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The ILLZ – Let It Fall (Preview)

blame it on Meka July 6, 2011

Directed by Kristopher Rey-Talley.

A genre bender in the true sense of the word, Let It Fall is not quite a music video, nor is it a short film, but rather a mix of both. It’s a surrealist, dreamlike experience. Chronicling the emotional journey as a couple deals with a breakup, the piece moves in and out of reality, meant to be experienced on an emotional and visual level.

The whole piece is like a puzzle. Each chapter is a thematic sequel to the one before it, but the worlds in each video are very much their own.

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  • NYC22

    That preview was better than any Curtis Jackson film.

  • macturnal

    get familiar!!…

  • GeeZuP

    @NYC22 I co-sign that, the ILLZ is the shit this video series looks like its gonna be dope

  • SaTownScrew

    What song is this? I know it’s like a trailor but the lay over. please let me know

  • Turtle

    Wow this looks really sick. Illz is fillin in for Jay Elec.

  • SaTownScrew : the song is Until We Bleed by Lykke Li. peace xx

  • djcashcab
  • Melo15


  • mack12

    cinamatic records, why is he not signed

  • It’s a Kleerup song with Lykke Li featured on it. Called “Until We Bleed.”

  • HIBACHI202

    @Turtle co-sign. The ILLZ is killin it ri now. I bet Jay is gonna hit us with something new pretty soon though, cus he usually slacks for 6 months and then releases something…BUT when it drops, its on repeat till the new joint comes out. i hated prelude to a freestyle cus of the quality but it grew on me, and now its my favorite song (at the moment) from his catalog.