• bob

    Are the Cool Kids cool with this? Or just Andrew?

  • http://fuckshakenigga.com bitchass

    this shit goes.

    p.s. how come yall cant post that new pusha t shit? u still got sand in your viginas when it comes to tyler the creator?

  • Dumb Ads

    How about you guys disable that stupid ass autoplay ad at the top of the page. Shit started playing randomly when I was on the main page. Smh. Instrusive ads fail.

  • c

    this tape sounds dope so far. Asher kills it but that shouldn't be surprising by now

  • timbo slice

    @bitchass- that new pusha is DOPE AS FUCK

  • http://fuckshakenigga.com bitchass

    im sayin, that shit is some serious..

  • reupgang

    behind the scenes pull strings like geppetto the gun blow steam whistle like a tea kettle


    How about you guys disable that stupid ass autoplay ad at the top of the page.
    how about just get adblock with chrome , like millions have, no ads on any site. thought this was 2011

  • thefactz

    these cool kids have the same swag as i see niccas on tv with... smh these fake dudes taking weezy and wiz swag so bad its pathetic... good luck getting money and becoming relevant swagger jackers

  • T-Hale

    Asher Roth in the top 5 underrated?

  • c

    Asher Roth in the top 5 period if you just base it on verses from the last year

  • TheBestttter

    THIS IS ALMOST AS TIGHT AS THISSS.... http://t.co/Rid6PAx

  • T-Luv

    @thefactz-Excuse me sir but you gotta be ignant as fuck to say some shit like that

    Cool kids been doin this for a min IE they were wearing the snapbacks back when tyga was still in HS, speaking of high school I see you failed history...

  • http://twitter.com/theGRkid theGRkid

    @thefactz you are fucking stupid. end of story.

  • anchorman

    Asher Roth in the top 5 period if you just base it on verses from the last year


  • dirtysixchambers

    how have all these songs leaked but the album hasn't yet?

  • wtf?


    Nigga you're dumb dumb the cool kids had that "swag" before wiz or wayne. The Cool Kids are the ones who made that shit cool. Mainstream niggas jack everything from underground niggas. And they get money. You must be new to this internet shit go back to watching 106 & park and listening to the radio fag.

  • http://www.shoe-jordan.com nice

    This fashion not feeling well now


    The cool kids just need to add boldy james because he is on all they shit now. But this shit is raw, Asher is a beast

  • Tyson
  • afoXbehindthewheel

    @thefacrz wow, your a dumb mother fucka, nothing else to say.

    Back to the music, every leak i've heard sounds so damn tough, i defninitely cannot wait to cop this. Then again I've already waited like 50+ years for this (j/k lol). gonna be a god tuesday

  • creamGetTheMoney

    boldy is that niggga...I stopped listening to asher aftjer his debut lp just thought that shit was corny. but everything hes ddropped since than, i cant even lie has been dope as fuck.

  • flylivin

    Boldy's the future out of the D. @thefactz stupid lil bitch. Cool Kids been on this shit. Mikey the only nigga i can recall swaggin wit the old Nautica and Hugo Boss shit. them boys been settin trends

  • Ben

    @thefactz I can't tell if your name is supposed to be ironic haha frontin like you're a motherfuckin weezy connoisseur or some shit. that's some oxymoronic craziness ha fuck outta here

  • marswhitemon

    that noise in the beat at 1:01 makes me think of napoleon dynamite LMAO but this shit is crack!!!