that

  • FreshSup702

    It’s definitely giving K.R.I.T. a hard run for album/tape of the year….Stalley and Curren$y & Alchemist gotta be up there too. I think by Monday this will be my favorite release of the year thus far. Conceptually and creatively out of this world.

  • DB Cooper

    is there gonna be hard copies?

  • fucc out of here


  • A$tro

    Damn Keshia’s song, poe mans dreams and fuck spiteful cant are fuckin wild shit goes and and the breath control on riggamortus omfg

  • Yo

    Listen, I’m not trying to be a hater and I love coming here…but this fucking dick-riding of a 7/10 rapper has gotten out of fucking control.

  • jay gee

    I was giving away free copies @wall-mart cuz I pay for them and cuz is worth it.

  • Yo

    And I mean that in terms of the site, not the C-section. You fucks with who you fucks with…but this site has gone way too far in dick-ride mode.

  • ExhibitA

    Someone answer ARE THERE ACTUAL CD’S TO BUY? I don’t fuck with iTunes!


    Damn the har copies are sold out on TDE
    I must get this tho


    Dang the hard copies are sold out on TDE
    I must get this tho

  • ExhibitA

    ^Word? Fuck this shit mayne, imma download the illegal files then I guess. Big Sean got his money this Tuesday because he gave me something to PHYSICALLY BUY. Sorry, Kendrick we boys, but I don’t buy shit off iTunes.


    I’m debating whether I should purchase section80 on itunes or use the money to get me a 40. I guess I’ll download it and get a myself a 40 and listen to the joint. I’ll be right back.

  • Tto

    lol @ PEA$ UPDATE: Please, out of respect for Kendrick Lamar, don’t put album links in the c-section. Thanks.

    and lol @ more links still managing to disappear. 2dopeboyz got stock in kendrick shit, yall gonna keep them up all nite blogging for their boy

  • Tto

    my bad, i mean lol @ more links still managing to appear. the shit is funny to me

  • I want a hard copy of this album but their already sold out WTF

  • JWII

    Section 80 is about us, the children of the 80s and how we’re so much more than we’ve ever been lead to believe. Support Lamar, cop his music. Act.

  • tabosko

    ab souls outro…….PRICELESS!

  • Section80 production is miles beyond the Overly Dedicated project. Subject matter is highly evolved from OD as well. Kendrick is touching on subjects that most emcees in his age bracket are to scared to approach. I like that the cover ties in so nicely with the overall arch of the LP: Society’s up & downs….the things that make us strong and the things that make us weak which just makes us human and fallible but capable of greatness.

    Def top of the list in regards to independent music releases of 2011 thus far.


    It’s beautiful, godly inspiration music. It’s raw, brutal, and honest. I hope the other recordings from this project will be released.

  • Pugz

    Album of the year… 5/5 stars. He’s going to be doing big things. When its all said and done, you’ll hear his name with Pac, Biggie, and Jay. Just Wait.

  • boywonda

    ^ Wow r u really pulling a Scottie Pippen?

  • yugang

    *Buying album now*

  • LupeFaco

    Rigamortus is fucking insane!!

  • Phildren

    Im proud to say that this was my first iTunes album purchase. Props to the dude. I havent listened to it yet, waiting for the erb man to come through, but I know it’s fire.



  • dr.dave

    wooowww… this shit is better than OD to me…glad i bought this shit peace

  • ez

    Section Mothafucking 80! So glad they put it up already, just on time for me to run to walmart and get a iTunes card and purchase before we leave the city. Im gonna have time to bump this on the road.


  • lesotho

    Meka is a fucken Stan. GTFOH! you’re gonna call this site Kendrick Lamar next.

  • GooG

    Section 80

  • joesmoe

    hard to say which is better, each album has a slightly different style…i like the Kendrick Lamar EP more than OD or this, but dont get it confused, most of what kendrick puts out is fire, along with this, and im digging the jazzy feel to it….as far as people hatin, do what you gotta do and go listen to what you think is good, just keep your bullshit out my headphones

  • Derrick Rose

    I’m only track 3 and this album is amazing,love the production.

  • BlindsidedXIX

    11 people are stupid as hell. This project is incredible. Thank you Kendrick.

  • Kushington

    “Everybody heard that I fuck with Dre and they wanna tell me I made it. Nigga I aint made shit, if he gave me a handout imma take his wrist and break it. ” – K. Dot Section.80

    Pure dope on a spoon.

  • Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack! Crack!

  • drum-fu

    this album is amazing man. i just ran spiteful chant back like 5 times yo

  • stepyogameup

    the dickriding going on here is just crazy,



  • 2

    “Please, out of respect for Kendrick Lamar, don’t put album links in the c-section.”

    lol at people treating kendrick like some sort of god. ya hes good though.

  • TOrrent911

    “been waiting a long time to hate on this album”

  • ac

    Album of the year… 5/5 stars. He’s going to be doing big things. When its all said and done, you’ll hear his name with Pac, Biggie, and Jay. Just Wait.


  • Coochie Mane

    “Kendrick could just make fart noises on a track and you guys would say, “hes trying to make a point that farting in public is rude. I think it is a really dope concept.” I like Kendrick but you guys are acting like he is the next Michael Jordan when he is more like Penny Hardaway.” ~ Thunder Pride

    My thoughts exactly, its a really dope project but not on no next level shit. Well worth the $8 though

  • yeah

    I know this is kinda stupid, but is the album called “Section.80” or “#Section80”. I see it written differently everywhere?

  • jtherapy

    I just finished listening to the album and IMO its above average, but definitely NOT a classic. I already heard the dopest track Hiiipower(poe mans dream is crazy as well)

  • MOFO

    What do u mean “out of respect for k. Dot”
    Honestly im tired off all thIs bullshit music were rappers are speaking threw
    There music but at the same time Are mocking fans
    …. His latest ustream say it all.

