Consequence – On My Own f. KiD CuDi (prod. Kanye West)

blame it on Meka July 7, 2011

This cut was originally slated to be on Cons TV… but we all know what happened next, so now it will see the light of day on Movies On Demand 3.

DOWNLOAD: Consequence – On My Own f. KiD CuDi (prod. Kanye West) | Mediafire
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  • realtalk

    FINAL-FUCKIN-LY been waiting on this shit forever.. now that this leaked, its ok for Cons can dissappear from this planet for all i care lol

  • I Love MILFS

    Shit yes, I was just listening to the snippet

  • Damn this song is sick.

  • I Love MILFS

    And Consequence needs to just apologize and him and Ye need to make up because he can’t get no shit as far as music quality like this from nowhere else. For him to have Ye at his best on the beats and Cudi on the hook, this shit could have really went good as far as his album. But that bandcamp shit he trying to endorse is not going to fuck with anything like this. The old G.O.O.D and the new G.O.O.D just need to come back as a whole including GLC, Really Doe, SA-RA and Bentley. The label could really be a Grammy Family if these niggas play the part and stop being arrogant.

  • John

    well said /\/\

  • The hook is pretty awesome. I like

  • Bigwill

    Yes! I’ve been waiting on this

  • Coolstorybro

    Exactly what he said

  • A “George Clooney/Rezo/fulltimeboss/D $cience/MartyMcFly/red(you are posting…)” Stan fka Answer Me!

    The cover art reminded me of Resident Evil 4’s lake stages. ha!

    Song is good… 3.5/5

    ^^ One of the best sample-free instrumental I’ve ever heard. It bangs harder than “This Plane” only wished it could. Whoever bought it fuckin better not fuckin ruin it!!

  • Realtalk

    Cons is butthurt with Ye

    Cons still using Ye beats.

    Kanye stay winning.

  • Pretty cool. And I usually don’t really like Cons. This would be a great record for an album…THAT COULD BE RELEASED TO THE MASSES AND NOT JUST THAT BANDCAMP! GHUA!

  • DOOM

    @ Realtalk: For real -Cons without Ye’? Dude better make amends before he ends up with no ends to spend.

  • Satan, Satan, Satan

    How is this guy gonna diss all of GOOD music and all the best songs on his mixtape are kanye west produced? I would cons is about to fall off, but the dude was never on top to begin with.

  • Kushington

    Dope track…Hook is nice. Wish Kudi would give up his shitty ass rock career and come back to spittin.

  • 2


  • dope track. kanye killed the beat. consequence killed his career

  • With everything that is going on with this dude, it sure brings out the irony in his name.

  • 325

    Everyone keep gettin on cons for leaving ye. Ice cube went through the same shit with nwa, left and still did well for himself. Hopefully cons can do the same.

  • Arman

    not bad

  • sayWORD

    No offense to Cons, but this song wouldn’t have been special if it wasn’t for CuDi’s singing and Kanye’s production. Just make amends already.