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Brooklyn Bodega Presents: Nitty Scott, MC (Video)

blame it on Meka July 6, 2011

Another performer for next week’s 2011 Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival (which the dopehouse will be in effect for), the female firecracker speaks to Brooklyn Bodega on the creative process for upcoming The Boombox Diaries, Vol. 1 EP.

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  • Bowski

    I like this chick

  • Bruno

    This bitch is not (2) dope, but looks dope.

  • prezi

    AYO.. focus on her as an MC not her looks son. Im sure she has to hear this from guys all day.. Naw for reel Im jus playing, someone said that to me last nitty scott post. haha.

  • Red

    She’s so annoying.

  • supatroop

    Wats so annoyin about her?? Wats annoying is how hard yall make it for female rapperz to get luv. This chick is grindin hard, makin good music 4 the masses nd the youth NOT slanging ass. Yall negative miserable hataz need to respect it already

  • Tone Riggz

    I’ve met her, she’s very nice…and she can rhyme…

  • Musikfiend


  • 101

    Nitty, Nitty, Nitty… say some smart rhyme… what the f* you thinkin’… rappin’ is a dope crime!