(2)Deep: Scott Caan & Alchemist Are: The Whooliganz

blame it on JES7 July 10, 2011

Years before Scott Caan would become the pompous character Scott Lavin on Entourage and playing Danno on Hawai’i 5-0, he was a rapper affiliated with Cypress Hill. Yes, you read that right. Scott went by Mad Skillz and together with fellow emcee Mudfoot (years later, he would be known to us as Alchemist), these two PNCs ran together as the rap duo known as The Whooliganz. Their run was in the early 90s, when Cypress and Soul Assassins was running thangs. Although they never officially put out a full length LP, they did drop two singles that were pretty big in the underground scene. Put Your Handz Up was produced by the legendary DJ Lethal and showcases that signature Cypress Hill funk. Hardbody. Whooliganz was produced by Baka Boyz and featured a verse by B-Real. Enjoy these (2)dope slices of nostalgic FUNK.

DOWNLOAD: Put Your Handz Up (Original) (prod. DJ Lethal)

DOWNLOAD: Put Your Handz Up (QDIII rmx)

DOWNLOAD: Whooliganz f. B-Real (Original) (prod. Baka Boyz)

DOWNLOAD: Hit the Deck f. Everlast (prod. Baka Boyz)

  • red (You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.)

    Haha what???

  • ff

    whoa, alch’s flow was wayyy better back then

  • download

    whoa, alc’s flow was wayyy better back then

  • StreetDough

    Lmao, awesome random info.

  • bb

    i did hear about this some years back in Alchemist interview

    dope good to see someone took the time to up this, thanks 2dope

  • angry rap fan

    i bet alc has mad whooliganz tracks in his stash that he will never release…fuck that i wanna hear them shits!

  • Gordon B.

    I first saw him in Gone In 60 Seconds, always thought he was a pretty funny character but didn’t know he rapped, you live and you learn.

  • xastey

    well this cam out of no where

  • walnuts

    scott caans the muhfuckin man

  • Oak

    who is spitting which verses? i honestly cant recognize either as alchemist’s or scott caan’s voices

  • Jack Tripper

    The real irony of this shit is that they sound like a white west coast version of Mobb Deep circa “Juvenile Hell” before they flipped their style to what we know today. This is very similar to how Tom Greene used to rap with Organized Rhyme before he became a comedian/actor….he could spit as well.

  • TanStevens

    Sick! I woulda paid money to hear that conversation!

  • Cali Grown

    @download I saw an interview with Evidence (he was in a hotel room eating on his bed with no shoes on lol) where he was shown an old picture of him, ALC and a bunch of childhood friends including the lead singer from Crazy Town.

    He mentioned that back then ALC would rap better then he does now.

  • jay705

    mind=blown, good shit tho. I actually had these songs, had no idea whooliganz where these 2

  • Jovell

    Marky Mark 2.0

  • This was a great post. These were truly cool songs and not terrible at all. Surprised the group didn’t get a lil bigger in the 90s

  • WHAT!

    Now I know where the beat for Silk Shirt Ambassador came from. Hahaha this shit is ill. Who knew the cat from Ocean’s Eleven can rap.

  • And Won

    this is fucking dope. who woulda known that little dude could rap.

  • Stay Frosty

    Oh man this is amazing. ALC with hair!

  • 325

    lol they look like the white kris kross except better

  • LOL wowww……I had NOO fuckin idea Scott Caan was at one time a rapper with THE ALCHEMIST!

  • Ace Julio

    Saw them open at Civic Center in SF back in the day for the Soul Assassins Tour…

  • Pauly Dee

    Kinda dope! I honestly never knew about this! Big ups to Justice


    I member this haha smoked out dayz ahh memories

  • The beat for the original version of Put Ya Hands Up is actually a track for House of Pain’s second album (forgot the name of the song).

  • LittleMsHipHop

    I remember seeing this during an evidence interview too. And he even said wtf happened to alc’s flow. Shit was better than. He’s good now…but he could be better. And I had no idea scott cann rapped. Now I’m gonna look at him in a entire new light lol.

  • LittleMsHipHop

    *Back then

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