  • Ok, just got done listening to thee entire album…

    Favorite songs (outside of hiiipower and ronald reagan era):

    Fuck Yo Ethicnity
    No Make Up
    Poe Man’s Dream
    Keisha’s song
    Rigamortis (kendrick went inn!)
    Ab-Soul’s Outro (ab-soul went inn!)
    Kush & Corinthians

    only track i skip is members only (the weakest song imo)
    and even tho i get the structure of the entire album from start to finish, he could of done a little more with the chapter interludes too. Thats about it for my criticism on the album.

    Imo the subject matter is on-par w/ o.d. and like i said i think the production was better on this shit than o.d.

    Overrall, i really love this album.

    Please, out of respect for Kendrick Lamar, don’t put album links in the c-section.”

    lol at people treating kendrick like some sort of god. ya hes good though.

    2 said this on July 2nd, 2011 at 1:04 am

    ^^^^u really get that impression based on the fact that there asking u to not post a free download link of an album thats not meant to be free??? Really?!?! smh

    To expose U!

  • Sky

    Damn just noticed this was my first itunes Album Buy O_O.

  • dVICe

    Coped the album. Still listening to it. I’m not a kid from the 80s. 90s actually… anyways what DOES Section 80 mean? I know my history so I just wanna know what he’s referring to?

  • question

    So I have a question is this considered a mixtape? Like OD from Kendrick?

    I dont understand the difference between an album and a mixtape can someone help me

  • i just heard the entire album it’s fucking what I wanted from Hip Hop.

  • I got It at about 6:00pm had to smoke for this one most defenitely

  • DouglasFresh

    Mixtapes and albums are pretty much just names at this point, traditionally a mixtape was a rapper throwing verses over other people’s production, but now it’s basically a misnomer for free albums. O.D. was a “mixtape” that Kendrick gave away for free, but also offered as a paid download on itunes if you wanted to support, whereas this is a straight up album, you gotta buy it (or cop it illegally… if you’re a dick.)

    Also, just listened to the Fuck Your Ethnicity, gave me chills. Calling a preemptive album of the year.

  • killamic

    To expose U!

    MOFO said this on July 2nd, 2011 at 1:41 am

    ^^^when i read this comment i asked myself “wtf is the guy talking about?” then i clicked on your name and went straight to info wars……..dont tell me, u think kendrick is part of some sort of secret occult right?? matter of fact, nevermind, dont even answer that.

    @question a digital album.

  • derek

    the album is good, really good. and calling it a classic it’s not that big of an exaggeration, if at all. give it a couple listens.

  • derek

    i think some of yall are spoiled by the quality of OD. So since this isn’t light years over O.D your not impressed. remembe O.D itself was amazing it self.

  • bon is back

    2DOPESTAN alert

  • Pugz

    @boywonda naw because i didn’t say he is in their company now. i said when its all said and done, just wait. I’m making a bold prediction. you should respect that, and realize im not being ignorant saying he’s the greatest yet or even soon.

  • marty mcfly

    I will say that its good to see how many people are excited by a album these days cause that feeling was leaving the game but im really surprised to see that people still have an appreciation for jazz and its influences on hip hop. Im an 80s baby for real meaning I was out riding my big wheel and running around my neighborhood in the 80s. So ill give it up tp Kendrick for bridging the gap between oldschool and newschool. Even though my opinion is still the same about section 80 as a project ( as stated in the last section about Kendrick ) its still good to see people appreciate dope hip hop other then just the gimmicks and the radio shit. DOPE

  • listen2goodmuzik

    Hard copy sold out already???? SMH

  • LupeFaco

    STAN ME UP !

  • Jonesy Stark

    Well worth the wait, I need that physical copy though. Mad that’s sold out.

  • Does anyone know if they’ll make more physical copies?

  • Durantula

    I am probably a J. Cole stan, but even I doubt Cole World will be better. This album is Classic on first listen and I am not talking about sales, I am talking Content only.

  • Green

    I’m unemployed, I’m broke as hell, yet I still find money to give to TDE. Why? Cause I see the vision.

  • ff

    underwhelming on the first spin, but thats mainly because all the best tracks were leaked

  • thatrealshit

    anyone know where to get a hard copy. i need that shit

  • louit

    when meka said hold up was one of his favs i was confused, but now i understand, pretty big letdown

  • Real Gs

    Stop bringing up the word classic. Will you REALLY be bumping this in ten years? Is this an Illmatic, Reasonable Doubt, MMLP, Ready to Die.. etc.? No. So don’t throw around the word classic.

  • People throw the word classic around too much. This is easily one of the best releases of the year, the best thing Kendrick’s ever done. But no, it’s no Reasonable Doubt or Illmatic.


    thank god I made the decision on using my money to buy a 40 instead of buying this album. I give the brother Kendrick alot of credit for the effort and dropping the project independently. looks like he has alot of family and friends calling the album a classic on the c-section. that’s kool, I guess, but I’m from that era where joints had to age before it can be called a classic.

  • leutrim rexhaj

    This album is a great debut but it isnt a classic, i give it 4/5 stars. consistent production consistent lyrics good concepts good guest features, but very little that is AMAZING, i feel like from black hippy he is the most consistently good but absoul and schoolboy q are capable of singularly better songs, jay rock is just the weakest member. ab soul has songs like moscato, still a regular niogga and hell yeah, schoolboy q has songs like figg get da money, kamikaze and ibetigotsumweed

  • thatrealshit

    im not gonna call this a classic yet, but this shit def has the potential to become one. as a concept album this shit is pretty incredible. never seen an album where the entire theme is life’s ills and this project paints that picture almost perfectly. this really is a dope piece of hip hop and it’ll probly get better with age as most lyrical shit like this does. respect to kendrick, this really reminds me of an old blackstar joint or ATCQ, classic feel

  • Ab-Souls Outro

    5 mic or XXL rating

    Kendrick Lamar this young man just drop a classic

    Some of these clowns commenting and comparing cd’s (Artist will remain nameless) to kendrick’s section 80

    Are just pussy ass niggas

    R.I.P. Aaliyah

  • Too Many Humans

    Damn I mean we got dudes on here arguing over whether this is a classic or not. 1) Can we make some kind of 10 year rule before anybody is allowed to use that word? and 2) The fact that this is even a conversation right now should pretty much tell u everything u need to know. Lets just give credit where credit is due and call it amazing.

