Asher Roth – Another One Down f. D.A. Wallach (prod. Oren Yoel) [Radio Rip]

blame it on Miss_Peas July 17, 2011

The latest offering from Asher’s upcoming LP The Spaghetti Tree featuring D.A. Wallach of Chester French, set to drop October 4th, courtesy of TCC.

DOWNLOAD: Asher Roth – Another One Down f. D.A. Wallach (prod. Oren Yoel) | Mediafire
PREVIOUS: Asher Roth – Summertime f. Quan (prod. Nottz) (Video)

  • doc rovers

    miss_peas, he said specifically its not gonna be called the spaghetti tree anymore

  • 1dopeboy

    its not called the spaghetti tree anymore

    but i really want the cdq of this

  • Guest

    really feelin the direction of this. should be hot.

  • Seeking More

    I’m feeling this!

  • I’m not really feeling this myself. Sounds like a song that should have been on the last album. I like all the stuff he’s been doing with Nottz and even that other song Summertime is sick. Still looking forward to what the album is going to be like though.

  • Lance

    Hord!! really feeling this track, dude is coming back with a vengeance

  • quittapping

    bout time some good music came out, the south are fucking hip hop up, not all of them but most keep making the same song and they are all drug dealers. asher realer than all them for being true. good music.

  • Gata

    I like Asher alot but im not feelin this one that much…Summertime was dope tho

  • ATLien

    @quittapping u personally cant say say those southern rappers are lyin tho. if u were in the streets of Atlanta,Miami,New Orleans,Memphis,etc. u wud kno that dudes really do the trap shit. that shit is a lifestyle down here. The southern rap scene isnt whack. everybody else just fell off(WC) or couldnt keep up(NY)…Ashers shit is cool tho

  • bon is back

    this post is later than Shake’s mom’s Aunt Flo.

  • Pauly Dee

    Actually, I’d like to say that the Southern rap scene is pretty wack. Sure, we have people like Jeezy, KRIT, Andre 3k, Bobby Ray, and about a handful of others…but there are more wack and untalented people down here than talented. EX: Future, Gucci Mane, Waka, Juiceman, William, and others that shouldn’t even be named.

    The only gangsta rappers that I fucks with down here, really, is Tha Joker and MAYBE Lil Boosie.

  • john doenuts

    cause its hot >>

  • ATLien

    @pauly dee. I feel u I don’t really fuck wit future n waka and I don’t listen to gucci as much as I use to but their beats are fy and there music speaks to a HUGE number of folks down here. Gotta stop with the Ross hate tho. Dude can spit and is one of the best rappers down here. Rappers like cyhi da prynce, donnis and a lot of other dudes have a bright future too and are just as lyrical as other rappers. Folks just hate on shit that makes the radio now and what makes the most radio play??? ATL and MIA. Its only right that people throw stones at who’s on top. Its always been like dat

  • I’m feeling this track. A nice summer joint.

  • gabid

    this site sucks. can’t believe you haven’t posted ‘trouble on my mind” – pusha t ft tyler the creator yet . no love for music smh

  • ThaTruth

    @ gabid – That Because This site personally dont like Tyler The Creator. If you listen to his album then you will know.

  • nZo

    removed the intro and replaced it with the chorus

  • ThaTruth

    @ Pauly Dee – Jeezy, lil Wayne, KRIT, Ludacris, Andre 3k, Bobby Ray, and Rick Ross are ARTISTS. Waka Flocka, Gucci, juiceman, lil bossie are just RAPPERS, with no artistic mind set.

  • Ol

    Ah we’re so jealous that you’re in the streets. Good for you “The South”. I’m glad you can keep it real and that you haven’t moved on from petty gangsterism and drug dealing.

  • miayo

    nah bitch nigga ur mad cuz we on top. typical hater ass nigga

  • Ol

    Yeah son YOU DA BEST! Fuckin retards

  • Casper

    Southern rappers get played on the radio, fail to sell any albums, and then get arrested. #WINNING

  • flav

    If you’re not one of the top grossing rappers HOV, Kanye, wayne, t.I., etc .who the fuck is sellin albums like that?

  • SW


  • Asher Roth is cold as hell. I hadnt heard alot from him in a minute though… now that i heard this im finna go on and download all the rest of his shit. Its a great site to download free music.

  • Johnm

    so glad asher (who actually has talent) is finally getting some spotlight now that everybody realizes how fucking gay slack miller is

  • CK

    This is alright.. Asher has improved so much tho.. really anticipating the album..

    And Southern hip-hop sucks, I’m sorry.. just cause it get airplay doesn’t mean anything.. NY sucks too.. West Coast has the most talented up and comers right now, let’s see which ones of them stay true to themselves..

  • Pauly Dee

    LOL @ William being an artist. But thats YOUR opinions, so I’m not gonna hate on it.

    Yeah though, I think that because the South has the more people, we have the more wack artists as well. Its actually pretty sad.

    Southern Rappers That I Listen To: Young Jeezy, Lil Wayne (pre-C3), B.o.B. CyHi, KRIT, Joker (didn’t impress me at first, but he actually has some SICK lyricism. “She callin’ me daddy, but she swallowin’ her sibling.”), Yelawolf, OutKast, and about a few more.

  • factormax

    dont see why this shouldnt get radio play. i guess this next lp is just going to be another pop album, well just have to only get good asher on other artists features and mixtapes.

  • Musikfiend

    This might just be hit for young Asher.

  • eric

    the spaghetti tree isnt his second album, and never was. but it does exist, its some project he did with pharrell that hes been trying to get out as well. Asher is so underrated and people need to hear his music, and I cant wait for his second LP

  • young khalifa

    i like this

  • Give this dude some credit. I wrote him off but he has definitely been coming with fire for the last year 1/2- 2 years. He is hungry and you can tell. Any traCK HE gets on he shines. respect the mc