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Vintage: Biggie In the Studio w/ Lord Finesse (Video)

blame it on JES7 July 14, 2011

Biggie & Co. discuss their love / disdain of The Honeydrippers’ Impeach the President break at The Hit Factory while Lord Finesse cooks up his usual heat.

  • Racks

    Classic!!! You can hear a ngga asking big if he was goin to Florida, said yea, but when they asked him why, he was like “sum shit”. This ngga big was gettin it in down here. This pre- ready to die fa sho.

  • Reality1989

    Damn BIG tell us how you really feel about Red Hot Lover Tone!! LMAO!!This is some vintage shit right here! I wonder if Tone ever saw this video?

  • speezola


    big said “some sh*t” because he probably had no idea what puff had planned. big wasn’t doing no runs in daytona beach. lmao!

  • phrayzermusic

    i want the phrase, word up! to come back hahaa

  • MD

    You would have to really flip the honey drippers track for it to work today. I’ma mess around wit it.

  • MD

    I’ve use the intro loop a couple times.

  • Cali Grown

    This truly is vintage. The beat when the video starts is that of Lord Finesse & Big L’s Yes You May (Remix) right? Is the Yes You May (Remix) beat by Finesse or Showbiz?

    “I’m so def I need a hearing aid with an equalizer”
    -Big L (First time I heard that I was like damnnnnnnnn)

    What beat is Big’s homie talking about @ 1:48? It sounds so familiar? I’m going to roll a blunt and listen to Ready To Die now.

  • Cali Grown

    O yeah, @phrayzermusic word up!

  • And the kool aid man say’s “OH YEAAAHHH” This is what it’s all about here… hard to believe that studio sessions like this turn into diamond hits. Its crazy cuz this is how we bugg out in the studio too. Ill Post.

    Click the name

  • RikMal

    BIG keeps it real about Tone, who will be remembered along with Poke for their production run!

  • SPank (Divided Souls Ent)

    This was a super solid post! Some good studio talk with two Hip Hop legends. Good work, Justice. Be cool. Peace and GOD BLESS

  • the real lil wayne

    hey biggie did his thing in the studio but check this out http://t.co/Cjos0ae #nowplaying