  • marty mcfly

    I just wanna say something real fast cause im on one right now but its honestly some real shit. The song Reagan Era hits me the hardest because I remember being young like around 7 or 8 years old and watching TV and seeing Reagan give a speech about the war on drugs and then I look over and see my cousin breakin down a kilo on my grandmas kitchen table. I say all that to say that that song really hits home for me cause what hes speaking on has a direct impact on my life. So I dont think this is classic but I think if he stays on this same page he mite have a chance on dropping some classic music in the future. Just sayin

  • LAsVeryOwn

    @Too Many Humans: Word!!!

  • thatrealshit

    “i’m not on the outside lookin in, i’m not on the inside lookin out. i’m in the dead fuckin center lookin around!” if that outro doesnt make this album a classic in itself idk wat a classic album is. one more for ya mind… “i’m not the next pop star, i’m not the next socially aware rapper, i am a human fucking being over dope ass instrumentation. kendrick lamar.” thats real fuckin shit, my nigga kendrick

  • Shzntt

    “Everybody heard that i fuck with Dre, and they wanna tell me i made it, nigga i aint made shit, if he give me a handout ima take his wrist and break it”

  • Mes_Cudi

    “No Make-Up” – Song of the year!

  • BOOMgoesthedynamite

    i was kinda left disappointed with this project, overly dedicated was definitely better.

  • #chief

    i’m with some of these other guys. i don’t mess with itunes. guess its download illegally for now, until some more physicals are printed (hopefully there will be)

  • shzntt


  • LAsVeryOwn

    “Ab-Souls Outro” reminds me of a modern day rap version of a Beatles beat.

  • Illeven

    Holy shit that signed hard copy is soldout wtf !!!

  • $$$

    Everyone’s sounding pretty silly in here. Congrats to Kendrick though. You have a bright future.

  • WNTD3

    album is amazing amazing

  • ctbs10

    @the dudes that said this album is wack kill yo self niggas atleast dude stuck to his album date instead of fucking with are head like jay and ye best album I bought

    Fuck you haters

  • Mikey

    kinda felt a little let down with this release :\ after hiiipower i was expecting some bangers! but the album kinda took off really slowly. still about 4 good tracks tho

  • Chris

    Lol my first ITune’s buy was Ghostface Iron man cuz I had no computer but needed too hear it. But I love this album, it’s different. People getting tight cuz fans calling it classic, it doesn’t matter opinion is one’s own. People ranting is silly, just enjoy music, it shows hip hop far from dead.


    in due time, this will be a classic. Theres nothing wrong with this album..

    Spiteful Chant>>>

  • Fritsche

    I love it, but some of the beats just didn’t fit right with me. Kendrick had bars for days though.

  • risen357

    *plugs in ipod*

  • Trueff

    Fuckin love this album. I’m confused though, kendrick says he dont smoke weed. yet every other song he talkin about smokin weed? kinda sellin out to the marijuana culture if he doesnt smoke, cause that shit would just be fake. and if he does smoke, just come clean about it! nobody gives a fuck!!

  • Ignorance Is Bliss

    hi mom

  • KillAFossiDeadYaHear!BombaclottNahGwanTestMeYaHeard

    Do not get me wrong; I like Kendrick! Why does every comment for every new album always have stans calling an album classic? I’m starting to think some of these people don’t know what a classic is… You can like some shit without declaring it as a classic! People are acting like Bieber fans!

  • LAsVeryOwn

    its 730am cst and the album is #6 on itunes. not JUST the Hip Hop/Rap Section…did O.D. get that much downloads?

  • Billy

    hi mom< *dead*

    Why does every comment for every new album always have stans calling an album classic? < y every1 so ANTSY about fans callin it a classic?? THE general consensus is its an amazing album so lets b happy we got another great hiphop album we can all enjoy. even illmatic wasnt called a classic when it came out…so lets celebrate it not hate on it!

  • a.d.h.d,

    “8 doobies 2 the face fuck dot” ahh fuck ths shit is flames

  • Billy

    so no physical copies? and its only on itunes …but not amazon?

  • ohh man.. cop noww cop nowww.

  • A$tro


  • hiiipower

    some bitch actually said this wasnt a good album cause its not “catchy” get the fuck outta here with that shit. Hiiipower is not about being catchy

  • Sdot

    How they going to use Neako Flossin beat?

  • NobodyImportant

    this shit is one word. Powerful. Classic album. I loved it from top to bottom.

  • Crash

    Why didn’t yall say that same “outta respect” shit for big sean’s album,the favoritism with this nigga is amazing to me

  • pack


    It’s not the same beat, its just that everybody’s sampling that Wood Kid shit now. Kendrick’s version is the best so far tho.



  • Where the Haters At

    What up doe? Kendrick the future

  • Sdot

    @pack yeah i do agree Kendrick’s is the best but Neako also had a solid track with that sample probably his strongest track on Loudpack. Thanks for educating me on the beat though

  • efalk

    album of the year

  • trueplaya

    This and Lil B album made my day. Both of the albums is FIRE. Real talk. Kendrick delivered. All of the tracks are good to me. And now that u listen to the album as a whole, that Tammy’s Song fits and it’s not even that wack. The album is so dope. My nigga Kendrick know how to make piff. Schoolboy Q jacked T.I. and Ye flow from that Welcome To The World trac on Spiteful Chant tho lol. But still shits fire. Section 80 hoe!

  • Bobby Ray

    man lowkey these cats eating w/the itunes releases.. i mean 8 bucks a pop is pretty damn good considering if the cheapskates dont download it.. what’s funny is how ppl r the biggest fans of a new school rapper, and soon as they put their newest project up for sale on itunes, the “fans” complain.. “man why is it not free?” i mean, do u expect these guys to just want to sit around and give u free album/tape after free/album tape? i mean it’s not free for them to make the shit so why do u think u deserve it for free?

    oh yea.. the album is fiyah tho! aye!

  • markaveli

    CLASSIC !!!

