ESSO – What If It Was You

blame it on Meka July 12, 2011

Most of us will never be lucky enough to have our biggest problem in life be our biggest fan…so as I was listening to the “Dear Anne” instrumental, I decided to approach it a little differently with my version. “What If It Was You” asks a question that rarely gets answered: What if it was you in that position? How would you react? Would you still look at that same situation the same way afterward? You be the judge. – ESSO

DOWNLOAD: ESSO – What If It Was You | Mediafire

  • So Icy Boi!

    Hot. Most people can relate to this. This is what hip hop used to be, Real Shit.

  • Colin

    Exactly, there are so many people who look down at homeless people just because they didnt win LIFES LOTTERY or The Powerball. I garentee everybody would look at it different if they walked a step in there shoes.

  • anrjefff

    i like this song alot feel the pain. keep it up..

  • Frances

    That was some real it makes you think. Props

  • jake

    Always refreshing when artists talk about something bigger then themselves.

  • f

    real shit from the homie esso

  • cooliehi


  • FrankWhite

    Real shit!

  • AFriendOfDaveNavarro

    Brother Ali talks about this type of shit all the time, and does it much better