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Demrick – What’s Good f. Brevi (Video)

blame it on Shake July 7, 2011

Directed by Modern Artists.

Off Young De Demrick and Scoop DeVille’s upcoming project, NevaLOOKBack!

  • jorge


  • wtf

    that nigga ugly lol no homo the whole video all you see is nostrils


    A bit mouthy, huh?

  • umightbgay

    i like this… and how can you say no homo right after you judge the way a man looks… if your a dude, that’s kind of gay

  • dirtysixchambers

    that screenshot would give little kids nightmares.

  • ehacker10

    dudes are definitely goofy looking but the track is heat.

  • troll

    They put a nigga with a nose as big as him on a panoramic camera? HA.

  • lmao

    @umightbgay stfu if the nigga ugly he ugly that dnt mean you gay 4 calling it out
    u proably ugly


    id pay this dude to stop making songs

  • james r aka the real truth

    lmao . no your gay if you are a man commetting on mans look & calling him ugly . you one who is probaly ugly . so stop being a faq & judging mens look

  • Yet again, you promote these dweebs, yet you show no love toTyler The Great or Odd future or Wulf gang. Rolf! OFWGKTA! bOOyA. sKREW A sCOOPdEVILLE, Demrick or Some OoGlie wrapper

  • Stop frontin and post that new Frank Ocean – Dream Killer track up. Odd Future InVaSioN. F A B.O.B.! tYLER WuZ hErE. TwEaT ThIs. This Post is for Hodgy Beats, Earl Sweatshirt, Mike G, DoMo, Left Brain, Syd The Kyd and Matt Martians and other non-musical members. We Made It…TolD YaLL! bLoAw…hOw You LiKe Me Know

  • Hustlenfloe

    This nigga needs to stop making music. He puts out 100 songs a week and theyre all wack with a wack video to go along with the songs. Waste of time and space on 2dopeboyz.

  • You know what it’s hitting for when a song is named What’s Good.

  • JohnnyB

    Dude on the left scares me.

  • Jriizzle

    Shake puts this shit up but hates on Ricky Rawse?? E-thugs just copying these Hipster trends. Its cool you can be a hipster.

  • ThatStanleyCupCity

    Fuck all yall! Don’t judge someone on their appearance! He’s not even ugly… There’s not much depth to the chorus/lyrics, but you cannot deny the guy has flow. The contents bad but the flow is good and the beat is actually fireeee!