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Lil B – Where Dem Based Boyz (Video)

blame it on Meka July 19, 2011

Directed by Lil B

This is so epic on so many levels. Good golly almighty.

  • Toronto


  • DocCosmos

    Swagged the fuck out!! basedgod!

  • al sharpton

    whats so epic about it? the song doesn’t even sound mastered

  • D’troit

    I might give this thumbs up for being the worse thing since “anthrax” (thumbs down)…..How did he make his rhymes so atrocious & at the same time rap off beat?…..fucking amazing….

  • gay?

    I thought he was gay

  • D’troit nailed. shit was all over the map. that joint w/ phonte, 9th n jean grae had me thinkin there was more to it. this one missed me.

  • FuckThis

    -___-. deadass?. You’ll post this, & call 2DB a “Hip-Hop” site?.
    Real nice.
    It’s funny cause people say “He only does this to make fun of the game,” But this is the only type of shit this nigga is releasing.This is how he REALLY raps. Fuck this nigga. & no one go suck this nigga’s dick by recommending “I’m Gay” either, cause that shit is trash also.-_-

  • datdude

    holy shit that just made me dumber!! I really hope this dude is jokin with his shit cause it is ridiculous!

  • D’troit

    I would rather have “50 Tyson” as my lawyer defending me in a murder trial than to hear/watch a “Lil B” record or music video….

  • goodrink

    we need more lil b on 2dopeboyz !

  • Next Level

    even if I tried my hardest I couldn’t rap worst than this I almost grabbed an ice pick to stab out my ear drums but I just stopped this wackass vid instead and how is this epic? Meka what the fuck is wrong with you?

  • NYdreams

    #swag yo this song go too hard my nigga… this shows that lil b got potential to b the next big hip hop artist i mean real talk this nigga can make hit songs that niggas would bump n da hood like dis and he can also get serious witt this rap shit (base n yo face, the whole im gay album, i am the hood etc) REAL TALK HE BETTER THAN ALOT OF MAINSTREAM NIGGAS .. i know he got tha potential 2 make a top 10 hit one day but niggas gotta market him right (im talkin promo witt music videos that can b on tv n shit) when lil b on his serious shit he better than niggas like wale, ross, and all dem overrated his marketing plan is genius i mean like every vid on utubes gets like 1mil views #swag

  • baseddemi-god

    smh. niggas just aint based.

  • FuckThis

    Nigga, I’m better than Ross, wale, and “all dem”
    Like I said Fuck lilb & I’m boutta send this site to hell, for even posting this shit.

  • Pete

    random Based God yell in the song is classic lol

  • NYdreams

    yea well … when niggas listen 2 ya shit and its posting on hip hop sites and all that … we’ll talk about who u better than….

  • Prof. Oak

    Lil B = The most successful troll in the music industry

  • Ermac

    Don’t understand how young lil niggas actually like shit like this you can’t even call this shit hip hop kinda feel sorry for young niggas raised on stupid shit like this and don’t know what real music sound like

  • DR.

    You kno who lookin real bad right now……. Lupe fiasco and jay electronica these to stupid ass Niggas want to work with this fool and are always stickin up gor him smh

  • nohateELEVATE

    i dont understand how he has fans???

  • NYdutchmaster

    Yo learn how to sense some sarcasm people, right meka? Im pretty sure i heard if you like lil b you support terrorism, it was either that or you’re just fucking lame and prolly keep the word swag in your vocab

  • jacobi

    Lil B is the worst rapper i’ve ever heard. Can someone please ether his ass already. This shit ain’t hip-hop and it wouln’t even get publicity like 5 years ago.

  • angry rap fan

    NYdreams you are whats wrong with the rap game today. not once in your statement did you mention anything about lyrical ability or musical talent.

    and as for 2hoeboyz…I understand why ya promote lilbitch. a fake rasta and a man with lip piercings would like this crap

  • MCR_1

    Is this serious?

  • wheredemrealniggas

    I’m Gay = classic alb tho.

  • NYdreams

    angry rap lemme tell u something nigga… we all know lil b is not known to b lyrical but he does make real ass songs …. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxE5CwnmLCI i got more….

  • BASED!

    Everyone who dnt like em why u watchin?? And its epic cuz he dnt have on the based vans!

