Lil Wayne – Sorry 4 The Wait (Artwork) x Leaks

blame it on Shake July 13, 2011

Cover art to Wayne’s upcoming mixtape; scheduled to drop sometime today. UPDATE: And just like that, three new freestyle have hit the internet. YC’s #ignorantclassic, Usagi Yojimbo and Fozzie’s latest singles all get redone. UPDATE2: Yes, we’re aware that the tape is leaking through out the night. We’re gonna hold off posting any more and just wait until Wayne drops it officially.

DOWNLOAD: Lil Wayne – Racks Freestyle

DOWNLOAD: Lil Wayne – Rollin’ Freestyle

DOWNLOAD: Lil Wayne – Grove St. Party Freestyle f. Lil B

  • MD

    Did you do that Shake?

  • ME

    any word on a tracklist?

  • RSX


    …fix it.

  • Exclusive

    Shots fired at wayne check it out!!!

  • mrcarlita

    shit dogg, mixtape weezy? y’all remember drought 3 and no ceilings right. if its comparable, its milk and cookies

  • JustAFanOfMusic

    @Exclusive: Get a different flow… don’t copy Mac Miller & Chris Webby.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • Looks better than his Carter 4 art work.

  • Yyou

    Carter 4 artwork >> this

    Hey Shake can you make some new artwork for this? lol

  • BG

    Gonna wait for the tape, but I’ve been waiting for this freestyle from him. Wayne raved about this beat and I knew he’d spit a few bars over it.

    So far this is shaping up to be like No Ceilings…dope.

  • Derp

    Why nigras always gonna hate on Lil’ Wayne. This song wasn’t bad, especially for a freestyle.

  • nitto


  • Clean Sheen

    I’m at maximum excitement

  • hahahaha *wiz laugh* he killed it! #can’tfront

  • this that southern wayne i remember from early 2000’s

  • Tay

    Wasn’t bad, interested 2 c how the mixtape will sound.

  • Prof. Oak

    The definition of overrated.

  • MikeDao

    Lil B and Lil Wayne just went over Grove St. Party.

  • Rollin Freestyle >>>>>> Ladies and Gentlemen……… The Wayne is back.

  • just added the track with lil b. seems like they are leaking track by track. so im just gonna hold off until the whole tape drops from here on out. boom.

  • MikeDao

    Thanks Shake, you’re fucking cool, even if Dookie mama doesn’t think so. Wait what? Oh man, this guy….

  • ^^Shake my brotha from anotha fatha…..dawg u kno i been hard on u from time to time i called you bitch, lip ring and faggot and all that but you gotta pardon a nigga…..shake i am sorry for what i called you, what i thought about youu, what i did to you last night in my hotel room….you know nigga aint mean that! nigga Shake, you my nigga, I’ll suck your dick son! just pardon a nigga!

  • dap

    lil b’s verse was straight embarrassing on grove st…. wayne killin it tho on everything else

  • Flip

    Lil b doesn’t even make sense

  • TOrrent911


  • LupeFaco

    u say over rated i say its logevity
    dudes been rappin for decade shit
    this guy still got that unique simple lyric fly style

  • c-lo

    isn’t wayne not smokin cuz of probation? if so, then he shouldnt be rapping about smokin. it gives him a nice excuse for his flow kinda fallin off. but these tracks go, maybe he is keeping it lit

  • GooGle022


  • fondleme

    fuk that grove st track is fuckin nuts
    wtf waynce killed it
    imma have to edit it out and hulkshare it

  • mdad033

    lil b is so terrible

  • fondleme

    HOTest wayne track this year
    Lil Wayne – Groove st party ( WAYNE VERSE ONLY)

  • Tune

    What is the original “Rollin’ “?

  • Coolstorybro32323232

    Damn that had to be the worst LIL B verse ive ever heard in my entire life…and im a lil b fan….son im dissapoint

  • DayO



  • Exclusive

    @JustAFanOfMusic…its just that song that my flow is like that check out my other tracks they are unique yo!

  • tyler

    damn lil b just runied an ok song haha… ima find a way to just chop his verse out… seriously though its like he doesnt try or doesnt give two shits about his career.

  • Ty Cobb

    Dropppp this shit

  • It’s refreshing to see nigga rap in some flow other than that bmf bullshit he been doing. But his lines either dont hit at all or dont hit as hard so far. The only chance for this mixtape to be on No Ceilings level is if it has minimum features, cause weak ass young money wore down No Ceilings

  • JustAFanOfMusic

    @Lil B’s Verse: O LAWD!!!1

  • Ty Cobb

    Lil B is garbageee

  • dddddsssss

    racks and grove st blew my speakers down
    blazin fire smoke a bowl

  • who c a r e s ?


  • 2dope

  • JustAFanOfMusic

    @Exclusive: You still have their sound… but you do have potential, dude. That I will give you.

