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Big Daddy Kane Says He Would’ve Smashed Rakim In a Battle (Video)

blame it on JES7 July 6, 2011

Back in their heydays of course. Kane says Rakim would have been No Competition. What does the dopehouse think? Who would you have put your money on if these two heavy weights were to battle each other?

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  • vince

    i wouldve crapped my pants if they wouldve gone toe to toe, but i feel the R would take it

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  • DJ Premier

    Big Daddy Kane simply has the power and charisma to win over a battle crowd, rakim simply doesn’t have that same intensity.

  • and won

    I believe it, doesn’t mean shit though. Overall, Rakim is the greater lyricist and the battle would be close. BDK is still dope though.

  • LD818

    Ra, no question. ^^^Rakim’s charisma was in the calm intesity of his delivery, plus he could drrop the compound syllable rhyme patterns that Kane used too. Kane was the King, but Rakim was the God.

    I’m a huge Big Daddy Kane fan from waaaay back…but yeah, he knows where he needs to put a quarter, ’cause he damn sure played himself with that comment.

  • hippaToDaHoppa

    Ra was a pure writer.
    Kane had more intensity, charisma, and freestyle experience.

    Kane would win the battle, though Ra is the better artist/lyricist.

    Just like the Royce/FAB battle where Royce got embarrassed. Royce is clearly the better writer/rhymer, but he just didn’t have the battle chops to take on someone who can free like FAB.

  • DJ Premier
  • dedxsad

    rakim would shit on anyone, anytime

  • 8 comments says it all about the current state of hip-hop

  • dedxsad

    btw is this really DJ Preimier commenting?

  • Kane would take it. He’s the G.O.A.T. that goes unrecognized

  • darealist

    Wtf is BDK talmbout? Rakim will ether the fuck outta this nigga.

  • dedxsad

    BDK is the most underrated and under appreciated Emcee among the people, but Rakim is the greatest Emcee the game has ever heard

  • Any of y’all heard this unreleased Ra joint called Hypnotic?


    Shots fired at Kane?

    “I don’t sniff no Kane to get RAW”

  • DJ Premier

    So sorry to disappoint im not the real Premo, If you think Rakim would win give me a reason to why, randomly cursing doesn’t really do yourself justice.

  • Maga D

    Rakim would never win in a battle. Maybe on wax, but infront of a live crowd? BDK.

  • jacob

    yea lyrically..hes just better…but theyre virtually the same rapper, kanes just a bit btter

  • DJ Premier

    Virtually the same rapper ??? How

  • IllicitMC101

    Personally, I’m saying Kane…I think he had better flows and punchlines. I think in terms of rhyming Rakim is amazing, and can put words and paint a picture like no other, but my money, for battling would be on Kane.

    I also just wanna state, that after reading Shakes post about ‘Kast yesterday, half of the cats who visit this site probably have no idea who Ra and Kane are.

    Respect the ‘ledge!

  • marty mcfly

    Rakim is a great writer but BDK would be just too much style for Rakims flow.

  • leutrim

    big daddy kane was known as an amazing battle rapper, rakim was the better overall lyricist because of his stream of conscious rhymes. I would have to say that BDK would win, though it would be truly incredible to watch them go at it

  • DJ Premier

    Nice track Justice never heard it, oh for sure those were shots at bdk.

  • Tecboy

    Rakim never had to battle anyone, cause his style of rhyme no one else was doing. He said what he had to say and meant what he said, no one ever challenged him, cause he laid it down on his tracks as well lifted up those who struggled in the ghetto. Kane was more of a performer, a gifted lyricists and he battled throughout his come up. Both are brothers through the NOI. Media always trying to play that instigator from elementary, put the stick on one shoulder and tell the other to knock it of, like you knocking the other momz in the toilet. Two gifted brothers in a class by themselves. Would really like to hear them do something together. Put a lot of these busters in check! PEACE!

