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  • Blue

    WHAT busdriver posted the dopeboys? bonus!

  • Ah

    Busdriver is amazing dude, NoCan has those killer lines. This album is gonna be dope.

  • http://breezyexcursion.com eBagatron

    Years ago I went to see Eyedea & Abilities live. Eyedea was too drunk, slurring his raps and eventually left stage early. Abilities was left to carry the show on by himself. Busdriver had opened for them, and when he saw what had happened with Eyedea and how Abilities was hung out to dry, he came back out and performed again. He absolutely tore the show down, along with Abilities rippin' up the 1s and 2s. Always had a lot of respect for Busdriver after that night. Glad he's up on 2dbz.

  • http://merc80.com Merc80

    Busdriver looks so much like Basquiat in this pic.

  • FlyKanga