Phil Ade – Monte Carlo Dreams

blame it on Shake July 6, 2011

First leak off Phil Ade’s upcoming album, A Different World, dropping right here on July 19th. We’ve been talking about this project for quite sometime and now everything is finally in place and were ready to start the campaign! Get ready.

DOWNLOAD: Phil Ade – Monte Carlo Dreams (prod. Sunny Norway) | Mediafire

  • Jimmy


  • Markie

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  • dirtydonuts

    Can’t believe I’m hearing a U.S. Royalty sample in a hi[p hop it!

  • Kushington

    This dude has grown on me ever since that TocaTuesday freestyle he ripped apart.

  • CumStain

    never listened to this guy before but im impressed, definitely gonna be on the lookout

  • This was fresh. Phil Ade > OFWGKTA and Lil B

  • and won

    This guy and Ras Kass clearly go to the same barbershop.

  • T-Luv

    That nigga head aint ordinary bruh

  • hector

    Ade keeps getting nicer and nicer

  • Phil always comes through… and Sunny Norway on the beats. Bout equal to XV and Seven.

  • coniah

    I like it

  • Amp

    Wow…..Sooooooooooo happy that I decided to just go ahead and listen to this guy that I never heard of. Love this track and OFCOURSE the BEAT!!!

  • Derrick Howard

    Dude snapped….. beat and lyrics meshed very well…. kept posting more of his work… alot of people will listen

  • Kanye East

    Looks like some people were really sleeping on Phil? Dayum…

  • WackAsFuck

    For only 50 cents a day you can help sponsor this child. LOL wtf is up with this picture. Wack as fuck.

  • 111

    Great Lyrics, not feeling the beat tho