Evidence – Cats & Dogs (Artwork x Tracklist)

blame it on Meka July 6, 2011

So it seems that September 27th is going to be the unofficial “Hip-Hop Mega-Release” day. Alongside 9th Wonder and Phonte dropping their own solo projects and both Big K.R.I.T. and J. Cole set to drop their major label debuts, Evidence has just announced that he will join them by releasing his long-awaited Cats & Dogs that day as well. SHAKE UPDATE: Cover art added as well, and let’s not forget Yelawolf will be dropping on this date as well.

01 The Liner Notes f. Aloe Blacc
02 Strangers
03 The Red Carpet f. Raekwon & Ras Kass
04 It Wasn’t Me
05 I Don’t Need Love
06 You
07 God Bless That Man
08 Fame f. Roc Marciano & Prodigy
09 James Hendrix (Stepbrothers)
10 Late For The Sky f. Slug & Aesop Rock
11 Crash
12 Where You Come From? f. Rakaa, Lil Fame & Termanology
14 To Be Continued…
15 Falling Down
16 Well Runs Dry f. Krondon
17 The Epilogue

I need tracks three and eight immediately.

It’s official; they’re all trying to make us go broke on September 27th. Also, Ev will be going on tour next month, you can check out the dates and locations down bottom.

08.05.11 Chicago, IL – The Metro *
08.07.11 Pontiac, MI – Crofoot Ballroom *
08.09.11 London, ON – London Music Hall CA *
08.10.11 Toronto, ON – Phoenix Concert Theatre CA *
08.12.11 Bangor, ME – KahBang Festival *
08.13.11 Clifton Park, NY – Northern Lights *
08.15.11 Cleveland, OH – House of Blues *
08.16.11 Cincinnati, OH – Bogarts *
08.17.11 Saint Louis, MO – The Pageant *
08.19.11 Denver, CO – Red Rocks Amphitheater *
08.20.11 Salt Lake City, UT – The Grand @ The Complex *
08.21.11 Eagle, ID – Eagle River Pavillion *
08.22.11 Seattle, WA – Paramount Theatre *
08.24.11 South Lake Tahoe, CA – Montbleu Resort *
08.25.11 Santa Cruz, CA – Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium *
08.26.11 Los Angeles, CA – Greek Theatre *
08.27.11 Mesa, AZ – Mesa Amphitheatre *

09.03.11 New York City, NY – Rock The Bells – NYC – Governor’s Island US
09.10.11 Boston, MA – Rock The Bells

* w/ Atmosphere

  • JChrome

    he dropped the cover today I am sure you can find that in a minute thought.
    also Yela on the 27th… I am not sure about that day. I think many will be pushed back

  • dope.

    Will be the dopest album that comes out that day.

  • Rezo

    Cole will not be dropping on 9/27 you can bank on that! More like November something.

  • DB

    track 10!

  • Cali Grown

    Oh, shit just got serious with that tracklist. Can’t wait for the LA show.

    All us LA dope boys & girls should meet up for this show. I’ll bring the green.


  • Miller
  • LMK!


  • CA NATIVE 213

    No Track 13. Very Clever Mr Evidence! Cover alone is a 10. If one song is good past that it is copped. I Don’t Need Love beat is the sickest shit ,YouTube it ! “Ev Going In On Reason 4” Termanology too! Fuck.

  • TRACK 10!

  • LoyeZ

    mr. slow flow! can’t wait anymore…this shit gonna blow your mind!

  • Y3K


  • Cali Grown

    All the mentioned tracks by you guys look dope but I’m personally looking forward to track 16. Ev & Krondon should provide some epic material probably over a Sid Roams beat.

  • Ev said there are two Premo tracks. Wonder which ones they are. Can’t wait for this, been too long!

  • marty mcfly

    WOW This is epic !!! Anybody who understands the importance of picking dope beats should understand this guys ear for music. Not only does he produce and pick dope beats but he upgrades them and always tries to create new sounds that still have the essence of boom bap in them. His rapping can sometimes be an acquired taste but his perspectives and wordplay is dope. This shit is gonna be fucking crazy… Mr Slow Flow , Down in New York City , NC to CA , The Far Left , The Cold Weather , Let The Beat Flip and Thinking About Thinking. DOPE DOPE DOPE DOPE DOPE etc….

  • White Mike

    @Chi2LA23 well it could be a while before we know the exact production line-up. Right now Ev confirmed that Alchemist has 6, DJ Premier has 2, and Rahki has 2. Obviously, Sid Roams has at least 1, because they did To Be Continued. Alchemist did Red Carpet because they had the beat playing in the studio on Youtube about a year ago. I don’t want to speculate too much. Hopefully we’ll get the production line-up soon. I hope Jake One got a jam on there. I also hope Evidence did a beat or two himself.

  • PattE.R.

    FUCK YES. If anything sounds like To Be Continued… This is already Epic.

  • White Mike

    Thanks ASTRO! So Same Folks with Fashawn will be a bonus song. DOPE!

    A few others Ev has mentioned that may have been axed and/or had title-changes are No Evidence, Make it Mine, Deprivation, and Nothing Left to Say. Hopefully some of those if they haven’t been renamed could be bonuses or seem some form of release.

  • @ White Mike

    I feel like I heard Jake One did some production on this too? Either way it’s going to be sick. I’ll have to look into the footage from the studio with Red Carpet.