  • efalk

    @torrent911 so if its the album of the century why dont u support the artist and buy it for $8 u cheap fuck

  • trayday

    He did a a pimp c and aaliyah dedication jawn. Damn he a beast 4 that. Cathedral!!!!

  • TOrrent911

    ummm cuz the WHOLE world doesnt have credit cards and itunes…i mean can u think for ur self its so cool to keep sayin that , leaks are done mostly by themselves cuz not everyone has itunes , and music is art, meant to be shard

  • album is gold…one questioon i got thou… whats he sayin on ADHD in the chorus when hes like “8 doobies to the face fuck __ i cant understand it even thouh he says it like 4 times haha

  • Overly Dedicated

    Album was Tight except i was hoping for a better follow up to OD. That OD was way nice

  • jimmyjam

    Cosign- Bobby Ray
    Support Artists You enjoy By Buying Their Product!

    Everyone loves to complain how theres so much garbage out there, but then yall mothefuckers find some shit you actually really like and for some reason your simpleton minds dont let you realize your defeating your own interests and enjoyment.




  • thatrealshit

    cop this shit on itunes and get it to #1, its sittin at #2 behing big sean and this deserves the top spot over that sell out (no disrespect to the sean fans haha)!!!

  • Dillon Duncan

    Shits fire

  • Wilson Ramirez

    It was well worth the wait. This album is hella DOPE !!

  • JustAFanOfMusic

    @Opoloize: He says, “Fuck That”

    @thatrealshit: Quit hatin’ nigga… yo ass gonna cry the day when Kendrick finally goes commercial.

  • ANSWERRRRRRRR MEEEEEEE what is he saying in ADHD….fuck _____ i cant understand it

  • jhicksbo

    Man I love the new album. Real nice listen. But I think someone earlier said it, the word CLASSIC gets used way too much. Enjoy the album, but let it age…we’ll know if it is truly a CLASSIC album if people are still bumping it, bringing it up or being used as inspiration/blueprint for another artist’s album.

    I mean Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall & Thriller didn’t get 5 stars from most “reviewers” til they looked at it in retrospect. So enjoy the album but damn ease up off the word “CLASSIC”

  • thatrealshit

    The dudes #5 overall on itunes and #2 on the hip hop charts, i think he just realized he doesnt have to go commercial…whos hatin? u sound like a jealous bitch cuz kendrick just dropped a better album than sean, grow up

  • Chipz

    all I know is Kendrick’s buzz has officially over taken J cole’s….this kid is hands down the biggest thing on the underground…Bigger than Blu and Cole…We’ll see what is what once NO YORK drops/Cole’s debut, but for now, Kendrick got the crown….

  • thatrealshit

    he’s sayin “8 doobies to the face fuck dot, 12 bottles in the case nigga fuck dot, 2 pills in the halfway nigga fuck dot, got a high tolerance when your age don’t exist” hope that helps

  • Truley Beautiful. Definetley Worth The Wait. Thank You KL. Keep Doing What You Love To Do.

  • .
  • And Won

    where the fuck can i purchase the physical? I already downloaded the shit because that purchase link you have is sold out.

  • kingg

    where can i get this album without download it on itunes?? Im from montreal.

  • Braniak


  • Killuminati

    WOW, Lamar KEEP tellin the world to stop being so fucking idiotic about some celebrity gossip or false mainstream media and educate yourself and do something about it when the government is tryin to eliminate us (reduce population). LISTEN TO THE LYRICS & NOT THE BEAT.

  • CAKE

    Damn, this shit is tight. The production is smoother than ever. His past two projects were amazing and I think this trumps both of them.

    Lyrics are deeper, beats are nicer, the features are dope..this album is phenomenal!!! Definitely an album of the year candidate along with KRIT and eLZhi in my opinion.

  • TDE winning

    i hope this shows kendrick that he doesn’t have to go “commercial” in order to sell record. #4 on all of itunes!

  • JustAFanOfMusic

    @thatrealshit: No, I have both Big Sean and Kendrick in my iPod… you just come off as one of the usual Kdot dick-riders, you guys are getting worse than the J.Cole ones.

    Everyone goes commercial… EVERYONE. Name one rapper that hasn’t gone commercial and I’ll bet that nigga isn’t selling big numbers. That’s how the world works.

  • brianbrown

    Dope CD. Straight up. “The Spiteful Chant”>>>>>

  • And Won


  • JaySole

    Not close to as good as OD. Im pretty dissapointed because after hearing HiiiPower thought this album would surpass OD.

  • Bong

    fuckin cant even believe the people saying that they’re dissapointed in this.. like are you fuckin kiddin? im on like my 8th go around and this shit is sooooo good

    i mean shit if this dissapoints you what the fuck are you listenin to?

  • hiphopsstillavile

    its way better than od ur fuckin nutts man what u smoking pcp sec 80 is dope plus shit was tech considered a mixtape so eat a dick jaysole

  • Dorian

    Nay Sayers wtf are y’all talking bout? This album impressed the fuck outta me!

  • efalk

    ur a straight up faggot @rcihard hernandez. its funny u say fuck shake and come give his website a hit and make him more money u dumb fuck

  • DG

    take that fucking link down and buy the shit off iTunes you cheap fucks. you dickheads talking about you don’t have iTunes just download the shit it’s free and support the dude and stop giving away shit for free. and if you don’t have a credit card you can get a debit card that you can put money on for free stop making bullshit excuses not to support buying music.

  • Guz


  • section80son

    everyone report RCIHARD HERNANDEZ link to hulkshare.
    everyone report RCIHARD HERNANDEZ link to hulkshare.
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    everyone report RCIHARD HERNANDEZ link to hulkshare.
    dumb fuck!

  • dope dope dope album
    for more dope music, check this out

  • marty mcfly

    ^^^ WTF !!! Not everybody should be a rapper…


    fuck yal u can download it or suck my dick, im here to FUCK SHIT UP! whiny ass hoes head ass nggas IM BOUT DAT LIFE!

  • Rcihard HERNANDEZ

    o yea everybody lets go out and get debit cards so we can listen to kendricks new album -____________- BOIIIIII!