    @Ty Cobb: I agree and disagree. Depends on the song… but yeah, kid’s hot doo doo on that track. Hope that’s the last track on the mixtape, because if it isn’t… hearing Lil B troll a track would make me think the rest has been troll’d. Like a nigga been Rick Roll’d or some shit.

  • TonyStarks

    hmmm…..them 3 leaks are whack, no hate just being real…id place this behind Dedication3. We ah see wut da whole thanng sound lyk tho

  • Awwwwwwww Shhhhhheeeeeeeeeeittttt

    C4 just leaked too bitches!!!!!!!!

  • TOrrent911

    yo its jus lil wayne u dont got to wipe out every reference to the sorry 4 the wait leak , it wasnt even links jebuz

  • leme

    jus listened to the whole mixtape – the inkredible remix track lil wayne totally spazzed out in the end
    the beat is some tripple mafia shit
    wayne back!!!!!!

  • rUANHOLL44

    if the entire mixtape is this hot i can jus imagine carter 4
    new jon connor album jus leaked too
    hot night

  • hahaaha 1 big room full of bad bitches!

  • fuck it

    the original rollin is by gunplay ft waka flocka

  • sorry, i dont give credit to kids who obviously steal or pay for stolen leaks.


    “why dont u give credit to who leaked these tracks”
    sorry, i dont give credit to douchebags to steal tracks.

    i always say shake gets the leak 2 hrs before the net gets it
    2dopeboyz is a professional site why would they hold there site up to liability minutes after a leak is released?
    crazy nite

  • LupeFaco

    umm its jus a mixtape its meant to be leaked at one point
    its called promo who cares if there money involved its wat make the world go round

  • shake why you think it’s cool to shit on other people? I promise you, if somebody saw you in real life, they would immedeatly think your IQ is less than 80 with all your tats, bald head that makes you look like a skin head, cause you are white. So dont judge the book by its cover please

  • Ty Cobb

    Hotnew has the whole tape.. Wtf??

  • nickd

    sounds like a watered down no ceilings

  • swagonmydick

    @TY Cobb,

    No they dont, the whole tape is 19 tracks.

  • Ty Cobb


    Thanks, that’s why i hate hotnew there some fake ass fools

  • swagonmydick


    If they leak/stolen then just give the guy credit. You’re already posted it lol, so youre just as bad.

  • @swagonmydick

    we posted 3 songs. they leaked 12. big difference.

  • LupeFaco

    shhhh as long as he doesnt say he got his leaks from the same place he can keep on going with his hyprocrisy and i bet u he is listening rite now to the full mixtape
    2011 HOTEST OF THE MONTH!!!!

  • swagonmydick


    Erroneous, you’re still posting up stolen music. Its like if I robbed a bank and you were just a purse snatcher, I went down to the big vault and took millions of dollars while you just robbed some old lady who had $50 in her purse. According to your logic, its alright because you only robbed $50 while I am the big bad guy because I took the millions.

  • ^^ that analogy works but thats not what i meant in any means. its like when a retail album leaks. we dont post the full thing, we post a track or two for preview, etc. big difference.

  • daiurs dar

    why are yall bitchen about it bein leaked for 1 it was free regaurdless and 2 it dropping today anyway lol

  • GooG

    amazing how fast a leak can travel across multiple blogs and torrent sites instantly at 5 am , god i love the net
    and yea there all illegal leaks doesnt matter how many u post he jus keeps them up till he gets a dmca notice, but still this is amazing hot ass album

  • @swagonmydick
    there is a big difference. If you rob an old lady for her 50$ purse, then you are a hardcore street gangbanger, you get accepted by the hood rat niggas. But if you pull a bank robbery, you are a white devil. there is a big difference

  • TOrrent911

    ” its like when a retail album leaks”
    yea but this is a mixtape

  • ^^same purpose. its a full project that an artist put together.

  • ^^^shake brotha i agree wit every wordmy nigga ill suck ya dicc nigga juss lemme hol’it in my nahz nicca!

  • ColeWorldTakeCare

    tunchie’s back !!

  • I’m Da Man


  • TOrrent911

    ^^same purpose. its a full project that an artist put together.

    after some thought shake is right not to let people post incomplete works, if u want it go torrent it ur self , this site is for PREVIEWS not so u can grab a incomplete work from a artist thats been probably stolen or bought by some twitter guy
    im sure when the full mixtape comes out shake will update properly
    but regardless lil wayne killed it wit the gucci gucci track

  • Ty Cobb

    worddd.. Just freestyles is lazy and wack as fuck.

  • fondleme

    groove st and gucci gucci were fuckin amazing
    wayne killed this project . period
    somethin to bang and ride to and smoke
    where the haters at

  • @fondleme
    nigga you overreactin. aint listened to gucci gucci yet, but st groove wasnt all that really. it was ok

  • Faco

    Mack Maine
    #Sorry4theWait will be dropping later 2day on……get sum good rest 2nite and expect the link to be up 2morrow..luv

    Mack Maine
    Bumpin Sorry 4 The wait…..can’t wait till yall hear it
    9 hours ago via Echofon

    lol dude had it for a while


    2 hours ago via Echofon

    guess he heard abt the leaks lmao

  • I’m Da Man


  • Me

    Racks Freestyle – Had Me at the first line.

