• 1

    Kinda dope

  • Fucdat

    Fuuuck. Al-Al-Al-Al-Alcheeemmiistt. Shit his beats knock. Fowl who?

  • http://vimeo.com/user677428/videos Chi2LA23

    how do you download it?

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/dlremix DLREMIX

    Fowl is pretty dope!

  • DJ

    FowL is the shit. Everyone be on the lookout for him.

  • RikMal

    Not corny at all, Fowl is dope, but he needs one of those organic Al joints!!

  • Busy

    this was actually quite dope imo. dude seems goofy as fuck yet mad humble.

  • irarelycomment

    I saw him open for Fly Union last night. Dude is legit!

  • Jay Jay

    Fowl! Reppin MSU, reppin detroit!

  • AlexTheDank

    Why would people say FowL is corny? Haa that's lame. FowL is the future of hip-hop ... most young artists use pop-dance beats to get hype among the college crowd ... FowL goes in over classic shit as well as more upbeat jams. Kid is hella versatile. And his freestyle game? Stupid. Can go for hours w/ punch lines and timing nearly perfect. Youtube his music videos if you don't believe me. Plus he's got production from Black Milk as well as cosigns from Dom Kennedy, Fly Union, Chip, Lil B, and of course, Team Shady.

    Good looks on the post though, this time next year FowL will be really ON.

  • http://retrosnapback.com Alex Ledermeier

    I can't find the .mp3 anywhere. Anyone got me?