  • JustAFanOfMusic

    @cole summer: Don’t drop out of school…

    I don’t know why y’all niggas crying for people to buy the album, the people who will buy it will buy it… ain’t nothing wrong with piracy. If a nigga has it in their mind that they won’t pay for the shit, they will find a way to get it for free…

  • And Won

    i downloaded it for free because the link to buy it above said ‘sold out’. oh, and fuck itunes, I refuse to buy my music from apple.

    Thanks Rich Hernandez.

  • whatupsucka

    Did they just threw a shot at Odd Future on the Ab-Soul Outro?

  • DG

    @Rich Hernandez
    who doesn’t have a credit card now a days i just said that getting a rechargeable debit card is an option but people are making dumb excuse to not buy the music and bitches like you who put up links for cheap bitches like half the people that are commenting are the reason music is fuck up now

  • JustAFanOfMusic

    No, it wasn’t a shot… listen to it again, good sir.

    Background Voice: “Odd Future’s iight…”

    Ab-Soul: “But our future is not, that Marshall Law shit drop, then we gon all get got.”

  • M

    Great album, yes it is classic if you compare it to his peers albums that have been released in the last year or 2. Album is a great listen and the beats are hella smooth. Lamar and Dom are the best in the west right now. Props to both of them. Keep doing your thing.

  • Ying

    k i don’t care if its kendrick lamar or kanye west or anybody. why the fuck would i buy music when i can get it for free. fuck “supporting the artist” bullsht, they make enough money

  • efalk

    @richard hernandez – u just mad cuz u got some shitty as blog that no one checks out. ur also a jew motherfucker for not having $8 to spend on dope music

  • efalk

    @ying its $8 u cheap motherfucker. if u dont have $8 to spend u might as well fill up ur bathtub nd drop in a toaster

  • ShuxNchuck

    This is a very very good Album. Rigamortis put Tears in my eyes…this makes me proud to be a Hip Hop Head. Play this to any Stuck Up Rap haters…its gona go over their head.

  • Pauly Dee


    I would understand if you’re poor and you don’t have the money to support them, but to say that tells me that you’re just cheap. Music is their profession, so they shouldn’t they get paid? That’s like you working at your job but your boss doesn’t give you the money because he feels your “too successful”.

  • JustAFanOfMusic

    @efolk: You crying ain’t gonna make a nigga buy shit, br0…

    If you were smart, you’d know there’s a set number of buyers & pirates before a product ever hits e-shelves. If someone has it in their minds that they will purchase the album, then they will buy it even if there is a free download dangling right in front of them. Pirates will always be cheap and save their money for better things that they can’t get for free… that’s just their thought process.

    Morals… it all comes down to morals.

  • marty mcfly

    @Ying you support a artist because if you dont nobody will no they exist. Everybody knows who Ross and Drake is but not too many people know who Kendrick is. Without the numbers hes gonna stay underground and stay under that glass ceiling under peoples radar. Most of the rappers people praise on sites like this , nobody in the streets have ever heard of cause they dont follow hip hop unless it comes on the radio or on TV.

  • Train

    Hopefully they make the physical copies available again, I’d definitely cop one.

  • Billy

    Name one rapper that hasn’t gone commercial and I’ll bet that nigga isn’t selling big numbers. That’s how the world works.

    JustAFanOfMusic said this
    outkast, common, ceelo.

    but i agree its pretty hard not to.

  • if all you TRUE VIRTUE ASS FAGGOTS dont shut up! u wanna buy the album….fuckin BUY IT!
    ima real ass nigga, i will spend my 20 bucks on SOME LOUD and smoke to my stolen copy!!!! while u hoe heads school me on rechargable credit cards. AND FUCK U ELFAK go be the hippeest nigga in ur school with ur new secret fancy blog #FUCKSHAKE

  • Richard HERNANDEZ


  • marty mcfly

    @Billy I dont even call it going commercial , I call it being a good artist. Why should a artists make a whole album hardcore? Thats like trying to talk to a girl all hard while trying to get her number. Thats like cooking a meal with all meat and no other sides. People never said BIG sold out cause he made Big Poppa and One More Chance. Its called being a dope artist cause a album with nothing but one kind of music on it is wack.

  • charles the god

    I can’t wait for his next collaboration with this OG!!

  • efalk

    section 80 just hit #1 on itunes rap charts and is 3rd on the overall charts now. SWAG

  • DG

    @ JustAFanOfMusic
    Save there Money??? it’s 8 fucking bucks. if you can’t afford to let go of 8 bucks you need to reevaluate what direction you are going in life. LOL cheap muthafuckers.

  • bones

    @ efalk hell yeah!

  • JustAFanOfMusic

    @marty mcfly: And I agree… but all these ‘real’ hip-hop heads will claim a d00d sold out the minute they make something for casual fans. These morons will ride a nigga’s dick to the grave when he’s underground, but as soon as that same nigga’s made it… they write ’em off. The hilarity in it all is that they are the people that helped that nigga make it there.

    The shit is truly an never-ending process… just switch artists, rinse & repeat. You guys are a predictable mess. Watch Cole World drop in September and it has commercial hits. Idiots STH and cling to the next underground star for salvation. Shit is hilarious.

  • efalk

    @ richard hernandez please rewrite ur comment in english and then ill read it

  • marty mcfly

    @ JustAFanOfMusic COSIGN , this is how I look at it. When a artists has earned his stripes in the underground and then he makes a song that goes mainstream , I look at it as a victory. I dont look at it as a sold out thing because if the song that goes mainstream is actually good then theres nothing to be mad about. When Dilated Peoples had Just To Get By featuring Kanye it blew up but they didnt just leave behind their original sound.

  • marty mcfly

    Correction- When Dilated Peoples made THIS WAY…

  • JustAFanOfMusic

    @DG: It’s not about being able to afford the shit. It’s a matter of principles. Take you and I for instance, you went all the way out of your way to help support Kendrick, even with the pirates parading links for a free download… even now, you stick around to stop people from getting the album illegally.

    Now myself, I didn’t purchase the album… nor do I plan to. I downloaded it for free just like I do to bigger figure heads. It’s not a matter of money, I know I have the money to buy his album… it’s just that I don’t want to buy it and instead save that money for better things; like gas or just keeping in the bank and let it accumulate more wealth.