  • k1ng

    track 13 is missing

  • justDon

    I was about to say NO FASH ?! whatupwitdat. but i guess he made the bonus so its all good

  • White Mike

    @marty mcfly

    His rapping can be an acquired taste but once you get it it sticks with you. I like how you mentioned the ear for beats. Ev has a youtube video talking about Cats and Dogs where he talks about how important The Chronic was to him in terms of being able to have a good balance of guests and solo songs.

    He’s also really able to separate his ego from his music and surround himself with people that do the same. Alchmist executive produced Weatherman and could easily have suggested that Ev use one of his beats as a single, but agreed with Ev that they should go with Mr. Slow Flow.

    Being able to detach and look from the outside in on your own work is a skill a lot of artists don’t have. Ev seems to be able to tell what is the best of his own material.

    I am gonna go broke on 9/27. 9th Wonder, Phonte, Big KRIT, Evidence, and supposedly J. Cole? Man that’s a big day.

  • risen357


  • White Mike

    @k1ng, Track 13 is also missing on the Rhymesayers press release. 2dopeboyz didn’t mess it up.

  • Rio$

    this and krits album is all i need that day or whenever they leak

  • White Mike

    @k1ng, it’s possible they skipped over 13 on the keyboard and went straight to 14 and on. There might only be 16 songs.

  • White Mike

    Okay so the tracklist is right. There is no track 13, and then on track 14, we’ve all heard Ev say, “the 13th floor was missing in the towers.” No track 13. That’s clever.

  • AAA

    Only white rapper i give a fuck about.cant w8.

  • who cares

    Can’t wait for this and tha Yela album. Cole is overrated and Krit just isn’t for me. Nothin’ against him tho.


    dope cover
    hahah Sept. 27 is my sister bday so i think ima have to steal her money if i want these albums

  • macturnal

    can’t wait!!..(Bart Scott voice)

  • Jaymacka

    EV, Aesop & Sluggo will be crazy!!!

  • yugang

    Im gonna be flat broke after september 27th lol

    and marty’s comment was on point about evidence

  • African Booty Snatcher

    Jay Electronica…where you at!?

  • Aussie

    Dilated for Life, Evidence holding it down as one of the dopest on the mic and on the production boards.
    The realest, don’t get it twisted.

    One of the best to do it, one day more people will realise!

  • Surf Is Up

    Thank You for the “I am on a label let me get big names now” not happening here. Good choices and Great Cover art too. Will buy this for sure.

  • Chicago Red

    Heard Well Runs Dry in my co worker’s office who does press for Rhymesayers. The rhyme is real as it can get. I thank you in advance Ev.

  • White Mike

    @Chicago Red I wonder if Well Runs Dry is the same as Deprivation but just re-titled…

    Your post makes me even more hyped!

  • Rich-nice

    Everlast is also dropping his solo album this day. I know cats in hip hop ain’t feeling him like they did, but never forget he was always a homey and big brother to evidence…..and the the original ev.

  • Devon 909

    Drop Falling Down! Tired of watching the YouTube performance. Need the real Audio to bang it! Cats & Dogs!

  • Rob

    wheres blu? wheres fashawn? come on man!

  • @rezo get off cole’s dick! this post is about evidence and u still talking shit about cole….sit the fuck down somewhere with that hate smh

    ANYWHO…..this shit right here! cant wait for this to drop

  • sahlay

    this shyt gets copped first day. don’t even need to hear any leaks. EV! Dilated!

  • FuckSwag

    ^^^^ ROB – Look above on the comments.Fashawn is featured on the Bonus tune. In the words of Ev’s twitter page #BO!

  • ivemar80

    The Weatherman is a classic in my book.
    The Layover EP was crazy dope.
    OMG at the artwork.
    Guess I’m a EV fanboy.

  • first ave

    whether scratching or sing along chorus it is always raw. This looks like it will follow suite very well. I was hoping it was going to be a little shorter because my only problem with The Weatherman Lp was that is was a little too long. This is a minor thing and am not complaining just stating opinion. . Good Luck and success with Rhymesayers Entertainment!

  • Michael Wimmer

    I´m sure that the Rakaa, Fame and Term track will be prod. by Preem!!! Can´t wait!!!



  • How many times can you like something!? AND CAN WE SEE PRODUCTION CRETITS? If Preem is on there! WHOA! and I predict some Sid Roams, Twiz, Alc…?

  • White Mike

    @first ave, after the wait, I don’t care if it’s 80 mins (mac CD length) PLUS bonus songs.

    @12th Letter, Ev confirmed 2 Premier tracks and 6 Alchemist tracks. Sid Roams and Rahki both did at least 1. That’s all we know. You can probably bet Ev, Babu, and Twiz have joints on this as well. Who knows?

  • baby GEE

    ^^^ The 13th track is missing and i’m sure another number or two is a interlude. Both previous releases had them. To respond to First Ave,it might be more to your liking.

  • White Mike

    @baby GEE, there is no missing track 13. The tracklist is correct. On track 14, which you can here now, Ev says :the 13th floor was missing in the towers.” Leaving track 13 blank is intentional, and clever if you think about it.

  • Washcloth: the son of Towelie

    Woah…Aesop Rock? Haven’t heard anything from him for years now. That should be a track to look forward to.