  • kill_urself_lil_b


  • timezareweird

    Everybody who hates Lil B just needs to take a close look to the I’m Gay cover and you’ll understand everything. Niggas sleepin’ on Young B. I was a lil B hater at first too, I ain’t even finna front. But Lil B smart as shit. And like the nigga above me said, I’m Gay is like top 5 albs of 2011 real shit.

  • hahaha. sarcasm never shows through the internet. classic.

  • IIAI

    This is so fucking funny. From the crazy lyrics, to the random #BASEDGOD call. I am still fucking laughing over this.

  • ThaTruth

    I know who ever post this shit probably laughing their ass off with these comments because they know lil B is stupid as fuck. I wonder how Lupe feel about this.

  • Sike

    How did this fool ever get to blow up in the rap game? They shoulda never gave this nigga any money, publicity, studio time, etc… etc… The only things he needs is a dictionary and a time out. He has definitely got to be the worst rapper ever. He didn’t form one cognitive lyric, rhyme anything that he said or even attempt to stay on beat. Again, how did this fool ever blow up in the rap game? This has got to be a CIA conspiracy to make people dumber or something.

  • smh I remember when if you were “based” it meant that you were a crackhead. what has rap music come to? it’s really kind of sad

  • angry rap fan

    I listened to I am the hood song and it was Good. but you cant rlly think THIS song was good. when my fav rapper kool g or prodigy drops a wack verse or song im going to say it was trash. just like you should about your favorite artist. and this my friend is trash

  • JayDizzle

    “h*es sucked my n*** and I made her serve 80… I’m Carson Daly, I’m Reggie Miller…. 65 b*tches and they call me Reggie Miller.”

    Doesn’t using the same person’s name in the same set of bars violate some commandment of hip hop? Someone get KRSOne on the line, pronto.

    I’m convinced, this guy’s getting a very lucrative laugh at our expense. We’re just too dumb to realize it.

  • LAsVeryOwn

    *Puts on Section 80* must get IQ raised back to normal.

  • Sarcasm or not, giving this kind of shit ANY amount of shine is corny at best. You dudes are clown shoes.

  • TheJamaica420


  • GR

    Lil B is doing what all you punk ass hip-hop heads are scared of doing. Not taking their hip-hop so seriously. Trolling all you little motherfuckers. Look how angry some of you are getting. Look how many up and coming rappers are either trying to “rescue hip-hop” or “kill the tight jean movement, un-gangster movement”. This guy success comes from all the so proclaimed hip-hop fans that process one dimensionally. Hip-hop needs a Lil B. WHOOP WHOOP SWAG. THANK YOU BASED GOD

  • Electrotherapy

    *Puts on Section 80* must get IQ raised back to normal.”

    ^^^^ double co-sign that, im puttin it on to clear my mind off this faggotry.

    The only fuckin way i see it is, whoever supports Lil B has to be a real faggot

  • IllicitMC101

    Lil B is the shit, cause he doesn’t give a fuck. All you cats commenting and stuff, hating on him, you’re probably just jealous.
    I sincerely doubt Lil B made this song thinking it would be a classic.

    It’s hip-hop; it’s suppose to be fucking fun. Sometimes it’s serious. sometimes it’s silly. Take it for what it’s worth!

  • Lil B doesn’t suck. Y’all just take him seriously.. lol

  • bebe zeva

    “I don’t hate, I do me, I’m just BASED”

    -Lil B TheBasedGod

    Thank you for this blessing basedgod

  • NesTa

    What? Seriously Or Not Lil B Sucks. Jokingly That Nigga Sucks Balls. Seriously That Niggas Fuckin Retarded…Or Wait He’s A Genius.