    Like I said earlier… it’s about morals & principles. And I applaud you for helping Kendrick, sir… but not everyone will follow your fine example.

  • gpt20

    wayyyyy better than od

  • MAGA D

    good look on the link Richard lmao. yo. not everybody here has credit cards, some people like myself prefer to spend cash vs using fuckin credit and debit cards. know what I’m not broke but have a bad credit score because my parents bought shit with a card via my name for years & went bankrupt off it. so that’s why I don’t use a card… it’d be expensive than a bitch to get a card now…
    so sorry k dot ill buy yo album when it hits stores… You middle class suburbia ass niggas need ta keep the “you s
    don’t have eight dollars!? you failure” talk to yourselves. k dot good look with the music though.

  • marty mcfly

    If you didnt buy the album then what you can do is just go put somebody up on Kendricks music that never heard of him before. Then you did your part as a real fan of his.

  • JustAFanOfMusic

    @marty mcfly: Of course, I always try to put underground talent on people’s radar. I make sure to play my part some how… whenever I go out, I bump commercially unknown talent. I’d like to think my cousin & I played a bit part in popularizing Lil Boosie down here back in 03-04.

    No matter where I go… I try to make sure I get people asking me, “Who’s the nice guy you bumpin’?” Shit like that helps make me feel like less of a douche… lol

  • Malik Moss

    I thought he didn’t smoke? haha

  • xastey

    glad I ordered 2 copies when it was available

  • hmmop

    i believe in try before you buy when i comes to music. but i still owe him for OD so ill buy the album regardless

  • ChileOld


  • redhaze

    nigga made me a stan!!

  • steve

    what is this? not jammin…

  • m.e.

    MAGA D – How would it be expensive to get a debit card?

  • Billy

    @Billy I dont even call it going commercial , I call it being a good artist.
    co sign marty….
    id say sum1 whose “gone commercial” tho in a negative sense is sum1 who goes against wat they stand for or the music they make usually for a sound they dont even like just to get the money..outkast went commercial in a positive way by mjust making great music not selling out.

  • He’s dope to me. By the way: He now has the #1 Hip-Hop/Rap Album and #3 on the overall charts on ITunes.

  • Rap Genius has all the lyrics up if anyone is down to explain them..

  • i just got it and its good but not good as i thought it was going to be but still good so people go cop it.

  • Logik
  • ThatNinja

    The physical copies are back in stock .

  • J.West

    Section.80 is Fire Pure Genius KL Deserve to be where he’s at.

  • Train

    Physical copy purchased, support good music!

  • RealHippityHop
  • jaysus

    id say section 80 return of 4eva and before i awoke are the top 3 of this year so faar

  • bwood

    to everybody askin about physical copies: all they did was burn section 80 to some blank discs, i just got one at the in store signing he had..pretty much just looks like a mixtape..its meant to be a digital album anyways idk whats wrong with buyin it off itunes..

    i listened to it through once and i already like it better than the other stuff thats been out this year..i gotta listen to it closer with no distractions when i get a chance

  • Ed Holiday

    OD is alot better, this was good but way too serious. KEndrick is still the shit

  • chewbarocksmith

    way to serious? nah we just finally get some grown man music instead of big Sean and wiz khalifa making teeny bop hip pop music

  • BenoitFlow

    Who is the guy singing in Ronald Reagan Era and Keisha’s Song? I need to find more of his music.

    I’m just finishing up my first listen, and I fucking love it.

  • s

    ^Astro Bot

  • BenoitFlow


    Thanks dude. I figured that’s who it was through the feature title on Keisha’s Song, but I literally can’t find a single thing about the dude anywhere. Fuck.



  • ???

    Is this gonna be on Amazon’s mp3 store? I don’t mess with iTunes’ store

  • LAsVeryOwn

    @Benoit Flow that’s because it Ashtro Bot, not Astro Bot…..

  • stephenc

    you leak other artist music on this site and you’re not allowing download links on this guy’s mixtape?

    is that right?

  • Rafae Sheikh


    Other rapper’s mixtapes are released free by the artist themself, not on iTunes and this is an album, not a mixtape

  • wessiiide
  • @LAsVeryOwn

    I know that, but I can’t find much about him.

    blow my high (not sure how 2 feel about the hook though)>>>>>
    8.o out of 10.0
    fluoride!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

    …on another note R.I.P Aaliyah

  • dr.dave

    just ordered a hard copy nice!

  • SonictheHogans

    The Spiteful Chant just became my anthem for 2011


    honestly, i fuck with kendrick hard…this shits not even like that, stop sicing it, hes not a god u fags, OD > section 80


    no one is writing or reading this post except three trolls —–

  • Richard HERNANDEZ

    wtf^ dont sice it NO BOI!

  • Always Scuba

    FUCKING KENDRICK!!! people commenting at 12:00 are crazy. Give an album multiple listens before you talk. This shit is crazy. CRAZY. Kendrick goes in harder then i’ve ever herd and the production’s 100% , even the sketchy ones ie Chapter 10 etc. EVerything goes together well. This IS a classic. Absolutely amazing, and im a harsh critic. HIIIPOWER over all the retards on this site

  • facemask


    My work is done.


  • Dilli

    Lol i get this album.

    it seems like he’s talking about life in the 80’s or something. from different perspectives. tammy, keisha, how the lived their lives in the 80’s. and then “Ronald Regan Era is from the perspectives of the grown ups looking at how the kids are growing up. saying that this generation will be tougher than the last. he’s also saying, how he thinks of life. he can’t be what others are because he can’t put himself in their shoes. all he knows how to do is live his own life, asnd find out his own answers. thats why he takes life by the moment seen by the lyrics “I’m in the dead fucking center looking around”

    any way, I can go on forever. basically what i want to say is stfu and listen to the album. don’t place it into a category it’s not just because of mass opinion assholes.

  • RoshaneRonan

    Just got home. Can’t wait to listen.

