• DYeezyB

    what the fuck?

  • truthseeker

    Dope.... i love the fact she can hold my attention and she is fully clothed...

  • Tecboy

    NOPE! NOPE! NOPE! That nose ring really f her looks up. She's a gorgeous girl, and her rhyming is not really all that.

  • Prof. Oak

    Lol this bitch sucks! Hahahaha. I love how all rappers are potheads now that it's the "in" thing. Who actually fucks with this? Please tell me why you fuck with it?

  • Lolo

    im all for females coming out, but if The Rapper wasn't in the title, I wouldnt know. The video has a time and place, its cool-a dope female MC is Dutch Rebelle, I don't know if I got it rite, but something like; just cause I squat when I pee doesn't mean I'm RnB-if you want a rhymer she's ya girl

  • http://yeahhhh.com WOW



    ross never putting anybodies album out. suede royale who is fucking dope as shit.... audra.. he doesnt know how to manage other artists.

  • botchington

    this is the worst ive heard from her shes a tight female MC i just dont like this hybrid singing/rap-ish thing shes doing. smh

    Video Visuals are SICKKKKK as HELLLLL tho love tht.

  • razzle

    she nice, she pretty too

    dope track baby


  • brad

    man wut the fuk u lame mufuckas talkin bout? little mama can spit, the shit is abstract & u lazy bitches gotta keep up wit sum different type shit but thats life u old ass mufuckas. baby gal is sexy & got a sound we havent heard before. stop actin like bitches...thank you.

  • unique osmosis

    SMH WTF was that

  • Your Father

    Audra is better than most female rappers out.
    I dunno why she picked this as a single, though.
    Mama, this ain't it.
    Her flow's got no energy on this.
    Couldn't make it through the whole shit.

  • unique osmosis

    ^ so you tell me this chick is better than gean gray get otta here with that crazy talk

    stalley is on the fucking label and he's getting no shine i seen dude in person rocked the show get otta here with this stupid coo coo shit l

  • MC Hammer

    Now this actually sounds like a joke

    but it aint.

  • lesotho

    Nice! She is really good!

  • chronwell

    She trippy mane! I dont see any drawbackls to Audra the Rapper except her nose piercing. I expected worse and she pleasantly surpised me. I like when that happens.

  • and won

    Is that Sean Kingston in a wig?

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  • Musikfiend

    I'm sorry this is wack.