• Rasan

    I hope she can eventually find her sound.


    Shit i was gonna check this out untill i see she was down with the biggest FAKE in the game. Na sorry i can't support that. NEXT.

  • Imfromrichmond

    The tape isnt garbage but its probably not what the audience of this website would prefer to listen to.

    After seeing the coo coo video & skimming thru the tape I was expecting more. Track 6 is the most natural sounding track. The Other songs have too much swag for most of the lyrics.

    she will improve though & find a sound that suits her.

  • britt

    There's only 2 things I like about this EP. It's the artwork and the lyrics. I see what she wants to be but once she just finds her right pattern (without the MMG beats), she'll be okay in this industry.