  • 11


  • U. Cnt. See. Me!

    Wayne hasnt been hot since 07-08

    RIP Wayne 2003-2008

  • DutchBoi


  • youknowwho

    You’re always quick to say “some kid paid for stolen leaks.” First off it has to be put out unofficially to become a “leak.” Second off if somebody pays for stolen material and leaks it, then you post that music knowingly, that makes you a bad guy too, Shake. You called me a music buying, stealing leaker for years when I ran my old site. With me, that was definitely not the case, but you ran with that bullshit anyway. Every-time I posted something though, you quickly had that shit up here on 2DopeBoyz trying to get more hits on you’re precious domain that already gets too many hits.

    Little did you know, everything I posted on my old site I got for free, from DJ’s, radio hosts and I even was given material from artists management wanting to test the waters with a song from time to time… Never spent a cent. How did those DJ’s/hosts obtain the material? I don’t know, I never asked, that’s their business. I just always wanted to keep my site fresh… Much like how you want to keep your site fresh re-posting these leaks that you’re over analyzing calling “bought/stolen.”

    My new site is the complete opposite of what my old site was (we don’t even offer download links) however, you have every right to talk your shit because one of my posters hit you asking for props (I don’t condone that BS), but it’s still lame you would try to throw dirt on me using the same bullshit you used to said back in the day. We had a little argument over twitter in the past because of an alike situation of you over analyzing, spreading bullshit. It’s not cool, it’s not a good look for either of us and I never forget anything, I got you.


  • tay

    am i the only that thinks wayne and wiz are sending little shots back and forth? ever since wayne did black and yellow wiz did waynes “la la la”(very random beat) and if i die today.

    idk it just seems like wiz has been saying some things about wayne and vice versa..

    “i drink patron straight you niggas keep that champagne”

    either way rap wise wayne > wiz. S4TW > no ceilings

  • micah

    Not no ceilings but very decent. I’m rest in peace fresh to death

  • ….

    @stankbundiez why are you saying “your welcome” like no one can get it? lol its only on 10 sites.

  • micah

    On the complete listen this shit sucks like the end of the mixtape is a waste but its free so who cares. The real is back>

  • The auto-playing video at the top of the site is annoying as hell…

    anyways..looking forward to it

  • Rap Genius has all the lyrics explained

  • swagitout

    who the fuck is youknowwho lmao. sounds like a mad blogger whose site got overshadowed by 2dopeboyz. YOU MAD DOGGY!!!!
    that track with Lil B is fire.

  • Exclusive

    @JustAFan well im glad you gave me a chance yo…thanks ill keep workin

  • love


  • on that racks freestyle, he reused that drake ‘balled/bald’ punchline but in a way that made no sense, because when wayne used it, he made ball present tense, ruining the wordplay. i ball/mo hair? blah. i can’t blame him, that beat is terrible so it probably serves as little inspiration

  • highadenabitch

    lol Lil B just freestyled random shit on that Grove St. Party, shit made no sense but it was funny

  • dough

    The tape has dropped 2dope what’s taking you so long to post it haha

  • “…If you go offbeat & it’s on purpose, ya gotta come right back on or the effort is worthless…”-(c)Del tha Funkee Homosapien
    That’s directed at Lil B’s flow on here. I don’t know if Lil B raps THAT offbeat on purpose but it’s utterly wack either way. Love his album though. I’m indifferent towards Lil Wayne, just for the record. I agree with the “overrated” comments. Click the name for some real hip-hop.

  • niffty

    Is it just me or does wayne sound like soldier kid at parts in ‘Rollin’, but its nothing special and for people saying its the next no ceilings, not even close

  • 386

    There’s only like 3 decent songs on it, I can’t listen to the rest of it. I thought this was going to reassure me for C4, not make me skeptical.

  • Tony Ray

    The beat selection was dope but I’m gonna need Wayne to go back to Carter 2 material. It really sounded like he phoned in some of these records. I’m skeptical for Carter 4 right but I hope Wayne proves me wrong and releases a great project.


  • B.

    Wanye Should go over some ODD FUTURE BEATS…but you’ll never post that because you’re bitch made.

  • This mixtape is incredible. I’m glad he gave us some music while we wait on Tha Carter IV

  • ThankYouBasedGod

    Damn Shake is killing niggas here in the c-section!! Respect to the 2dopeboyz team for doig shit the right way. Lil B could have came correct on that tack…ssmh he better than that.

  • djmuzika23

    Weezy just can’t bring any new and crazy material to the table anymore in my opinion. Been listening to Wayne from the first moment he became relevant and he’s been declining. Maybe it’s just me wanting more but he’s not the same anymore…to me anyway.

  • Ace

    But Lil’ B dropped ether though…..he killed Wayne

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