  • “you leak other artist music on this site and you’re not allowing download links on this guy’s mixtape?
    is that right?”

    we put up songs as THEY send them to us. then we put a link to BUY his ALBUM as it’s not a FREE project. how hard is that to understand?

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeKenMasters

    Kendrick’s flow has always sounded so familiar to me but I could never place my finger on it…I think I got it now. Go back and listen to that old Big L and Jay-Z radio freestyle. K-Dot’s flow is really similar to Jay’s flow on that joint. IMO anyway….side note: ‘Poe Man’s Dream’ is def part of the Soundtrack to my life. Call me a stan if that’s ur thing. I could give two fucks.

  • RSX

    Some great beats, definite bangers like Spiteful Chant and No MakeUp..

    My main issue is that it’s very BLACK POWER, afrocentric, (HiiiPower, Ronald Reagan Era) and as a white guy, some of the songs don’t resonate with me, and I would disagree with those that are talking about how this is a better album than Finally Famous, Underground > Mainstream, etc. The main thing that mainstream artists have on an artist like Kendrick, is that their music is resonant with people from all walks of life. Success and Fame are topics that everyone can relate to. The poor aspire to it, the rich are living it.

    That said, I’ll be trying to pull a Hol’Up on my next cross-country flight..

  • Maga D

    @m.e. : It wouldn’t, but why would I get a plastic card from the bank when I could get my money from the bank. I just don’t see the point to the shit. I’ll get mine without any cards. I just threw it in there because I was talking about cards in general.

  • izzzzzz

    alright…. first off ive seen kendrick twice, in brooklyn and boston.. by far the best live show ive ever seen and i just saw j. cole, weezy and eminem at bonnaroo, no rapper is more intense, goes harder and makes a deeper connection with everyone in the audience than kendrick. hes the best.

    as for section 80.. this is an absolute masterpiece, if it was an instrumental album it would be a masterpiece, the TDE production team is on point from start to finish, i love the KING sample on chapter 6, the spiteful chant is the most bangin song ive heard since look out for detox, the rigamortus beat is absolutely perfect for kendrick to just tear the guts out of. the beats are incredible, and i havent even touched on the real reason this album absolutely NEEEDS to be heard by every fan of hip hop in the world. KENDRICK LAMARS RAPPING. for real, this man is the best rapper i have ever heard in my life, alive or dead… if you disagree, you’re entitled to your opinion but i have never heard anyone with the total package like kendrick. he has the largest diversity of flows, subject matter and rhyme patterns out of anyone rapping right now by far, he goes from keishas song, one of the realest songs ive ever heard, on some straight up 2pac shit to rigamortus. keishas song brought a tear to my eye the first time i heard it, real talk, he captures the emotion of the story hes trying to tell perfectly and explains it more in depth than i could ever dream of. ‘so she hit the back seat, rosa parks never a factor when she makin ends meet’ the bars on this cd are more meaningful and can be interpreted in so many different ways. and then you hear rigamortus, a technical clinic of rapping ability where he GOES THE FUCK IIIINNNNNNNNNNNN from start to finish. Just those two songs show you how versatile he is and those are only 2 motherfuckin songs!!!! album of the year, maybe album of the eternity thus far, LONG LIVE KING KENDRICK. thank you for this wonderful music!!!!!

  • HiiiP

    word to izzzzzz, keishas song is the truth.
    That one song will get ppl hooked into his music.
    If the had a music video for that shit it woild be a game over.

  • joeylisp


  • mdz



    Returnof4eva and Section.80>>>>>>>>>>

    projects of the year. Glad to see cats really putting work into their music lately.

    and I’m sorry if you’re white and can’t relate to the “black power” themes or whatever (boo-hoo) lol..but LOL at the person who said Finally Famous is a better album..right, so fame and success relates to everyone? My life isn’t about fame and money and materials, so no, FInally Famous is trash to me. Apparently thats all Big Sean has to offer.

  • izzzzzz

    and cosign superslim64… smh @ RSX.. success and fame are probably the two topics that THE SMALLEST amount of people can relate to, it is idiotic to think that that all poor people aspire to be famous, everyone just wants a good life and happiness, section 80 is about the struggle to achieve those things and the obstacles that get in the way. thats music real people can relate to, not finally famous.. fuck outta here

  • blaah


    It was #1 hip-hop album and #3 overall on iTunes yesterday sir..

  • RSX

    “Good Life and Happiness” are success, you simpleminded fucks. No, Section.80 is about the struggle of black people, and I can’t put my monetary support behind an artist that marginalizes people, which is why I bootlegged this album. Finally Famous is a start to finish album, the only songs on S80 that can compare to Don’t Tell Me You Love Me (probably the realest song released so far in 2011) is No MakeUp.

    2 songs from Seandon’s catalog (Desire Want & Need; Million Dollars) dead anything by KDot. Section.80 is cool for the type of people that harp upon the plight caused by institutional racism and the government. The types that aren’t going to anything with their lives, because they hide behind albums like this, and try to organize protests and riots instead of beating the system from the inside, actually getting a college education and providing for a family, achieving a “Good Life and Happiness” like you said. H.RapBrown ass niggas smh…..

  • Th3rd ear

    @izzz 2 words…Lupe Fiasco…hes the most versatile MC and is lyrically better than Kendrick..he can do the same thing Kendrick did on Rigamortis except every line will be a metaphor/quadruple entendre..Kendrick can match his MC skills but not his lyrical skills..the 3 best MCs when it comes to lyrical + MC (technical) skills combo are Lupe, Kendrick, and Jay Electronica…and you seriously need to pick up a copy of Illmatic too b4 u say this is the greatest album ever lol

  • RSX

    ^^and Lupe appeals to a much broader range of people. He’s probably at the top of the list of MCs that have balanced underground and mainstream appeal. Kick, Push is a hip-hop classic.