  • thefactz

    @Sike…but he didn’t even blow up in the rap game… he blew up all on his own, the industry had no part in that… look how big he is now, just imagine how big he would be if was part of the industry and signed to major label

  • J

    thank you based god
    i seen that light – lil b
    look it up
    proves that this is just for fun and he is joking around. before you reply to this comment, just youtube that song

  • Sike

    @thefactz – he most definitely has the machine behind him; he’s been on the cover of XXL as one of 2011’s Freshmen, he’s been on MTV and he’s all over every hip hop website. Somebody is backing him, he didn’t get this far all by himself with his lack of talent. This was a set-up, plain & simple. Other cats who have no reason to be “on”, but, somehow where able to get “on”: Waka Flocka, Gucci Mane, OJ Da Juiceman, Plies… it all boils down to one word; “CONSPIRACY”. They’re trying to “dumb us down” for a reason…

  • SJC2

    Ok, I get it…it’s entertaining at it’s best. Won’t lie dude has me cracking up with his antics. But, how does this man get so much coverage on this blog but OFWGKTA is NOWHERE to be found? Meh. Not my blog just MO.

    @Sike #CHURCH

  • bebe zeva

    conspiracy? the illuminati tried to use lil b but he refused them. listen to this song and say lil b can’t rap:


    “whats to believe? they talkin’ about Illuminati and the secret government that’s allegedly inside it, man, im sitting in my circle blowin blunts to the head just tryin’ to not end up in jail or dead”

  • Let’s Be Frank

    this shit is hilarious. where them where them based boys BASED GOD!!!

  • highgrade

    You know whats funny? Niggas above me said they gonna bump Section80 to clear they mind, but Kendrick co-signed Lil B. He even shouted him out during tha cypher. Y’all niggas mad?

  • thefactz

    @Sike… yeah thats true no doubt, except lil’ b is not part of that… he does feed of those artists though, among others, on purpose which is how he got himself famous… you can be on magazine publications and the internet all you want, the youth doesn’t read! lol… the difference is they are on tv, and lil b is not… technically, he hasn’t even blown up yet because of that… if you mean set-up as in lil b planned this, of course… but he did it on his own, independent with no deal

  • Sneaks

    I don;t give a damn who co signed him this shit is awful

  • Kushington

    Thank god Elzhi was right there on my Itunes to return my hiphop mind state back to dope shit.

  • Chu

    2dopeboyz should be on the next episode of Ed Lova’s “C’mon Son” for posting this bullshit on a HIP-HOP website. Smh

  • Sike

    @bebe zeva – he actually made sense on that track… but, that doesn’t excuse the other 99% of bullshit that he puts out.

    @thefactz – if he were able to get on entirely by his own efforts than why are there a million other no name rappers who have way more talent than Lil B who haven’t gotten on yet?

    If getting the publicity that he’s gotten is that easy, then I’m dropping a mixtape tomorrow. It’s gonna be called; “Turn My Headphones Up”. I’m just gonna talk a whole lot of nonsensical ramblings over mediocre beats … I should be at the top of the Billboard charts next week. Look out for that.

  • HipHop

    This nigga sucks son. everyone talks about how dope he is and shit when this motherfucker cant even stay on beat. really 2dbz? really?

  • Chris Parks

    lmao i love this

  • people are hateing on BASED GOD cuz he fuck all their bitchs

  • ThaTruth

    the government like when people support dumb shit because they know you wont grow from it. Having freedom to do what ever you want is the whole plan of the illuminiti. Turning gay, using drugs, become a alcoholic, Joins gangs, and etc. The law act like they care, but they DON’T!!!!!the people in the world is OVER POPULATED and to reduce the numbers they will let you have the right to do anything even when it wrong or bad and the money goes to the Courts, funerals and the prisons. Its a fucking game, No More Family values, legalizing Gay Marriages, and Abortions play a major part of self destruction and for the future. Everybody cant become rich and famous and once you fall, you will fall hard, unless you on Micheal Jackson or lil Wayne status.

  • afoXbehindthewheel

    oh wow…wow…this shit is amazing… just fucking amazing…i literally cant describe how i feel after seeing this…

  • Sike

    @ThaTruth – well said. I agree.

