VERSES: Shalone vs. DMX (Video)

Directed by Court Dunn

The dopehouse & Director Court Dunn present the next installment of "VERSES", an acapella music video series where your favorite MCs drop a verse from their favorite MCs. In this edition Shalone recites Earl's still-gutter-as-fuck "Get At Me Dog."

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  • Vigilante

    That was straight, no complaints here.

  • NYC809

    3rd grade singing star spangled banner...using proper manners..learnedto handle anger, animal behavior..later on my block, rockin wit my jocks on..eatin bonton cheese popcorn...hummin a Kiss Rock Song...socks long to my knees summer breeze runnin thru the leaves playing freeze tag...Can i stay out PLEASE Dad? Can i hang out wit my little gang out..hearing shots rang out...heard my moms call my name out...come up stairs run up stairs..take a bath..shit stain underwears..wipe yourself wit paper bad little ass.. Hit my bed @ 830 wash my plate ate dinner up late gazing @ the wall praying basketball was my future for this young one, hoopin in the sun, proud to be where i come, from later shootin guns ,fantisize fascinated by gold rope chains ...lookin back @ my hood days... but things aint change...NASTY NAS

  • And Won

    great verse


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