• if i said it then its true

    I'm a Gangstaz to

  • markwalger

    this is the shit!

  • http://www.beatnickdee.bandcamp.com BEATNICK DEE

    Dope! Anyone know who did the beat?

  • thuglife

    fuck mobb deep lil young ass mothfucka
    my 44. make sure all kids dont grow

  • psikobeast

    The credits for Hi-Tek...

  • Nop

    Produced by Frank Dukes

  • Damn

    Man.. new york street shit nowadays is TERRIBLE even the lox is slippin...new york better find another niche soon because these dudes are cornyy

  • james r aka the real truth

    Damn , lep bogus boys are from chicago not new york .mobb deep can never be corny !