Sole – Progress Trap f. Sage Francis

blame it on Shake July 12, 2011

Sole and Sage link up for the first time in nearly a decade for a record off Sole and The Skyrider Band’s upcoming album, Hello Cruel World, due out July 10th (pre-orders available now).

DOWNLOAD: Sole – Progress Trap f. Sage Francis

  • Abstract Head

    Yea! Sole is back and am still bumping his older joints like Plastique, Desert Eagle, Live From Rome, and the rest of his previous albums to keep me busy for “Hello Cruel World” that’s dropping next week.

    And I can’t believe that 2Dopeboyz made the very first post of Sole’s music. I mean the dude has been in the rap game for 10 years and yet the website didn’t know sh*t. Either way, am glad the artist is getting recognition. The only thing that some Hip Hop website needs is to put out Anticon and Fake Four Inc. labels related post for more support and recognition to these experimental Hip Hop artists.

  • Bstew


  • Penguins

    It’s about time 2dopeboyz started covering Sole.

    This track is dope.

  • @ Abstract Head, shut the fuck up. Jesus.

  • this track is tight

  • Abstract Head

    @Sage Francis, That’s very cruel to say :( Where’s the love?

  • MZA

    Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes

  • WholeROBOT RObinson

    This track is great. i expected nothing less from the two of these guys.

  • Anticon, Strange Famous, Fake Four, and other establish Hip-hop independent music labels should get more press on “Hip-hop” blogs, but on the other hand if we don’t we could careless cuz our hustle is not based on only blogs, websites, and forums…hate to use it but we probably more “real” and down to earth than majority of the music covered on Here and other alike.

  • Abstract Head

    @Lightsleeper, Thanks for clearing up from your comment cause that is probably the reason why Sage ain’t been nice to me and many of his fans :(

    Either way, I’ll continue to love the artist’s music and not let the hate affect my life cause remember, no matter what people you’ll admire, everyone is a total dickhead from the inside. Kind of have to accept that fate :P and f*ck it with love XD.

  • Red-u-tan

    Man, I can’t believe they dropped in that sample from the Portal theme song (Still Alive – Jonathan Coulton). The nerd in me loves it. I can get down with this shit.