50 Cent On Working w/ Eminem & Just Blaze, Amber Rose, Detox, etc (Audio)

blame it on Shake July 3, 2011

Curtis recently hopped on G-Unit Radio w/ DJ Whoo Kid to talk about a variety of topics. From his new hairstyle, releasing Mobb Deep from G-Unit, the rumors of bailing out Max B*, Outlaw, working on the album with Eminem (4 tracks), Just Blaze (2), Boi-1da and Alex Da Kid. He also speaks on a song called Psycho he did for Detox that was supposed to come out already (but hasn’t of course), Amber Rose’s nude pics, Interscope, his relationship with Jay-Z and more.

*Speaking of Max B, check a recent phone recorded track here.

  • Just Blaze Fan

    Just Blaaaaaaaazzzee!!!!

  • prk

    50 cent is back in a big way.

  • crash

    Nah,he aint



  • AnonymouslyHood

    He sorta looks like David Ortiz from the Boston Red Sox…

  • GEE

    Look at the white woman checking out his pro-style curl *dead

  • swagsurfa

    If 50 bail out Max B that nigga a legend. L-E-G-E-N-D.

  • AngryBlackMan

    50 is the realest ever and THE REAL BOSS.


  • MD

    I like Fiddy. I respect his grind and his resilience. Be great to work with him one day.

  • luke_banks

    Im not a fan of his music anymore but im still a big fan of 50 cent as a person. There has never been a more intelligent man in hip hop.

  • bigL


  • marty mcfly

    50 is a business man for sure and his music is dope but his last album bricked hard. Hope he has a better album this time cause making gangsta music relevant again is gonna be tuff. Especially with his Drake hairstyle and without beef fueling his music.

  • kid ink
  • WreckShop

    his music has been hit-or-miss lately, but 50’s consistently gained my respect as a person and as an executive. nuff respect…

  • AngryBlackMan

    Bang Em Smuf Talks Bout 50 Cent ……… Son ran that block. That hole block was his. Niggas used to hustle for son. Everybody used to get money for that nigga. Son was always a big ass boxer nigga.
    He used to fuck niggas up in the hood. His gun game wasn’t crazy. But he used to woop niggas ass. Break niggas jaws. We was all holding him down. Opening doors. This nigga was a fucking boss 4 real. He was a boss. Opening doors and shit. We was his security. When 50 stopped selling drugs.
    The block became mine. 50 had the block on lock. The hole hood was pumping for 50. If you were selling crack in 94 95 you were pumping for 50.
    My nigga ain’t snitch. He ain’t tell. My niggas ain’t no rats. I would never run with rats.

  • dave

    Yo if he freed max-b this would take his career to crazy new would be the talk of the hip hop world.

  • tht dood

    50 is back… That simple

  • DSL

    sumone re-up amber uncensored shit !!!!!

  • Musikfiend

    LOL @ 50 hair & the white chick lookin @ it in that pic.

  • Yo-La. Can anyone out here say Holla, City of Squalla. I really feel as though the real headline is the Max-B track. He came out spitting that ooh sweet fire. He is spitting like a real hip hop head. A lot of cats around my way have a lot to say about Max. But he does spit hard. When he gets out he will have the city on lock. I don’t understand why all you youngins here on this site jock 50 Cents so much. He really ain’t popping off. I mean let’s face it he went from power of a dollar to making teenage love songs. I am talking that Top 20 countdown list. Let’s face it. That is not hip hop. Also you youngings should be ashamed at yourselves for even looking at those amber rose pics. That is someones daughter. No one should be disobeying their religion and looking at those naughty pics. Oh and a little “BTW”, word on my block is that those pics are not even of the real amber rose. They are that of a pornstar who goes by the moniker of Alyssa Rosen. So the joke is on you youngings believing everything h
    You see. Don’t u know the true definition of television…it is tell lie vision. Because it ain’t the news it’s what u want to hear. So bottom line,
    Max B 4 Life.

  • nigga shut the fuck up