  • BW

    BDK > Rakim

  • 2 of the greats dam rakim on wax kane in battle i would like to see the both of them talk about it in an interview this is the shit dopeboyz show shit like this sun thanks dopeboyz

  • I would have to go with Rakim because Kane’s rhythm allowed for him to make unique songs and I don’t see that transitioning into that battle attitude. Rakim is lyricism at it’s purest. But who’s to say now tho we are all just guessing if a hard boiled egg could float

  • supermizzle

    bdk has lost his damn mind. niggas want to see this battle more now than 20 years ago. dudes should make it happen. you know dudes got verses locked and loaded ready to pop off. nobody will lose. ra fans will say ra won. kane fans will say kane won. they aren’t gonna sway niggas or change peoples minds after 20 years of supporting the other dude so why not just make it happen.

  • Laky

    people seem to be misunderstanding the question. the question is who would have won a rap battle between Rakim and BDK. BDK is a much better battle rapper and would have won. Doesn’t mean he’s a better rapper or lyricist necessarily, just that he would have won a rap battle. Don’t get it confused …

  • BDK would’ve cooked Rakim in a battle…. point blank period…

  • Caveman

    LAKY got it right with his post. i believe bdk would of won in a battle also. this does not take anything away from rakim though. both are legendary MC’s. who really knows how it’d go down, all that is certain is that it’d be a championship bout type of battle, clash of the titans type shit.

  • killa jerz

    Damn to the unsuspecting uneducated young nigga BDK looks like some niggas kind hearted grand pappy lol

  • T’Challa

    “Ra was a pure writer.
    Kane had more intensity, charisma, and freestyle experience.

    Kane would win the battle, though Ra is the better artist/lyricist.”

    ^^^ Heavy co-sign

  • Dick B.

    LOL @ Big Daddy Kane getting full of himself. Rakim’s better. Sure he took a long time to write, but do we really base who’s a better rapper on their freestyles? It’s hard to say who’d win, I never heard either of them drop a freestyle.

    @DJ Premier – Even the real DJ Premier has said in interviews that Rakim is #1.

  • esnchlsptr

    I feel without question Kane would win the battle…. but Ra is still the greatest MC TO TOUCH THE MIC. Search youtube and check out what Tajai (S.O.M.) had to say about the greatest MC’S and his reasons for his choices. Probably the best way I’ve heard someone sum up that question

  • 325

    Please. Rakim don’t stand a chance to Kanes’ punchlines and freestyles.

  • Kaos

    Rakim is a great rapper no question about it. However when Kane dropped raw, set it off & wrath of kane NOBODY was touching that. Everyone followed his style & tried to emulate him after that. He was also a ghost writer for Shante, Biz markie and other juice crew members. Big Daddy Kane is a master showman with a deep arsenal of weapons. He is like a battleship that goes into war mode if necessary. No disrespect to Rakim but Kane wins the battle

  • mmkayy

    in a battle ? BDK

    but they both GOATs

  • egyle

    B. Diddy!

  • bdk would start busting out dance moves if it got heated

  • I Love MILFS

    I think it would have been a good battle but Kane ain’t no ho. I think he would have just unleashed minutes of punchlines on Rakim, plus that nigga got a smooth flow so I go with with Kane only by a little though. Both are leagends

  • Rakim owned 86-90 but Kane ruled the 90s and is still relevant where Rakim aka Ralph Ellison is the new age Invisible Man.


    WHY WON’T ANYBODY ASK KANE ABOUT THE MISTER CEE INCIDENT?? Scared ass faggot ass fake journos

  • SaVaughn

    Ok I’m the biggest Rakim Ffan ever but Ra Comeon my Kane is a battle rpper you right the dopest rhymes eva. Rakim would be no Comp. Now a battle between KRS-ONE and Kane I don’t know

  • Musikfiend

    Don’t know who would win but the battle would be dope!!!

  • Meeow

    as much as I like Kane

    sorry dude Rakim hand down. No doubt!