• Sam-uel

    As always my Rome Cee delivers!

  • http://www.bloodhound51.com Syranno

    Shoutout to this man he is working hard I am halfway through the tape and still jammin... has a 90's feel to it and that I can appreciate ...

  • @MASTERMINDBMP -Jay Mastermind

    This is def one of my most favorite albums that I've heard this year... S/O to
    all who contributed and made this project possible. My favorite tracks are #3 #8 & #14... But this is a must to have on your iPod, laptop, or cell phone so make sure you download!
    Special thanks to Rome Cee for giving me the opportunity to be apart of history!

  • Que Tarintino

    Pure heat! Mixtape masterpiece! Rome is a force to be reconed with!

  • ullnevano

    Yoo rome cee is a good dude..this project is dope it was a pleasure being apart of this with my #USM please support..

  • killahgreen

    Rome Cee is doooope! With or without Sean P gotta give this man his propers! Hiphop music like its supposed to be. RESPECT! Bmore and Maryland in general should be proud yo.

  • Roderick Handy

    The combination of raw descriptives delivered with and eloquent vocabulary.. I like real hip hop.. Real lyrical content and good timing coast over smoothly produced tracks... More more more

  • http://www.undersoundmusic.net E Major

    Definitely feeling this joint!

  • Badass

    Good to see E Major rocking the top 10. "the boi be bustan..."

  • Noble Corey

    The Extra Mile is simply a breath of Fresh Air coming from Baltimore, MD. Its a blessing to just press play and zone out to some good music. The Production of the total album has great sound and chemistry. Definitely going to be playing this joint for a while.

  • http://www.citywideent.com CitywideRegg

    I've listened to a lot of rappers out of Baltimore. None who are as gifted as this. I wouldn't have guessed that a rapper from Baltimore would make such a statment on a musical level. Have to say "I gave up" but, I know now there is hope and something to look forward to!!

  • http://810musik.com 810

    good job man #Baltimore Rome Cee can spit

  • August Flight Gordon

    Thoroughly enjoyed it! Hopefully will be working together in the future

  • matth

    SUN...you never cease to amaze me! You seriously make me re-evaluate what I write