I-20 – California Dreamin’ f. Game (prod. Buckwild)

blame it on Shake July 9, 2011

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  • BigL

    man somebody should tell the game that is fucking sucks now, he used to be a very good rapper. every fucking time i get happy when i read his name on a song but then … fuck man i hope R.E.D gonna be dope

  • BigL

    that he fucking sucks now*

  • @BigL same here…

  • Rap

    Yo, stop hatin game, name 1 fuckin album that he didn’t rep the west or rap? you must be listenin to tyga or somebullshit like that. When it comes to rap, nowadays, game is the savior

  • Leggo

    think RED. let hoe niggas hate

  • BigL

    @Rap You can’t fucking read right ? so tell me where the fuck i said that the games albums sucks ? I just say he sucks NOW, do you know what “now” means ? man im from germany my englisch sucks but i think my englisch is better than yours. So what i want to say is, his albums was good but THESE DAYS he bullshitin to much

  • BigL

    and look at my name .. BIG L boy … BIG FUCKING L and you come to me like tyga and all that shit ?

  • AMP

    Lol Rap that was some stupid shit I can’t lie…

  • alright

    HA…BigL got heated real quick!

  • Rap

    Yo german guy, where did I fuckin mention you?
    And now @BigL
    Name 5 rappers, mainstream of course, that are better than Game.
    Don’t dare say Eminem and Kanye, cuz you know, and everybody knows, that they aren’t.
    Please white boy, focus

  • Dear @Rap,

    Please shut the fuck up, you come off as a brain damaged 12 year old.


  • BigL

    @Rap Man you even dont unterstand me, why should i tell you 5 better rappers ? thats so unimportant, look i said ” the game sucks these days ” and you say to me ” name 5 rappers that are better than game… WTF ???

  • Rap

    Game is better than everyone, even his worsts verses are better than tupac’s verses
    hands down

  • Rap

    @Shihaby Shut up bitch, i ain’t talking to u