• JustAFanOfMusic

    Like the cover... don't like the rapper.

  • conratron

    lol VIIII?


  • yodaddybrother

    that Comfort Zone is rocking

  • nadanada


  • Pauly Dee

    I don't really know if she's dope or not, just like Cory Gunz. I've only heard one or two songs so I can't say she's wack...

    O forreal Meka? Now I can take time out of my busy schedule to run down to a 7-11 store IF I can find one!! -_-

  • Life’s coup

    She's not the best out of Richmond. A group called The Youth is...Look them up on google.

  • dREQ

    lol @ VIIII

  • Prof. Oak

    So she's over 7 feet tall...?

  • bb

    cover is dope, goddddddddddammmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnnn she's garbage

  • Sneaks

    Thumbs up......for free slurpees