• http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m42FGmFSYF8 only

    book was dope, a very easy read.

  • Cowards

    Hey remember when Meka posted the Pusha T tracklist today, excluded Tyler from it, made a little bitchy comment and then got crushed in the C-section for it and quickly deleted the entire post? What the fuck happened to this site?

  • Pusha Fan

    why didn't you guys post the Trouble On My Mind video? or even a link to the song? Do you not support Pusha?

  • Solozaur

    WTF? I just noticed that a lot of good music goes by unposted on this blog!

    Keep your gripes to yourselves dudes - is this not a Hip-Hop blog? I find it stupid to not post good music just because you have some 1way beef with the artist.