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Rich & Black Chronicles: Raekwon & Nas pt. 1 (Video)

blame it on Meka July 5, 2011

I saw a clip of this last week during the screening for 9th Wonder’s documentary, and was immediately interested in what it was all about.

In a week’s notice, LRG Films traveled to Oslo, Norway to shoot the new video for “Rich and Black” with Raekwon and Nas. While backstage in Oslo, we got some footage of the two hip-hop legacies. In this clip, Nas speaks about his first time meeting Raekwon.

  • Prof. Oak

    This was really dope.

  • haha this was dope…i wish they were longer tho…wud b great to hear all the stories stright from rae and nas.

  • T

    Nas has the raspiest voice of all time.

  • HipHop

    Great to see these two together.

  • pico presi

    These two are personally my favorite MC’s of all time, not saying they are the best of all time but def my favs. Rich and Black is that shit and shaolin vs wu tang was a very underrated album. I hope we get to see more music from these icons

  • Cage

    That was dope… these two cats are legendary

  • miro

    video right here made my day..great story and 2 of the illest ever, b yfar