  • AJ

    Rebecca Black > Lil B

  • thefactz

    @Sike… no one said its that easy… like i said he planned this out keyword “planned”… and thats exactly how lil’ b made himself famous, you just said it… hundreds of talented rappers they haven’t got on… because having talent means nothing anymore!… obviously when the industry promotes, again, what you said yourself… the rappers you listed… so that said, lil’ b purposely mocks them and attracts thousands of fans… how? because people have been programmed to like stupid shyt for years now… so blame lil’ b getting famous on the popular rappers that all your friends listen to and probably that you may listen to as well

  • thefactz

    and @ThaTruth… exactly!… which is why i don’t understand how anybody who knows and appreciates real hip hop music… doesn’t understand lil’ b

  • chris

    lil b is the best rapper alive, lyrically a monster! #omg,swag

  • bebe zeva

    all the people hating on lil b should LOVE him. he is mocking the type of hip hop (ignorant gangsta ish) you all claim to hate. he has tons of ‘real’ / serious songs out there. it’s your own fault if those aren’t the ones you are listening to. at the end of the day lil b is laughing at all yall who are getting mad and so are the rest of us that ‘get it’

  • bebe zeva

    all the people hating on lil b should LOVE him. he is mocking the type of hip hop (ignorant gangsta ish) you all claim to hate. he has tons of ‘real’ / serious songs out there. it’s your own fault if those aren’t the ones you are listening to. at the end of the day lil b is laughing at all yall who are getting mad and so are the rest of us that ‘get it’


  • Airborne


    So you’d rather live in a world where people cannot make their own choices? I don’t see where you’re going with this. Why should someone not be denied the choice to marry someone else of the same sex? What the hell does that have to do with you and me if we’re not gay? If someone wants to do stupid shit that will get them killed/locked up, why shouldn’t they be able to? It’s their incarceration/funeral. People complain about being oppressed and restricted, then they turn around and complain when they’re given more rights? Btw, it was never the government’s job to instill family and moral values into your kids…it was and has always been yours. Not everyone shares your views. Plain and simple. If Lil B is thinking for your children, YOU did something wrong.

  • Airborne

    That should read “Why should someone be denied the choice…”

  • 325

    50 Tyson >

  • chillson

    the #basedpositive votes will overcome the negativehater votes

  • Rio$

    i wish bin laden could’ve issued a fatwa on this nigga before he got merked

  • bebe zeva


    Suckers stay talking on them Internet comments
    Mad cause I’m most wanted like Osama
    Please bitch, you haters don’t got no felonies
    Young BasedGod flex 10 armed robberies

    -Lil B TheBasedGod


  • marty mcfly

    This nigga talking all this gangsta shit but the cat who punched him dead in his face aint been shot yet. His album was gay too and that shit flopped harder then that fat bitch fallen off the chair in that old youtube video. I told yall

  • bebe zeva

    1. Lil B has evolved to based and left his robber ways in his past. The ‘punch’ occurred after his based conversion.

    “Thinking how many niggas you done rob
    How many times you done went to jail
    How many niggas you done fought, nigga
    You ain’t no real nigga bruh
    Being a real nigga is being me, you feel me?
    Being able to live that life
    And come out of that life
    And then teach what’s right”

    -Lil B TheBasedGod


    2. Lil B is ‘beyond’ flopping. Lil B is beyond ‘albums sales’

  • this site has changed soo much since the merger….. it’s craze how many people like lil b now…. haha… i dunno wat was so epic about this. but its cool i gues. not his worst. not his best…. not sure if those are the same thing or not

  • hahahahaha this is too great.

    i can’t believe folks still talk trash like anyone really cares.. and calling someone gay..are you 12? is that offensive?

  • unique osmosis

    did you see what this dude is wearing this shit is otta order lol this whole damn song is otta order this dude should be imprisoned for murdering hiphop in the 1st degree

  • D

    Lil B the schizo of rap. One moment he is actually really good and the next he is seriously terrible. The gay album was mainly good though.

  • Iconoclasm

    I seriously thought this was a joke, I can’t believe this shit is serious.

  • thefactz

    ^It is a joke genius

  • xNnoitra

    What all you “Real Hip-Hop Fans” fail to realize is that all the stupid based rap is to make a mockery of commercial songs. He has said that himself. Go listen to his album it has a message every song makes sense.

    shit listen to 1 Time remix http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zxlg635z8z0

  • hip hop head


  • fuck based god

    all yall based faggots need to check out “Kaj Kadence”… that nigga is real fucking hip hop. not this homosexual shit yall listen to. real lyrics and deep meanings.. yall odd future dick riders need to listen to this too instead of that demonic bitch shit. http://honorrollstudent.blogspot.com/2011/07/kaj-kadence-smooth-rhythm.html

  • LMAO… those drums are bugged out….