  • Th3rd ear

    @RSX Kendrick is a better overall artist and MC..Kendrick can do everything Sean does (with his simple rhyme schemes and punchlines about his dick smh) Sean cant do everything Kendrick can do

  • for the REALEST Hip Hop in the fuckin world… check this out

  • izzzzzz

    best hip hop album ever might have been a bit of an exaggeration, im just hyped for my man kendrick, you cant blame me for getting a lil too excited… illmatic is definitely better, so is college dropout, the black album and a handful of other classics, i’ll admit that, this shit is definitely the album of the year so far though

    @RSX… 1. you cant say niggas, 2. desire want and need and million dollars are good tracks, sean is dope, finally famous is dope, but when it comes to RAPPING, sean is nowhere near the same league as kendrick, listen to monster freestyle, listen to look out for detox.. you dont have to support him, i will, but im not gonna give my money to a dude who talks about his dick on every single song. and i find it real funny that your making this into a black/white arguement when the very first song is fuck your ethnicity, it doesnt matter what color you are when your listening to music you dumb fuck.

    and i’ll agree that lupe at his BEST is untouchable, but lasers is an absolute abomination that makes me want to projectile vomit when i think about it

  • RSX

    Yea, the first song is Fuck Your Ethnicity, making the last 15 tracks hypocritical…

    Why are we even arguing this when Gilbere Forte and Emilio Rojas could rap circles around anyone mentioned in this thread?

  • bwood

    @RSX i think what kendrick is trying to do is get you to understand what goes on even if you can’t relate..not every person is gonna relate to the music but u can still understand where hes coming from.. big sean is one of my favorites because i think hes fun to listen to..i like finally famous but its not really something that makes me think section.80..FFV3 was better to me but u could tell big sean was going even more mainstrem for FF..

    and everybody talking about lupe..i agree..but i could never really get into lasers like i got into to food & liquor and the cool..its good dont get me wrong it was just different from what i was expecting..i just like how section.80 is the a little different but doesnt go too far from what we are used to hearing from kendrick

  • Empire

    Just stop talking to @RSX, the ignorance is getting overwhelming. Anybody that’s willing to rank Finally Famous over Section.80 is obviously functionally retarded, and that’s coming from a white dude. That kid clearly didn’t understand the album anyway, so let him go listen to trash.

  • All this talk about buying the album is irrelevant, especially when the majority of the album sales go to the record company and rappers admittedly get the majority of their money from shows. Personally Id rather DL the album, like it, and spend $20-$50 when the artist comes to my city and see a live show

    BTW the way the album is AMAZING and is on constant rotation. Big K.R.I.T. still gets my vote for album of the year but this comes in a very close second.

  • RSX

    “Anybody that’s willing to rank Finally Famous over Section.80 is obviously functionally retarded”
    Or obviously someone with a differing opinion on what makes a song or an album good…jeez it’s not like I’m trying to argue Kreayshawn over Kendrick…

    Top 5 Albums/Tapes this year so far (no order):
    Smmertime Sunshne Nghtfall – Gilbere Forte x Sean Rose
    KRIT – R4EVA
    Emilio Rojas – Life Without Shame (Untagged version)
    Gerald Walker – On Your Side
    Weeknd – House of Balloons

    KDot touches none of those…

  • AND LMAO @ dude comparing FF to Section.80. Im a Big Sean fan and FF is fun to listen to but hes doing nothing but talking about fucking hoes and how much money he has. S80 is talking about the ills of society, something that most can relate to. Everybody knows a chick from way back that is now participating in Hoeish activities (Keishas song) Poor people in general can relate to the fact that they system is built to keep the poor, poor and make the rich richer (HiiIPower and Poor Mans Dream). EVERYBODY knows a chick thats insecure about her looks even though she has absolutely no reason to (No Make-up). So thats why Fuck You Ethnicity was NOT contradictory, because its not about race at all. Its about the poor and downtrodden conquering their own demons and rising up and doing something about being oppressed.

    If you missed that then you need your ears examined.

  • @RSX

    ^the only 2 on your list that even come close are R4 and House of Balloons. That Smmertime shit? That was a joke, right?

  • RSX

    uhh…Raw, Money Deux, All For You, pretty much every track except maybe the Outro were better than anything on Section80. Gilbere Forte could rap circles around KDot

  • kool

    so why isnt sex with society on here

  • Rafae Sheikh

    @kool Didn’t make the cut

  • Insipid

    “Gilbere Forte could rap circles around KDot”

    smh… you confused little kid.

  • An excellent article!!!

  • kain

    Cyber Hip Hop is not real…Where are the hard-covers for true Hip Hop heads…the people who actually listen to the words and hear what is being said? The people who are keeping this business alive…the hard-cash payers are being kicked here! Why? This facebook generation is crazy…where are my record stores…that the artist deliver their shit too?

  • Kain

    Classic my ass…how can anything that is only a download (thin air) be a classic? Wasted talent…most likely the worst thing in life! (Sonny)

  • ff

    after about 20 spins ill list my favs

    1. ADHD
    2. HiiPower
    3. Poe Mans Dreams
    4. Ab-Soul Outro
    5. Keisha’s Song
    6. Ronald Regan Era
    7. Fuck Your Ethnicity
    8. Rigamortus
    9. Hol’ Up
    10. Blow my High
    11. Spiteful Chant
    12. Kush & Corinthians
    13. No Make-Up
    14. Tammy’s Song

  • Abel

    @Kain I’m sure u missed this in the description, so I’ll redirect you before u feel ultimately stupid…

  • If this was the only Hip-Hop album released this year I still would of considered it a good year in Hip-Hop.

  • Rafae Sheikh

    @Dylan Co-sign

  • tuckdeezy

    str8 fire. album of the year thus far

  • #chief

    physical copies are back in stock at top dawg ent

  • sstacc3

    I fuck with the Kl LP over this & that OD tape it was the most personal to me

  • Amalgam Digital

    artists submit tracks here and get a chance to be on a mixtape with max b, joe budden, lil b, and young riot!

  • HipHopMogul2011

    @Amalgam Digital

    Word? I can be on the tape with MAX B & Lil B?!!
    Sign me up

  • twelve0one

    Have to admit.. looked at all the comments and though cats was just being Fans. Calling the album classic and shitz.. but after playing the jointz over a week… This nigga is the truth.. I even paid for his album off Itunes.. Not a classic but over half them tracks are bangers..

    And I am a sick emcee so I can judge!! Check below for proof

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